Tuesday, 24 September 2019




Julian Dungey (Vice-Chair) who chaired the meeting, and twenty four members, including WTC Cllr Joanna Cornford.

Gina May, Vivien Osborne, Mavis Vaughan, and Cllr Matt Scott.

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT (Read out by the Vice-Chairman)
Communications to the W&WRA committee.  Whilst communications and ideas from members are welcome, some have been using social media, but all are requested to use the W&WRA email address: westgateandwestbrook@gmail.com or to send items in writing, C/o St Augustines' Business Centre, 125, Canterbury Road, Westgate-on-Sea CT8 8NL. The new W&WRA mobile number is 07873551901 where messages can be left and calls returned in due course.  If received by 5.00pm on the Friday before the next committee meeting it will be discussed and acted on where possible providing the item is within the remit of the W&WRA. (Committee meetings are currently held on the Monday before the monthly general meetings, next one 07/10/19).

The minutes of the last meeting, (12/08/19), which had been circulated, were agreed as a correct record subject to minor amendments to the spelling of names, and signed.

1)      Caravans Parked Illegally.  This was reported both in Westbrook and Westgate. James Brazier suggested these be reported to KCC Warden Laura Bungard. 

KCC Warden Laura Bungard: (Report sent in and read by the chair):
1)      Drains. Several drains in Westgate Bay Avenue tend to flood in heavy rain.  Following Laura's report the inspector is to come with relevant people, and hopefully the problem will be dealt with shortly.
2)      Rowena Road.  Dog poo bags are being deposited behind the green utilities boxes, and has continued after clearing.  Residents are asked to watch out for this so it can be stopped.
3)      Travellers Gypsies and Campers.  Various sites have been invaded and these have been reported  to TDC.  Those homeless around the area have also been reported to TDC.
4)      Rubbish Bins.  Residents are requested not to deposit rubbish in any bin                                                                                                      that is already overflowing.  Please contact WTC or TDC
5)      Contact.  Laura may be contacted by email laurabungard@kent.gov.uk or by phone 07969 583922, and her details are held at the Town Council Offices.
6)      White VW Van parked at the junction of Wentworth Avenue and 181 Westbrook Avenue.  This had been raised with Laura by members as it was causing a dangerous lack of visibility to drivers emerging from Wentworth Avenue, or vehicles turning right into Bowes Avenue.  TDC had informed Laura that it had been “claimed” and not dumped, and at the time both tax and MOT were in date,  It is expected to be removed soon.

WTC Cllr Joanna Cornford:
1)      Planning Application for 129, Sea Road.  This is a re-application to demolish the existing building and replace it with flats.  Objections had been forthcoming and Cllr Cornford said it was essential to object with the correct reasons.  WTC planning committee are meeting tomorrow (Tuesday).
2)      Speeding Cars.  More speedwatch volunteers are needed, it was reported by members that Westbrook Avenue and The Royal Esplanade often see speeding vehicles.
1)      40, Station Road.  Application for change of use from retail to retail sandwich bar and drinking establishment, with alterations to fenestration, installation of canopy, and addition of WC.
2)      Elizabeth Court, Westbrook.  Members reported seeing footings in front of this building but have not seen any planning applications.  Item to be checked with TDC.
3)      Planning Lists.  Copies were previously supplied for the W&WRA general meetings by a TDC councillor, but have not been available recently.  WTC Cllr Joanna Cornford kindly offered to obtain future copies. 

1)      Notice of Review of Polling Places and Polling Stations.  A consultation period has just started and comments are invited to the TDC.  There is also an email link consultation@thanet.go.uk
2)      Police by Email.  Telephone and computer scams are being tried, and residents need to be extremely vigilant.    Vehicle crime locally has escalated, particularly damage to car windows.

1)      Monthly Report.  Jacquie apologised to the meeting that she had not brought it, but could email copies later in the evening to any members wishing this.
2)      Proposed Children's Christmas Party.  The committee had proposed this for members children and grandchildren.  The Westgate Community Centre would give a special price of £30, and there would be a charge  of £2.50 each to cover the cost of food and presents.  Comments were invited, James felt that a budget should be set, Don suggested the road stewards could put details through members' doors, perhaps with an explanation that the W&WRA magazine is now within the Westgate “News and Directory”.  It was also suggested that road stewards could at the same time check that members had received the new magazine as some roads do not appear to have been completely covered. The meeting did not proceed with the Christmas party proposal.
3)      Literary Festival.  The W&WRA has been asked if one of the speakers for the children's literary event could be sponsored for £100. There would be useful publicity/advertising associated with this, and the proposal was agreed by the meeting.

