Thursday, 20 July 2017

WESTGATE AND WESTBROOK Residents' Association Meeting July 2017






Mick Tomlinson (Ch), and twenty members.

After welcoming members to the meeting the chairman recorded with regret the death of W&WRA vice-president Ron Wellingham, and a minute's silence was observed. 



Apologies had been received from Mavis Vaughan and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.  



The minutes of the last meeting, (12/06/17), which had been circulated were amended and then agreed as a correct record on a prop. by Don Eacott sec. by Chris Wyer, and adopted, and signed.



1)      Meeting Procedure.  Maureen Eacott brought up the way in which a limit had been placed on the number of AOB items raised by member Chris Wyer, as she did not think this had been done in the best way.  The chairman apologised to Chris Wyer, explaining that he had been trying to focus the attention of the meeting on items important to all.   

2)      Councillors at W&WRA Meetings.  James Brazier noted that no councillors other than the chairman were present, and members would very much like to hear from them what is proposed to happen in the community.  The chairman had emailed the WTC town clerk (also the KCC councillors), and spoken on the phone with regard to meeting her, and this will be followed up.  James said the second WTC news letter had been held up and residents had not had any reports.  It was suggested that the W&WRA secretary write to the town clerk for information.

3)      Blue Hut and former Putting Green, St Mildred's Bay.  Mick had made enquiries and the “adjacent land” by the hut referred to is only a small area, and the hut is not on the asset list to be sold.

4)      Flowers for Westgate.  This though late had been achieved, the TDC had eventually come up with £1,500 for the flowers.

5)      Camper Vans in Barnes Car Park and on the Grass by the Sunken Garden. Tony Sykes had also seen a camper and had been informed by TDC that Porchlight were trying to find him a home.  Although there had been seven camper vans and a horse box in the car park TDC said there had been no antisocial behaviour.  The chairman said that parking/camping in Barnes Car Park and the Royal Esplanade have been a problem for many years.  Parking on the grass or pathways is illegal, but many trippers down from London are happy to risk a fine.  It is very difficult to get things done with council services as they are, and this includes road sweeping.  Chris Wyer reported that community service workers have been clearing alleyways, and Tony Sykes said the Westgate Against Rubbish group have been doing a great job clearing the roads and beaches, and a vote of thanks was recorded.



REPORTS: Councillors-KCC, TDC, WTC.  PCSOs and Wardens.


KCC Warden Laura Bungard:

Laura had sent in her report which was read by the minute secretary:

Rogue traders have been around calling at residents' doors looking to do driveways, tree cutting, clearing, and gardening.  Estimates are not given and charges may be high.  If concerned call police on 101,or trading standards on 03454 04 05 06.  For a reliable trades person call 0333 0146 190 or email

Windows and doors and sheds should be kept locked.


Government Funding is available to apply for to replace old boilers and central heating, and if required should be applied for now before money is used up.  Apply at


Community Safety Unit. Laura has been out with Gordon Hunt (TDC) dealing with the situation in Rowena Road, the homeless in Westgate, neighbour disputes, untaxed vehicles reports etc.


Laura is happy to take calls regarding issues/problems on 07969 583922. 


TDC Cllr Mick Tomlinson:

1)      Kent County Council.  The area (formally Margate West) has been increased in size and there are now two  KCC councillors, namely Ken Gregory and Emma Dawson.  They have money to allocate to good  schemes in the ward, and application forms are on the website.

2)      Westgate Pavilion.  The TDC wish to dispose of this.  The London School of English would like to purchase it but TDC are not minded to let them buy it.  Disabled access has been a problem for some time and it is alleged that money was put aside for this but the work has never been carried out.  Chris Wyer pointed out that this is the only building available that could take a large meeting.

3)      Parking – Extraordinary Cabinet Meeting.  The meeting is in response for residents only parking in certain parks in Broadstairs and Ramsgate.  This does not affect proposals for Westbrook and Westgate or any on street parking proposals.

4)      Manston Airport.  There has been a very good  presentation by River Oak, details of which will go to the  cabinet.





Nil.  Items locally covered by KCC Warden Laura's report (page 2 above).





1)      14, Hundreds Close, Westgate.  Application for erection of two storey rear extension.

2)      Land North West of Seabathing Hospital.  Application for erection of ten 2 bedroom dwellings with parking, landscaping, and access.

3)      10, Mutrix Gardens. Application for erection of single storey rear extension.

4)      38, St Mildred's Road.  Application for installation of two condenser units to rear elevation.

5)      Former Nurses Home, Royal Sea Bathing Hospital.  Application for change of use of part of basement to one 2 bedroom self contained flat.

6)      97, Sea Road, Westgate.  Application for erection of two storey front and rear extensions, creation of balconies to front and rear, and external stone and timber cladding.

7)      Vodafone, 44, Station Road, Westgate..  Application for erection of 14.4 metre pole with three antennas to replace existing monopole together with new cabinets and access gates.

