Wednesday, 5 June 2019



These were circulated, confirmed, and adopted.

1)      Thanet Coast Project.  Tony Sykes asked all for continued support for this project which has been threatened with cuts to the only paid position of organiser, Tony Child, who works with one hundred volunteers to look after the coast, environment, and public awareness of the beaches.
2)      Rough Sleepers.  Chris Wyer asked how the new grant to help the council resolve the problem is going to be used.  (See below in councillors' reports).

WTC Cllr David Donaldson introduced himself, being newly elected, and hopes the WTC and W&WRA will work together.

TDC Cllr Ash Ashbee:   
1)      Thank You.  Ash thanked all for their support and will continue to work hard  for the area.
2)      Rough Sleepers.  The recent grant will help the dedicated team who look to finding more permanent accommodation, and also to help in cases of alcohol and addiction problems.
3)      Visitor Information Centre and Thanet Coast Project.  These are now under review and discussions.  When the new positions and sub-committees on TDC are arranged shortly, hopefully Ash may be able to resume this briefing with coastal matters and will report back next meeting.
4)      Canterbury Road Resurfacing.  KCC contractors are carrying this out at night. Comments from residents are about the difficulty in negotiating the works when directions are not clear.  However it seems that good and necessary work is being done.  Ash agreed to pass on these comments.
5)      Sea Front Grass Areas.  Some parts are not mowed short in order to support Bumble Bee conservation, the undercliff grass is cut only once a year for this and other wildlife conservation.

A question from the floor concerning the woodland area at the end of Tivoli Park Avenue asked what is intended for this area.  Ash thought it could be for a KCC recreation area but would check and find out.

TDC and WTC Cllr Matt Scott:
Cllr Scott apologised for arriving late, due to another meeting, and said he is always ready to help residents when needed.
The WTC AGM is on Wednesday at 7.00pm in the URC hall, and is open for the public to attend.

WTC Cllr Joanna Cornford:
Cllr Cornford thanked all who had voted in recent elections.
Incident Reporting.  This is  very important and tel 101 should be used to make the report as it will then be logged.

KCC Warden Laura Bungard: (Report for April sent in and read by the chairman).  Issues involved:
1)      Contact.  Details for Laura are held at the Town Council Office, or messages can be left at the library.  Phone number 07969 583922 and email address
2)      General Duties.  The month has been busy with the usual items, vulnerable visits, referrals, drains, pot holes, neighbour disputes, and pot smoking etc.
3)      Linksfield Road by the Park.  Anybody seeing pot smoking, youths on mopeds/petrol scooters in the park causing a nuisance please call the police on 101.  There is a need to know where the moped/scooter drivers live so that their use of these vehicles can be discussed.
4)      Rowena Road.  Poo bags are being left behind the Virgin Media junction boxes.  Please report this to TDC so that it can be stopped.

No planning reports to hand, (Carol Messenger used to provide the copies).

No further information.

Westgate Heritage Centre.  The next monthly meeting is on Saturday 1st June at 10.30am in St Saviour's Church when there will be an illustrated talk by Sally Whitworth about the Hockeridge Hotel.

Margate Civic Society.   James informed the  meeting that at this year's Town Pride Awards the winner was Brompton Villas, Westgate Bay Avenue.  There was also a second nomination in Westgate.

1)      Stephanie Sutton reported to the meeting the death of Eileen Cunnew who had given great service to the W&WRA over many years, serving as secretary and president during this time.  
2)      Easter Egg Hunt.  This had been very successful and enjoyed by all.
3)      Wednesday Coffee Mornings.  More members were requested for this as at present the takings are not sufficient to pay the rental.
4)      WTC Surgery.  Cllr Matt Scott reminded the meeting of the surgery on the third Saturday of the month at the library, 10.00 – 11.30am.
5)      Speedwatch.  More volunteers are required, and it is hoped to monitor Westgate Bay Avenue and Lymington Road.
6)      CCTV Cameras and Safety.  Following discussion Ash Ashbee considered that two cameras correctly positioned could cover Westgate.
7)      Tennis Group.  James Brazier said the new member Derek had started the group on Sunday afternoons at St Mildrerd's Bay and it was worthy of support.
8)      Two Memorial Benches via Westgate Heritage Centre.  James reported that  location problems had been resolved, and they would shortly be placed, one in St Mildred's Bay by the memorial, and the other in the gardens by Sea Road near to the site of the old Ivyside Hotel (which had been a VAD hospital).

