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Westgate and Westbrook Residents Meeting April 2015








Tom King, chairman and councillor, forty three members, Cllr Simon Moores, and KCC Community Warden Laura Bungard.


The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.



Apologies had been received from Derek and Christine Smith.



1)      Parish Council Westgate-on-Sea.  This is to come into effect from 1st April 2015, there will be elections on 7th May, but the new PC is to have ten councillors and there have been ten applications so that no ballot will be necessary.  The chairman then  read out the names: Ash Ashbee, Richard Charlton, Joanna Cornford, Tom King, Dave Morrish, Roy Nightingale, Martyn Pennington, Graham Rickett, Ron Rolfe, and Hannah Scott.  Following a meeting at TDC Rosalind Morton agreed to be temporary Parish Clerk, and will help set up the necessary administration for the new PC to function.  A new permanent Parish Clerk will be sought by advertisement.  There had been a misunderstanding concerning the name of the parish which was referred to as Westgate Parish, but it is within the remit of the new PC to name it as it sees fit, and at the first meeting will be changed to Westgate-on-Sea Parish Council.


Tom then invited questions and comments.

Qu    Accounts.  Cllr Simon Moores reminded the meeting that accounts will need to be promptly and properly submitted.


Qu  For how long are the parish councillors elected?

Ans For four years.



The minutes of the last meeting, (9th March 2015), which had been circulated, were adopted on a prop by Don Eacott sec by Richard Charlton, and signed.



1)      Superfast (4G) Broadband Masts.  It was reported that these can affect TV reception, and there is a phone number, which Don Eacott offered to supply to the Bake House, and Abigail Carden had also seen this number on the mast, through which requests for reimbursement of expenses for restoring the TV signal may be made. 

2)      Westgate Library.  The graffiti has been  removed.

3)      Trees Adjacent to Canterbury Road.  Chris Wyer reported that one of the trees in “Questeds” may have to come down as it posed a danger to the road users.

4)      Libraries' Management.  The system is due to change to that of a charitable trust.  This usually means that they will be run like a business and Tom agreed to keep an eye on developments.



Cllr Simon Moores:

1)      The new Parish Council should give exciting opportunities too do things.

2)      St Mildred's Bay Tennis Courts.  Cllr Moores has managed to secure funding to replace the surrounding fences.

3)      Westleigh Road Development.  This has been refused.

4)      Kent Police Problems.  20% of their workload has been spent with mental health cases, and this has stretched resources.

5)      Westgate-on-Sea, the Future.  There will be challenges ahead as the character of the town could change.  Decisions will have to be made by all councillors regarding housing.  Cllr Moores wished new councillors well and hoped they will use their opportunities to protect Westgate.


Laura Bungard KCC Community Warden:

1)      Duster Seller.  A notorious seller with a forged licence is in the area.  Do not make any purchases, and contact the police.

2)      Garden Shed Thefts. It is recommended that sheds are kept locked.

3)      Graffiti on Sea Road and the library have been removed.

4)      Highways.  Potholes, drains etc are receiving attention.

5)      St Mildred's Road/library Area.  Rat infestation is being dealt with.

6)      Smashed bottles.  There have been quite a number, and any incidences should be reported to the police.

7)      Pick Pockets.  Be aware of this there are three east europeans suspected.

8)      Roads.  Following a bad accident speeds are to be recorded.  Speeding and use of mobile phones when driving are being targeted.

9)      Other matters ongoing are:  Overflowing bins, cold callers at care homes, a break in at St Mildred's beach cafe, school parking, and youths gathering at the station.

10)  A scam when “Home Choice Promotions”offer free work on the outside of property, and then try to get work inside.


Don Eacott reported seeing youths in Ethelbert Square prior to this meeting.

Cllr Simon Moores reminded the meeting of the incidences of high speeding around Westgate last year.

Tom King said that a forty eight hour dispersal zone can be brought in with immediate effect.

There appears to be no enforcement of the alcohol free area in the town.



1)      Illustrated talk on Westagate Parish Councils Old and New.  This will be given by James Brazier at Christ Church URC on Wednesday 15th April at 7.30pm.

2)      Police Information by Emails.  Sheds and Garages should be kept locked to prevent thefts.  Email scams are being received, do not click on links especially if easy  money is offered.  Cllr Moores particularly advised residents to beware of one called Cryptolocker which encrypts computer hard drives and people are then held to ransom for large sums of money.

3)      Sea Front Bins.  A good number have now been put in place ready for the  season.

4)      Harold Road/St Mildred's Road Junction.  Tom reported to the Joint transport  Board that the double yellow lines are not long enough and consequently this junction near the bridge is still dangerous.  

5)      St Mildred's Road Surface.  This will be completed by the cinema at the end of the month, and white lines and markings reinstated.

6)      AGM.  Tom reminded the meeting the AGM is next month, and the nomination form for committee positions for the coming year is up in the Bake House.

7)      St Mildred's Bay Foot Bridge Railings.  In answer to a question Tom said that TDC officer Mike Humber had agreed on the requested improvement but no action had been taken as yet, so Tom agreed to chase this up.



1)      8, Westleigh Road.  Application refused.

2)      36, Westgate Bay Avenue. An application for this site had been refused, but it was thought that a second application might be made, and this would be watched for.


Sam gave the report: The bank balance stood at £4,111 which will rise to £4,585 when incoming money is deposited.  Bills are paid up to date, and a summary of the accounts up to the third quarter is shown in the Record.



No Report



No report.



Richard told the meeting that condensed reports had been sent to the local press.



1)      Quiz Night.  To be arranged.

2)      A trip to East Northdown Farm will be arranged.

3)      St George's Eve Social. This was now fully booked.



1)      Westgate Community Centre Easter Extravaganza.  Abigail Carden reported this had been very successful and enjoyed by one hundred and twenty children, and £250 had been raised for the building and maintenance fund.  On Sunday 13th September the Family Fun day takes place, and more volunteers are needed to help with the stalls etc morning and evening.

2)      Walmer Castle Pub.  This is due to close at the end of the month, and Tom agreed to watch for any planning applications.

3)      Local Plan Discussion.  A meeting is to take place in the Pavilion on Tuesday.

4)      W&WRA Allotment. A member asked how this is administered.  Tom said this had been started by the W&WRA for people to meet and work together, originally four plots it is now just two plots, any member wishing to participate should contact Tom, and it was agreed to put this information in the next magazine.





 Monday 11th May, in the Town Hall Buildings, Westgate, when the AGM will be held, followed by a short general monthly meeting.


There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.30pm.


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