Joanna Cornford initiated a discussion on where cards could be obtained reasonably.  It was generally thought that KCC Warden Laura would be most helpful with information about local residents who may benefit by a kind word and card.  Joanna reported that Joan Penhallow is now back in Westgate (at Eaton Lodge).

The Vice-Chairman introduced member Clare Hastings who has been co-opted to the committee, and she was welcomed by the meeting.

1)        Westgate-on-Sea Heritage Centre at St Saviour's Church.  Saturday 12th October (second Saturday) 10.30am, a talk by Dr Dawn Crouch “Streete Court Boys' School and its literary link”.
2)        Margate Civic Society at the Walpole Bay Hotel Thursday 3rd October at 7.30pm, a talk by Amber Butchart “Nautical Chic: High Style on the High Seas”  .
3)        Birchington Heritage Trust at Alpha Road.  Thursday 26th September “A Schoolgirl's War” by Mary Smith.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

1)      New Year Lunch.  Jacquie had made enquiries at St Augustines and passed round sample menus, a possible free date is 12th January, and cost per person £21.
2)      Other Events.  Members were asked to make their preferences known for all age groups.

1)      Kerb Edges.  Chris Wyer pointed out the large number of weeds in roads, and had cleared some near his home with a shovel, there was also graffiti in the shelters.
2)      Domneva Road.  A bungalow had been built so close to another building, that it could make very difficult for fire fighters should they be needed.
3)      Litter Collection by Volunteers.  Members were appalled to learn that litter collected by volunteers had been classed by the amenity tip as industrial waste and refused.
4)      Hedge Cutting.  Heat seeking equipment is being introduced to conserve wildlife.                                                                               
5)      St Mildred's Bay Car Park.  A proposal from a member that the WTC and W&WRA lobby the TDC to dispense with car parking charges in the summer as this is hardly ever used due to unrealistically high charges.  It is suggested that the loss to TDC would be minimal, (under FOI regulations is it possible to be advised of the annual revenue of this car park?), and more visitors would be encouraged and the street parking in the area relieved which has been to the detriment of local residents.
6)      The Old St Mildred's Putting Green.  Provision of picnic tables has been mentioned over the years, what are the pros and cons for this?  Could these be provided from the W&WRA, and be stored in the council hut during the winter?
7)      St Mildred's Bay Toilets.  There is a rumour these may be replaced by portaloos.  If this is correct could we be advised of the situation regarding the shower facilities (required for a blue flag beach).
8)      Wheelie Bins.  The lid of a black bin was broken off during collection and lost in the collecting lorry on 8th April.  Several phone calls were made during the  next few weeks, and TDC instructions were to leave the bin out at the front so that the operative could check the size and type required, also being advised this would take about TWENTY WEEKS.  There has still been no action from TDC, and another call was made to them explaining that whilst out at the front items have been placed in it including recyclables and dog poo, and the rain fills up in the bin so that all the rubbish has to be sorted out in a solution of dog poo, hardly compliant to conditions appropriate to health and safety.  We would ask how long does it take to replace a bin lid?
9)      Code of Conduct.  This as discussed at a previous meeting was put to the vote for adoption, and unanimously accepted.
10)  MacMillan Coffee Morning.  To be held at the Bake House on Wednesday 25th September from 10.00am to 12.00noon.  


Monday 14th October, at the Bake House 7.00pm for 7.15pm.  

The meeting concluded at 9.10pm.

Saturday, 10 August 2019




Gina May (chair), twenty seven members, including WTC Cllrs Joanna Cornford,   and David Wallin.

There were no apologies.

The minutes of the last meeting, (10/06/19), which had been circulated, were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by Joanna Cornford, sec by David Wallin and adopted, and signed.

Gina reported to the meeting that vice-chair Bob Micallef has resigned due to receiving verbal and physical threats.  There is now therefore a need to co-opt a member to this position.  There were no offers from the floor.