Monday 10h June 2019  7.00pm for 7.15pm.

There being no further business, the meeting concluded at 8.40pm.

Thursday, 18 April 2019




Ray Taylor (chair), thirty members, TDC Cllrs Ash Ashbee, Sam Bambridge, and Carol Messenger, and WTC Cllrs Joanna Cornford, and Matthew Scott. PCSO Susie Temple-White, and guest speakers from Save our Stroke Units and Community Life Savers.


1.  Save Our Stroke Units.  The chairman introduced Pauline Barratt and Dr Coral Jones campaigning to save four local stroke units, and not reducing East Kent to three only which would exclude the unit  at the QEQM Hospital, thereby causing a road journey of over an hour for patients to be taken to Ashford, when fast treatment for the condition is so essential.  The idea has come about due to budgets, and could even lead to the A&E unit being downgraded.  It has now been referred back to the Secretary of Health and the vote has been delayed until after 2nd May (when elections for councillors takes place).
A question from the  floor asked about the “staff shortages” referred to, but it appeared that there has not been a proactive policy for recruiting staff, in fact some members present had had members of staff in their family being told that their jobs would not be there in the future.
Residents were asked to be active in contacting their KCC Councillors, (details may be found on the website).  The speakers were warmly thanked.

2.  Community Life Savers.  The chairman then introduced Petra and Nicky, who are keen to see more defibrillators and trained local residents available.  Access to defibrillators needs to be quick as the ambulance service is stretched and may take some time to arrive.  A question from the floor, how do we get one?  This is by calling 999 when you will be informed where the nearest one is, for Westbrook it was thought that the Bowls Club would make a good position if a cabinet could be put up on the  perimeter.
Two hours of training is offered free of charge.  This is a Thanet initiative. 

Apologies had been received from Pat Castle, Pam O'Toole, Pat Sawyer-Jones, Sylvia and Tony Sykes, Mavis Vaughan and TDC Cllr Mick Tomlinson, and WTC Cllr Hannah Scott.

The minutes of the last meeting, (11/03/19), which had been circulated, were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by James Brazier sec. by Cllr Carol Messenger, and adopted, and signed.

1)      The Sunken Gardens.  Cllr Ash Ashbee was warmly thanked for seeing that the gardens were quickly and thoroughly cleaned up after the travellers had left considerable rubbish and mess behind.  There is now a campaign to raise £2000 to continue the improvements already started by the volunteer group co-ordinated by Peter Hasted.  The gardens are already looking better.     

REPORTS: Councillors-KCC, TDC, WTC. PCSOs and Wardens.

PCSO Susie Temple-White:
1.      Theft of Car Number Plates.  This has been taking place in the area recently, and residents are advised to be vigilant.
2.      Rough Sleepers.  There are still some in the area, and locals are advised to call in with the details.
3.      Cold Call Scams.  There are scams being received about income tax, council tax, etc.  On receipt of such calls they should be reported to action fraud, and also the police on 101, or by using the Kent Police website chat line.

TDC Cllr Carol Messenger:
1)      Thank You.  Cllr Carol thanked all the residents for their support during her four years in office.
2)      Lymington Road Recreation Ground.  Following recent antisocial behaviour the area has been visited by the PCSO and the ASB unit and the problem has reduced.    

TDC Cllr Ash Ashbee:
1)      Thank You.  Cllr Ash thanked residents for their support, and said she had learnt a great deal during her time in office re council procedures etc.
2)      Old Westbrook Phone Box.  This has at last been removed.
3)      Travellers.   These had moved on due to prompt action. In the long term a “no stop” policy was being looked at, but the council would have to provide two sites, one permanent, and one temporary (for 28 days).                                                                                                                                       

WTC Cllr Matthew Scott:
1)      Community Meeting re 2000 Houses Proposal.  Matthew thanked all who had attended.
2)      WTC Annual Meeting.  This is to take place on 17th April at the Community Centre.  There is a ramp for use by those disabled.
3)      Saturday Surgeries.  These continue on the third Saturday in the  month at the library 10.00am to 11.30am.
4)      Westgate in Bloom.  Volunteers are welcome for tree planting on Friday 12th April at Lymington Road.  South East Rail are working hard on their area.  Bulbs that had been planted in an area that was subsequently mowed by contractors, but it was hoped not much damage was done as they had not grown much at this time.  Don Eacott pointed out that packs of seeds for wild flowers for bees were available from Aldi for £1.50.

