Wednesday, 17 January 2018




Ray Taylor (who chaired the meeting) and twenty members.
The chairman welcomed all to the meeting. 

Apologies had been received from Alan Harris, Bob Loxley, Sylvia Sykes, Mick Tomlinson, WTC Cllrs Joanna Cornford and Matthew Scott, and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.

The minutes of the last meeting, (11/12/17), which had been circulated, were amended then agreed as a correct record on a prop. by Don Eacott sec. by Christina Taylor, and adopted, and signed.

1)      Westgate Pavilion Asset Disposal.  Members reported interest expressed in the building by an individual, and also by the London School of English, as well as the present tenant who had been considering putting in a ramp for disabled access.  The TDC had not been entirely happy with the  latter plans, and considerable maintenance is required on the building. 

REPORTS: Councillors-KCC, TDC, WTC.  PCSOs and Wardens.

KCC Warden Laura Bungard:  (Sent in and read out at the meeting).
1)      Highways and TDC General Matters:  Issues of potholes, street lights, parking, homelessness, rubbish and fly tips have received attention.  The Rowena Road site with old cars is now in the hands of the police via TDC.  
2)      Vulnerable Residents.  Call outs and referrals have been made
3)      DVLA Ongoing issues with untaxed vehicles, and help with police issues re drug dealing in the area.
4)      Scams.  Do not buy from traders at the door or allow them in your home without prior checks and appointments, call police on 101 if there are concerns.
5)      Laura's Contact.  Tel 07969 583922 and (email). 

No report.

Information has been received by  members that palm oil has washed up on some beaches including St Mildred's Bay.  TDC are aware, but those with dogs are advised to take care as this can be toxic to  animals.
No new information available.

The bank balance as reported mid December by the treasurer stood at £6,253.
Payments for the magazine adverts were almost complete and these almost balanced the printing costs, namely £1,304 printing and £1,090 adverts.
Monthly expenses: rent £260, energy £89, plus window cleaning and insurance.
The treasurer had felt that  with the prudent reserve there would be no need to recommend increases in membership subscriptions.  

Ray Taylor reported that items were coming in for the next issue, and the W&WRA facebook page was doing well.

Mavis reported very few cards had been required up to now.
Christina reported tidying up membership records for the year, and looking forward to seeing all those at the New Year Lunch at St Augustines.

Westgate Heritage Centre:  Saturday 3rd February at 10.30am at St Saviour's Church, “The Storey of two or three Wills relating to Westgate-on-Sea” part 1 by Sally Whitworth and Dr Dawn Crouch.

Margate Civic Society: Thursday 1st February at 7.30pm at The Walpole Bay Hotel, “Christopher Alexander's Paintings – Mediterranean Theme by Steve Alexander. 

Pat Castle reported that the local press now required reports in very promptly, and this will be done in future.

Ray Taylor informed the meeting that it is hoped to hire the Community Centre on either June 17th or 24th.  A BBQ and ice cream van will be arranged, and teas coffees and soft drinks available. Entry and control would be by raffle type tickets, and following a discussion it was agreed to make a charge for the food of £2 for adults and £1 for children.
A slide show from photographs taken in Westgate and of the W&WRA through the years will be arranged.  Other possible items could include the “Blend” Choir, the King Ethelbert School Band, Silver Band, local artists' display.
There would be a budget of £1,000, local businesses would be supported and would include the butchers.
Opening time 12.00noon to 5.00pm.

1)      Pancake Race.  This was thought  to be in good hands with the WTC, who would also be arranging for the road closure.
2)      Mystery signs at St Mildred's Bay Car Park.  Small grey signs had been observed on a telegraph pole by the blue shed advertising cycle repairs and bearing a mobile phone number. 
3)      Dogs.  Some missing dogs had been reported.  New cleaning  machines had been used on pavements to clear dog mess.
4)      Chris Wyer reported the continuation of fly tipping in his road and necessity for warning signs.
5)      Walmer Castle. This has been developed as a Greek community cafe.
6)      Charges for Social Events.  The committee had been asked to consider this and had come to a conclusion that in fairness to all members the limited number that can be accommodated in the Bake House for these events should not be subsidised by all the other members.
7)      Westbrook Undercliff. Progress was made when a recent working party had raked off a lorry load of grass in preparation for the new trees and shrubs to replace those accidently cut down by TDC contractors. There is to be a planting day on Saturday 24th February at 10.00am and volunteers are welcome.  This is being carried out in conjunction with the Bumble Bee Conservation project, details may be found on their website:
8)      Defibrillator.  In answer to a question it was not known if the site for this had been determined.
9)      Thanet Over Fifties Forum (TOFFs).  Pauline Petitt from this group informed members of their meeting to be held at Broadstairs Baptist Church on Tuesday 13th February when  members of Healthwatch Kent and Thanet CCG would be speaking.  The aims of TOFFs is to raise the voice of older people across Thanet on local and national issues affecting the quality  of lives. Their contact email is:
10)  NHS.  Dave Morrish said that Dr Tony Martin (Thanet CCG) had said that the new pattern for the NHS would be for six main areas, and discussion was needed before the plan was rolled out.
11)  PCSO.  It was not known  at the meeting if a PCSO had been assigned to Westgate/Westbrook.

 Monday 12th February at The Bake House.

There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.20pm. 

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Bee Friendly to Bumble Bees Volunteers Needed

This is to let you know what is going on with the Westbrook Undercliffe Town Green. The site, adjacent to Barnes Car Park, is part of the project “Making a Buzz on the Coast”. 

Volunteers are needed who would be interested in helping with the project. This could be help with planting shrubs or wild flowers, doing Bee surveys, Leading Bee walks or other tasks.

If you are interested there is a talk on 24th January that you may like to attend details as follows:-

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is teaming up with Thanet Coast Project, Thanet District Council, Kent Wildlife Trust and others to enhance bumblebee populations in and around Thanet. This is part of a wider HLF funded project in Kent called Making a Buzz for the Coast. To introduce local people to the work in Thanet, and to hear about opportunities to get involved, there will be a talk at 7pm on 24th January in Droit House at the Margate Visitor Information Centre. The talk will also include information about the bumblebee species found in this part of Kent. Spaces are limited, so please visit the following link to register:  or contact Lawrie Sampson on 07718453218

More information can be found on the website

Our next Work Day is on Saturday 24th February starting at 10 am.
This involves planting a hundred trees to replace those accidently cut by council contractors.
If you would like to be involved or know of anyone else who might be interested in the project, please pass on this message to anyone you think would like to help. If you can bring a spade that would be good although some tools will be available on the day. If you are not physically able to help with planting still come and give us support (cake is always welcome).
 If you can help in any way please contact.

Lawrie Sampson
Making a Buzz for the Coast, Conservation Officer
Phone 07718453218 or
Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Charity Number 1115634 (England & Wales) SC042830 (Scotland)