8)      16, Canterbury Road, Westgate.  GRANTED permission for erection of two storey side extension.  



No new report.  The recent report made at the committee meeting on 26th June 2017, showed the bank balance stood at £5,230.



Ray Taylor is preparing the next magazine which should be ready for August. 



The death of member Connie Foad was recorded with regret.



Christina reported that the membership data base has now been computerised.  The road stewards' lists will have a similar layout to the previous ones.



Westgate Heritage Centre:  Saturday 5th August at 10.30am at St Saviour's Church, a talk “Westgate-on-Sea in August 1917” by Dr Dawn Crouch.


Margate Civic Society: Regular meetings will resume in the Autumn. 

Heritage Open Day in September there will be “open house” for the Town Hall Buildings with Dr Dawn crouch and Joanna Cornford.

160 years of Margate as a Borough exhibition in the Museum Saturday 29th July.



1)      Sunday Lunches at the Swan are enjoyed and the next one is scheduled for 23rd July.

2)      29th July A number of members are going on the Carol Peters trip to a garden centre.

3)      Quiz Night at the Bake House was enjoyed by all who attended, Mick Tomlinson was warmly thanked for preparing this.

For forthcoming events watch the notice board and book your place.



1)      Post Boxes.  Tony Snow pointed out these were in a poor state, and the matter was taken up in 2016 when a reply was received stating that they would be repaired  by March 2017.  Mick agreed to chase this up.

2)      Caravans Parked in Roads.  Chris Wyer had observed caravans with jacks down and questioned the legality of this.  There was also a mobile home parked by  the bridge in Westbrook, (near the former office of Wright Tanton & Co).

3)      New Zebra Crossing.  This had been suggested near to the place where a child had been killed on the road.  Now the inquest had been completed councillors could be approached for consideration of a grant.

4)      Memorial Benches.  These were discussed as sometimes they were dressed with flowers or T shirts to the extent that it was difficult to sit on them. Regarding unauthorised memorials KCC Highways  should be able to give advice.

5)      Sunken Garden Seat.  Member Bob Loxley pointed out that a bench had suffered partial damage from fire and required attention.



 Monday 14th August, at the Bake House.



There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.50pm.

Sunday, 2 July 2017









Mick Tomlinson (Ch), twenty one members, TDC Cllrs Ash Ashby, and Carol Partington, and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.



Apologies had been received from Stephanie Sutton, and Janet Smith.  



The minutes of the last meeting, (the short general meeting held after the AGM on 8th May 2017), which had been circulated were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by Don Eacott sec. by Ray Taylor, and adopted, and signed.



1)      AGM.  Don Eacott apologised to the meeting that as acting chair during the committee election he should have exercised the casting vote, which would have been the same according to conventional practice in favour of the office holder. 

2)      Radio Mast Planning Application.  It was confirmed that the application was for removal of the mast.

3)      Hundreds Farm.  Outline planning permission has been granted for a sixty four bedroom care home.

4)      Briary Close.  Planning application has been refused.

5)      Proposed Parking Charges.  A very large number of complaints have been received by the council. 


REPORTS: Councillors-KCC, TDC, WTC.  PCSOs and Wardens.


KCC Warden Laura Bungard:

Laura reported on the numerous issues this month which included two homeless people in Westgate (now in hand with Gordon Hunt of TDC), youths hanging around the station, PCSO Clare monitoring this, drugs and housing issues.  The drop kerb opposite the fish and chip shop often obstructed by parking, (this is also a breach of blue badge conditions).  DVLA and tax issues.  Scam calls for gardening work, often these are made from a mobile and no land line is available.


Questions/Discussion: The Youth Club this is now for special needs children and is at the Community Centre, Camper Vans in Barnes Car Park, Gordon Hunt dealing with this.  Cold caller calling to sell items, stating they have a pedlar's licence, TDC do not issue these and do not buy from them.

Our new PCSO is settling inn and hopefully will be able to attend some W&WRA meetings.  One member pointed out that cars are parked on Canterbury Road near St James Park road which are for sale.

TDC Cllr Ash Ashby:

1)      Parking.  There are petition copies for signing at local shops.  The pre-consultation period is now finished. A Joint Transportation Board Meeting is to take place on 22nd June.  This will include local KCC Cllrs, and  TDC officers, the proposals could then go to the cabinet in July ready for public consultation.  (On street parking fines can only be used for local facilities and not to raise money).

2)      Manston & River Oak Strategic Planning.  Consultations/Presentations will be run  at various venues in Thanet during the month.

3)      Speed Gun Sign. Following support from Jeff Elenor and Ash Ashby this now will stay in Westbrook.

4)      Other Local Items.  Tennis courts at St Mildred's Bay, a response is due from TDC concerning the removal of wire.  Problems with campers in Barnes Car Park are being addressed.  Thefts from cars on drives in Westbrook have occurred.