1)      The AGM.  This will be held at the Westbrook Bowls Club on 13th May.
2)      Period of Uncertainty.  During the closure of the  Bake House members had been enjoying meeting in other organisations' coffee mornings, and the ones in the Bake house had now resumed on Wednesdays.  Unfortunately there had been a low level of attendance and for a rental of £17 only now averaging takings of £4.  An additional coffee morning had been started in the United Services Club by a local councillor under the name of the W&WRA, but this would not have been covered by our public liability.  Our name is not now used so there is now no objection.        As there is now nowhere to store the donated and lent pictures that were on the walls, it was hoped to return any where that was the owner's wish or could possibly be donated to the WTC or Westgate Heritage Centre.
3)      Easter Egg Hunt.  This will take place on Easter Saturday 20th April.
4)      Proposed Beach Party.  On contacting the TDC events team an exceedingly large amount of paper work was required, the chairman had done this only to receive a further large quantity requiring more information and was difficult to understand.
5)      Repairs Cafe.  The chairman put out this idea as many retired residents have skills to make repairs, thereby saving landfill and providing a social forum. Cllr Ash asked if there was any site in mind, and the chairman said there were two possible. 

Cllr Joanna Cornford said she hopes the Bake House will be used at times when the W&WRA was not using it and had hoped that it would work out less expensive for the W&WRA.

Save Thanet Coast Project.  An email had been received via member Tony Sykes concerning the proposal to cut (Tony Child) the organiser's post.  It asked that this be brought to the attention of all councillors.  There are one hundred volunteers and one paid co-ordinator who look after the coast, report on conditions, and bring to the public awareness of  the beaches and environmental matters.

1)      6, Carlton Road East.  Application to change existing windows to front and rear from UPVC to aluminium and replacement of UPVC door to rear with aluminium bi-folding doors.
2)      7, Hundreds Farm Stables.  Conversion of garages into habitable rooms. GRANTED.
3)      16, Seymour Avenue.  First floor side extension over existing garage conversion.  GRANTED.
4)      78, Canterbury Road, Margate.  Change of use of garden land to nursery use with existing nursery, with erection of single storey building for additional classroom and play space.  GRANTED.

The bank balance stands at £4,888 as at 28th February.  Refunds from credits owed to the W&WRA by the water and electricity companies are still awaited, as they say they require proof that the contract had ended, and they are still deducting money from the credits as the direct debits have been cancelled.
The accounts have been audited by Mr Jarvis, and agreed and are ready for the AGM.
Our treasurer Sam Secomb has had to stand down as she will be very busy for the next two years and was warmly thanked for her excellent work.

Ray Taylor informed the meeting that the magazine is now going out with the road stewards.

No report.

Christina reported that the subscriptions will be coming in as the magazines go out.

Westgate Heritage Centre:  Next meeting Saturday 4th May at 10.30am at St Saviour's Church, when there will be an illustrated  talk by Dr Graham Field - “Kent Lodge, Westgate Bay Avenue, Home of the Meyer Family”.

Civic Society: Thursday 9th May at the Walpole Bay Hotel at 7.30pm,  when the Town pride awards will be made followed by refreshments, (guests £4.50).  James Brazier pointed out that there are two buildings selected for entry that are in Westgate, namely Brompton Villas, 34, Westgate Bay Avenue, and Sandy Villas near the Knot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

1)      Twiddle Muffs for those with Dementia.  Lorraine Hambidge requested pieces of old materials and buttons which will be sewn into muffs that will go to the QEQM Hospital.  The materials are also used to make mastectomy cushions.
2)      Local Tennis for Adults.  New member Mr Derek Heptinstall, having recently moved to Westgate said he is hoping to start a group at the courts at St Mildred's Bay.  The first session will start on Sunday afternoon 21st April.
3)      Broken Wheelie Bin Lids.  Cllr Ash pointed out that if a bin is damaged during collection the TDC will repair or replace this.
4)      Memorial Benches from Westgate Heritage Centre.  Two  are available thanks to the Co-op local community fund, but Dr Dawn Crouch has had problems with the councils as to obtaining approval for the siting of these and would be grateful for help from councillors.
5)      Committee.  Lorraine Hambidge thanked the committee for their hard work over the year.                                        

Monday 13th May, will be the AGM at the Bowls Club 7.00pm for 7.15pm.  

There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.50pm.