KCC Warden Laura Bungard: (Report sent in and read by the chair):
1)      Drains. Laura has been checking these especially after the recent heavy showers. Some are blocked with earth and leaves, and have been reported.
2)      Potholes.  Also monitored and these are filled in a relatively short space of time.
3)      Vulnerable Residents.  Laura continues to visit those who have little family, friends, or support.  There are some good agencies available who can arrange fire alarms checks, occupational health, walkers annd frames, doctors visits, a friend to have coffee with, and light bulb replacement (chargeable).  These services are busy at times, and it would be good if all neighbours kept an eye on any help that could be given.
4)      Contact.  Laura may be contacted by email laurabungard@kent.gov.uk or by phone 07969 583922, and her details are held at the Town Council Offices.

There were no local planning applications in the W&WRA area.

1)      Westgate Day, 21st July.  £15 had been paid for the W&WRA pitch in Adrian Square where there will be a stall with tables, and Lorraine Hambidge kindly offered to lend a gazebo.  Volunteers were requested to assist manning this.  It was hoped the banner could be found or a new one made for the event.
2)      Wednesday Coffee Mornings.  The takings from 27th February to 26th June were £161 which was not enough to pay the two hours rental for each of the eighteen days, total £271, so this has so far been subsidised.  The treasurer asked members if they were happy for this to continue.  Many thought this was a vital link and had not been sufficiently promoted.  The prices of tea and coffee 80p and 90p compared well with other outlets.  Following a discussion during which it was agreed to advertise the mornings in the magazine, which now will be delivered with “News and Directory” to all in Westgate and Westbrook, a proposal to review the situation in four months was made by Don Eacott sec by Laura Shawyer and carried with none against.
3)      Cash Figures.  Monies in – subscriptions £1883, Refreshments £161, Easter Egg hunt £7,  the latter was not designed as a fund raiser but had given everyone of all ages a great time and resulted in some new members.               Monies outgoing – petty cash £709, “News and Directory” £350, Westgate Day £15, postal address £144 (A business address at St Augustines for security as we no longer have a full time base).

Joanna Cornford reported that four cards had been sent out to members this  month, and would be happy to receive phone calls concerning members in need.  (Gina [chair] had phoned GDPR and checked that is OK to use the address of a member to wish them well).

Social organiser Linda Kiddell told the meeting she was going to resign.  She had taken early retirement from school work, and was hoping to do voluntary work in the community in addition to her work with the Global Church. Linda said she had received moans and complaints, possibly by small groups spoiling things, and she did not wish to be part of this or give time to moaners. She intended to seek other voluntary work in the community. At this point Linda left the meeting.

Gina informed the meeting that several committee members had received nasty and threatening communications which was totally unacceptable.
James Brazier and Don Eacott agreed and hoped there would be more positivity in the future.
There were now several vacancies on the committee to be filled. Gina introduced Julian Dungey recently co-opted to the committee.
Comments and suggestions were invited, there were no further offers to serve on the committee forthcoming, some members expressed the hope that more younger people would serve on the committee.
James Brazier queried the necessity and expense of employing an auditor for checking the last five years, and several members agreed and thought we should start afresh.  Sylvia Sykes recommended that we should appoint a fully qualified auditor for the this year.  All agreed that balances for the year end carried forward should be shown on accounts.
Don Eacott suggested that plans for events be made for twelve months ahead so that all members can be kept informed in good time.  Gina replied that this was in fact now being done, a date in mind being the VE day anniversary on 8th May 2020.
Gina asked for support and help for the committee in order to continue, and this was agreed unanimously on a prop by Tony Sykes sec by Lorraine Hambidge.
Gina pointed out that the constitution needs to be updated by adding provision for codes of conduct, child protection safeguarding etc, and suggestions for these would be brought to a future general meeting.

1)      Westgate in Bloom.  Chris Wyer said that with all the effort being made it seemed such a shame that many roadside trees had been cut down and left as ugly stumps.  This is apparently the responsibility of KCC.
2)      Tree Planting. Many of the new trees have been lost either to vandalism or when contractors cut the grass.
3)      Canterbury Road Surfacing.  Chris Wyer said that the 3.2million£ project to resurface this road was to have included the part of it by the BP garage.  WTC Cllr David Wallin thought this is to be completed a little later.
4)      St Peters R C Church Site Development.  Chris Wyer said there is a great deal of traffic caused by those working on the site, and the design is brutal.  Both the WTC and Westgate CAAG have sent in objections.
5)      Litter Collection on Dual Carriageway.  Concern was expressed for the safety of the volunteer collecting from the central reservation.
6)      The Grove.  Overhanging shrubs were obstructing the footpath.  KCC would be the enforcing authority, but due to nesting birds there is a reluctance to cut hedges/shrubs at this time of year.
7)      Gypsy Caravans.  A few had arrived with several horses on the Westbrook cliff top by the sunken gardens, which will be reported to TDC.  