TDC Cllr Carol Partington:

1)      Manston.  Copies of the consultation document are in local libraries.

2)      The Pavilion Lymington Road.  The Town Council may take over management of the site when issues with local football clubs have been agreed.

3)      Minster Road Trees.  Those removed were diseased and dangerous, and there is a possibility that any replacements could also become diseased.  A response is still awaited.

Questions: Rowena Road.  As recorded in the minutes of the May general meeting, residents have complained about the derelict state of the garages in the road and possible rat infestation, Cllr Carol Partington agreed to follow this up.

Cllr Carol Partington also suggested that invitations should be sent to the newly elected KCC Cllrs for the monthly general meetings.  James Brazier said it would be good if a councillor from WTC could attend these meetings as local residents are very interested to hear news from the Town Council.  This should be easier to arrange in the future as the WTC will be meeting on Tuesdays.  Mick Tomlinson agreed to write to both councils.


TDC Cllr Mick Tomlinson:

1)      Carlton Cinema Licence.  An application to extend the hours to 3.00am has caused concern.  Mick explained to the meeting that since 2012 their licence is from 9.00am to 1.00am for films and alcohol sales.  The extended time would be for Wednesdays or Thursdays a maximum of twelve times a year.  Mick will speak when the application is considered.

2)      Blue Storage Hut at St Mildred's Bay.  Control of the old putting green area has been offered to WTC, (TDC Cllrs had not been informed which would have been the normal protocol).

3)      Flowers for Westgate.  It is now quite late in the year to set these up.  A proposal by Cllr Ash Ashby sec by Cllr Carol Partington that the W&WRA write to WTC to see if they would provide flowers was agreed unanimously.

4)      Quiz Evening Friday 30th June 7.00pm.  Mick will run this, entry will be £2 those attending should bring their own food and drink.



From the Police (by email).  Scam phone calls have been received purporting to come from HMRC.  Give no details and check with your own tax office direct.  Cold callers to the door have asked to use the resident's phone, they use a premium number which runs up a considerable bill do not be intimidated.  There have been thefts from cars in roads and drives in the area.  Do not leave valuables in cars.

There is a police open day at Maidstone on 2nd July to which all are welcome, a poster was passed round and left in the Bake House.



1)      200, Linksfield Road.  Application for single storey side extension.

2)      117, Canterbury Road.  Application  for removal of flagpole. Granted.

3)      53, Canterbury Road, Margate.  Application for external alterations to house and flats with removal of shop frontage and installation of new entrance. Granted.

4)      2, St Saviours Court.  Application for installation of window to ground floor side elevation.

5)      The Knot, 20, Beach Road.  Application for alterations to roof to accommodate one three bedroom self contained flat.

6)      7, Old Crossing Road.  Application for erection of conservatory to rear. Granted.

7)      Bickley, 159, Sea Road.  Application for two storey side and rear extension. Granted.

8)      11, Cliffe Avenue.  Application for  change of use from residential annexe and rear garden to school temporary until September 2018.

9)      49, Canterbury Road, Margate.  Application for single storey rear extension. Permission granted.

10)  Westcliff House.  (Information via Westgate CAAG), Application for an add-on to the front of building, sufficiently low so that Ellingham would be unaffected.  



In the absence of Sam  Secomb there was no new report.  As reported at the last committee meeting on 22nd  May 2017, the bank balance stood at £6,118, all bills are paid up to date.



This position has remained vacant to date, but Ray Taylor said that he is willing to help in this capacity, and was warmly welcomed. 



Mavis reported that a letter of thanks had been sent to a retiring road steward.



Christina warmly thanked road stewards for their hard work in magazine delivery and subscription collection.  Some members had been lost due to death or moving away from the area.





Westgate Heritage Centre:  A special “Victorian” evening will be held on Wednesday 21st June when there will be readings from letters written by early Westgatonians. Next monthly  meeting is Saturday 1st July at St Saviour's Church at 10.30am when there will be an illustrated talk on Henry Weigall or Louis Wain by Jean Osikoya.


Margate Civic Society: Regular meetings will resume in the Autumn.  Saturday 17th June is “Civic Day” when many events will be taking place including a litter pick in Sea Road/West Bay, and a Summer Fayre at St Saviours Church.



1)      Sunday Lunches at the Swan are enjoyed and the next one is scheduled for 23rd July.

2)      Tuesday 27th June a “Wimbledon Tennis” party with a quiz will be held at the Bake House at 3.00pm.

3)      Quiz Night at the Bake House will be held on Friday 30th June at 7.00pm conducted by our chairman Mick Tomlinson.

For above events watch the notice board and book your place.



1)      Road Sweeping.  Chris Wyer pointed out that TDC only appear to sweep roads when requested to do so.



 Monday 10th July, at the Westbrook Bowls Club.