Friday, 29 March 2019




Ray Taylor (chair), twenty one members, TDC Cllrs Ash Ashbee and Carol Messenger and WTC Cllrs Joanna Cornford, Tom King, and Matthew Scott.

Apologies had been received from Dave Morrish, Barry and Anne Wells and TDC Cllrs Sam Bambridge, and Mick Tomlinson.

The minutes of the last meeting, (11/02/19), which had been circulated, were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by James Brazier sec. by Tony Snow, and adopted, and signed.

1)      Council Tax Increase in Westgate.  James Brazier pointed out that due to a late change the council tax increase would now be 1.8%

REPORTS: Councillors-KCC, TDC, WTC. PCSOs and Wardens.
TDC Cllr Carol Messenger:
1)      Pancake Race.  Thanks are due to WTC for a very well organised event which was great fun and enjoyed by all.
2)      Lymington Road Crossing.  Work has been done to change the poles so they are more visible.
3)      New Houses.  Millwood Homes have submitted a proposal for building on the site from Minster Road to Shottendane Road.  The local plan will be going for public examination at St Augustines from 2nd to 4th April, 9th to 12th April, and 16th to 18th April.
4)      Vehicles in Cambourne Avenue.  Up to four vehicles have been observed to carry the same number plate, and this is being investigated, and may subsequently be passed to police and enforcement for removal.
5)      Travellers in Westbrook.  Residents are advised to beware of offers of work on driveways which are usually of poor  quality and have no warranty.    

TDC Cllr Ash Ashbee:
1)      Travellers by Sunken Gardens.  Cllr Ash had called in to TDC on the Friday when they appeared, having preciously been  evicted from Dane Valley.  The required procedure had been initiated, and a section 77 notice issued directing them to remove themselves in twenty four hours, failure to do so results in it going to court.  TDC teams are collecting rubbish twice a day, and will thoroughly clean the site when they have gone.  This has been the fourth or fifth site they have arrived at in a few months, there is no travellers site in Thanet but there is one in Dover but it appears they are unwilling to go there.  Do not give work as already one resident has had more cash demanded than originally agreed.  There are children on site who are not at school.  Residents are advised to keep doors and windows secure.

WRC Cllr Joanna Cornford:
1)      Social Prescribing Day.  This is being organised by Westgate Surgery and is to be held in Christ Church URC on Thursday 14th March 1.00pm to 3.00pm. The aims are to support people who may feel socially isolated with activities and volunteers will be required.
2)      Speedwatch.  More volunteers are required.
3)      Defibrillator Training.  This at the moment is fully booked.

WTC Cllr Matthew Scott:
1)      Lymington Road Notice Board.  This has now been authorised for placement on the wall at no 3.
2)      WTC Saturday Surgery.  The next one to be held on 16th March 10.00am to 11.30am, when Cllrs O'Connor and Scott will be in attendance.
3)      Neighbourhood Watch.  Mr Adam Sackett hopes to regenerate this, and may use social media.

Questions/Comments:  James Brazier noted that in the report of the proposed “Westgate in Bloom” in the Gazette the war memorial  had been described as “in a state of disrepair”, and this was incorrect. Cllr Scott agreed to rectify this.
Chris Whittingham reported that a Westbrook resident had a wheelie bin which had blown over and broken the lid hinges.  On contacting TDC to request a repair he had been told he would have to have a new one as they did not now carry out repairs, and the charge would be £48.  This did not only seem wasteful but could prove very difficult for any resident unable to afford it.  Cllr Ashbee agreed to look into this.
Ray Taylor said details of “Westgate in Bloom” had been received by the W&WRA.

KCC Warden Laura Bungard:
In her February report Laura reflected on the change and development of the role of a Warden, and how this fits in with policing and PCSOs.  For  matters of a police nature call 101 and report.  Laura's main work is with the  council, highways issues, rubbish, fly tips, parking, drains, lighting etc. Wardens have always promoted KCC services, but are now  undertaking new work including visits to  vulnerable residents and any referrals that may be required, and help so that residents may stay in their own home, care in the community is now a large part of the  work.
Laura's contact:  tel 07969583922, and email