Monday 12th August, at the Bake House 7.00pm for 7.15pm.  

The meeting concluded at 9.15pm.

Sunday, 30 June 2019




Gina May (chair), twenty two members, including WTC Cllrs Joanna Cornford,  Bob Micallef, Matthew Scott, and David Wallin.

Apologies had been received from Tim Bentley, Lorraine Hambidge, Bob Loxley,  Pam O'Toole, Laura Shawyer, Sylvia and Tony Sykes, Christina and Ray Taylor and Sheila Williams.

The minutes of the last meeting, (13/05/19), which had been circulated, were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by Don Eacott sec. by Christine Smith and adopted, and signed.

There were no matters arising.

Election of Committee at the AGM.  On examination of the constitution it appeared that several nominations had been made at the AGM and not fourteen days before this.  In order to regularize this those members were subsequently asked to stand down and offered reinstatement with co-option by the committee so that the end result would be the same.  One member had resigned in writing. The new committee would shortly introduce themselves.
Gina stated she will work to make the W&WRA inclusive and welcoming, and able to address needs,  and be part of the community.  Ways of increasing the membership with all ages will be sought, and the W&WRA needs a unique identity, and to work with WTC.
There is a need to modernise and bring the constitution up to date adding child protection, safeguarding and inclusion etc which will then enable applications for grants to be made.
There is a need for a permanent multifunctional space.
There will be some dramatic changes planned, the magazine as a separate entity will cease and will be incorporated with a local circulation together with joining forms.
Coffee mornings, there is a need to increase attendance at these.
Others possibilities are to run stalls at local fayres and revive the Westgate one, Christmas party, and to take back the pancake races which could be relaunched in 1950s style.  VE Day celebrations with baking and talks for local schools.
Gina herself is keen to promote books, and is fighting for the library, and has been arranging a book festival, with Terry Waite speaking at one of the events, and should being in money and tourism into the  area. 

Chairperson, Gina May then introduced the new committee to the meeting.

            Vice-Chairman:                       Robert Micallef
            Treasurer:                                Jacquie Agnew
            Minute Secretary:                    Chris Whittingham
            Social Organiser:                     Linda Kiddell
            Sunshine Friend:                     Joanna Cornford

The  position of membership secretary is vacant and being covered by the treasurer and chairperson at present.
Each member of the committee then briefly introduced themselves to the meeting. (Committee member Laura Shawyer was unable to attend this meeting).
Pat Sawyer-Jones indicated that she would be resigning from the committee, but was willing to co-ordinate the rota for staffing the weekday refreshments. The Vice-Chairman asked her to take time to reconsider resigning, and welcomed her offer concerning the refreshments rota.
Jacquie then told the meeting that she was looking at a “cloud” based system for the membership records.  Jacquie also recommended that an independent auditor check through recent records for transparency.
GDPR Compliance. Members are required to give their permission if they wish to be contacted by the W&WRA, and forms to that effect were distributed, and will  be available in the Bake House.

Westgate-on-Sea Heritage Centre:
Tuesday 11th June at 2.00pm in St Mildred's Bay a short event of remembrance of the Royal Naval Air Service Station Westgate  as the bench donated is handed over to the Chairman of WTC Cllr Martyn Pennington, and special guest Jacqueline Ingram.  Then moving on to Sea Road where the second bench is installed in the gardens by 17 and 25 Sea Road, (sites of VAD hospitals).
Next meeting Saturday 6th July at 10.30am at St Saviour's Church, when there will be an illustrated  talk by Dr Dawn Crouch - “How Westgate celebrated the Peace in 1919”.

Civic Society:  
Evening meetings  resume in October.
Saturday 22nd June is Civic Day when many places of interest are open, and there is a walk round the  Old Town of Margate led by Robin Colyer starting at Droit House at 2.00pm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Monday 8th July, at the Bowls Club 7.00pm for 7.15pm.  

The meeting concluded at 8.01pm.