In his penultimate month as chairman for the year Ray said it had been a difficult year, Mick Tomlinson had been unable to carry on, and there had been many difficulties, but the W&WRA is now strong and in a good position and will be focusing onto the communities as a whole and less in the Bake House.
Items being arranged in the community include Easter Egg hunt (April), Beach Party (June), supporting WTC with Westgate in Bloom and Westgate Day, and sponsoring  the town Christmas tree.
Some items belonging to the W&WRA, or to individual members, will need to be cleared from the shelter, and members need to decide how and what is done with the various items in the store, these include: tables and chairs, pictures and prints (the picture of the town hall belongs to Kath Bonner), hostess trolley, speakers and microphones (these are currently on loan to WTC), chest of drawers (purchased from a gift left to the W&WRA in memory of Barbara Whitlock), and a roll desk, photo albums, cushions, and a complete set of W&WRA “Record” magazines, and the china.
For the April general meeting a young lady from the Life Saver Volunteer Service will give us an overview of the use of defibrillators and how to facilitate setting one up in Westbrook.  Thanks are due to Cllr Carol Messenger for setting this up.
Again thanks to Cllr Messenger for achieving the improvements to the Lymington Road crossing.
The April meeting will again be in the Bake House, which will give the option of holding the AGM meeting in May at the Bowls Club where there is more room.  Nomination slips for the new committee will be in the magazine which will be ready shortly, or nominations may be made on the form in the Bake House.

A suggestion to purchase a bench from the proceeds of the sale of the items listed was made, Cllr Messenger recommended the price of such a bench be checked as the value of the second hand furniture may not be sufficient.

1)      14, St Benets Road.  Application for single storey rear extension.
2)      15, Victoria Avenue.  Proposed variation of condition 2 of planning ref F/TH/17/0852 for erection of two storey detached dwelling to allow alterations to landscaping.

The bank balance stands at £5,134.  Finances were about £2,000 down due to not receiving sub-letting rentals or tea/coffee money.
Direct debits for water and electricity had been cancelled as the tenancy had ended, and closing balance details were awaited.  TDC had been informed that we had vacated the premises on 30th September 2018.
A request for refund of overpaid rent for October to January (£1,040), had been made, less a buildings insurance premium of £239.11, leaving a balance of  refund owing to us of £800.89.
The matter of the stopped cheque has been resolved.

Ray Taylor informed the meeting that the next magazine due out shortly would be delivered to road stewards in bundles by himself and Christina.

Mavis reported that six cards had been sent this month.

Christina reported that the files were being prepared for the new association year and receipt of subscriptions.

Westgate Heritage Centre:  Next meeting Saturday 6th April at 10.30am at St Saviour's Church, when there will be an illustrated  talk by Jill Beechey - “More Westgate Memories”.

Civic Society: Thursday 4th April at the Walpole Bay Hotel at 7.30pm,  a talk by Jane Wenham-Jones (author, journalist, presenter, interviewer, creative writing tutor,  writing competition judge and speaker) – subject to be confirmed.

The Civic Society Town Pride Awards nominations have been made, and of the seven, two are from Westgate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

1)      Easter Egg Hunt.  This will take place in Westgate, and will start and finish at the Ice House Easter Saturday, approx time 10.30am to 12.00noon.
2)      Beach Party West Bay.  Sunday 9th June in conjunction with West Bay Cafe.
3)      Next social lunch at The Swan will be  17th March, twenty three members have booked.
Thanks were expressed to Viv and Tracy Gurney (co-opted to help) for these ongoing arrangements.

1)      Letter Boxes.  Chris Wyer noted that at least three letter boxes on the sea front had been painted, one apparently at 6.00am!  The phone box by Bridge Road is now without telephone and derelict.
2)      “Hi Neighbour” leaflets.  Members had received these recently and were concerned that it may be a scam.  Ray confirmed it is OK and quite a good local website.
3)      Parked Car by St Augustines.  This car in the road is marked for sale, and observed by Chris Wyer.  It was recommended that Chris speaks to Laura the Warden.
4)      Westbrook & Margate Parish/Town Council.  Cllr Ash Ashbee said that this could be much better for the area than the present Charter Trustee system which has very limited powers.  More things could be done other than the present ceremonial duties only, and the area could lose out without this type of council.
5)      Sunken Gardens.  Members were very concerned about rubbish and damage in the area due to the travellers.  Cllr Ashbee assured the meeting that the TDC team will carry out a thorough clean up, so that it will be safe for the volunteers to continue their work.
6)      The Bake House.  Cllr Joanna Cornford hoped that the new hire arrangements would reduce costs to the W&WRA, and would also be more available to others.                                        

Monday 8th April, at the Bake House 7.00pm for 7.15pm.  

There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.30pm.