Saturday, 18 November 2017




Mick Tomlinson (Chair)  twenty two members, and TDC Cllr Carol Partington, WTC Cllrs Joanna Cornford and Matthew Scott, and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.
The chairman welcomed all to the meeting. 

Laura reported working on highways issues, and in connection with this any complaints about the Virgin Media cable laying should be addressed to KCC Highways.  Other issues include DVLA, Cars in Rowena Road, Rubbish & Fly tipping.  Speedwatch training and associated risk assessment are being carried out.
The PCSO has moved on and a new one from Canterbury is to cover the area.
Scam warning, do not answer the door after dark, the TDC does not issue “posh” pedlars' licences, and fraudulent ones are being used.  

Apologies had been received from TDC Cllrs Ash Ashbee and Sam Bambridge.  

The minutes of the last meeting, (09/10/17), which had been circulated, following an amendment replacing paragraph 8 of the chairman's report, were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by Don Eacott sec. by Denise Packer, and adopted, and signed.

1)      St Mildred's Bay Green.  The chairman confirmed that this area is not on the asset disposal list.
2)      Yellow triangles on new cable junction boxes.  Chris Wyer had found that these were only temporary.    

REPORTS: Councillors-KCC, TDC, WTC.  PCSOs and Wardens.

TDC Cllr Carol Partington:
1)      Housing and Local Plan.  Westgate were opposed to the housing numbers proposed and were fighting to come to a solution.  After 18th January 2018 the plan will go to public consultation and it is then the opportunity for residents to make their input.
2)      Manston Airport.  A majority of residents support the airport.  The DCO will be put in during November which could save the airport, the chairman noted that it is at present left out of the draft plan.  Tony Sykes reminded members that objections may be madee to the Stone Hill plan.

WTC Cllr Joanna Cornford:
1)      Communication.  Until a new town clerk was appointed, residents with items of concern should email one of the WTC councillors.
2)      St Mildred's Gardens.  A no entry sign has been placed here as it is unsuitable for motor vehicles. 

WTC Cllr Matthew Scott:
1)  Cllr Scott thanked all for their welcome, and will be available to be approached concerning items as needed.  Saturday will be a day when he hopes to set up a local surgery.

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT TDC Cllr Mick Tomlinson:
1)      Death of KCC Councillor.  For those not already aware Mick announced with regret the death of KCC Cllr Ken Gregory. 
2)      Hanging Baskets and Plants.  The grant of £1,500 did arrive though rather late, and had been  paid to the nursery.  However the total bill was for £1,900, and the balance was to come from the Westgate TC, but had not as yet been paid.
3)      Westbrook Undercliff Green.  The entire site had been cut down including all plants and trees which had been put in and nurtured for six years by volunteers.  There appears to have been a lack of communication between the council and contractors, and the council has now said they will replant the area.  Tony Sykes said some of the shrubs cut down might grow again.  There is also to be a bumble bee project in the area.  Mick said he would keep a close eye on the situation.
4)      Rough Sleepers.  There are forty six known to be in Thanet.  Some are in mobile homes in the Barnes Car Park, but also have residency in Thanet which makes it difficult for enforcement.  Member John Pye said volunteers for Thanet Winter Shelter will provide for a number of them.  TDC have contact details on their website under “signpost”.
5)      Westbrook Cliff Top Shelters.  Cllrs Ash and Mick hope to have these tidied up.
6)      Street Cleaning.  This had caused great problems.  Westgate did have additional cleaners.
7)      Westgate Forum.  This was not the steering group as some members had  thought, and appeared to be run by one person.
8)      Quiz at the Bake House.  Friday 24th November 7.00pm,  £2.00. 

Questions/Comments:  James Brazier raised the question of boundary changes.  Mick informed the meeting that the TDC is now not seeking to alter ward boundaries before the next elections so any anomalies would not be rectified until 2023.
The Westgate war memorial has now been listed by Historic England.


1)      Police Email Messages.  Mainly warnings to lock up cars and houses now the afternoons are becoming darker.

1)      Tower House, 125, Canterbury Road.  Application for installation of external boiler flues to the existing building.
2)      6, Cedric Road.  Application for erection of single storey rear extension.
3)      The Swan, 75, Sea Road.  Application for erection of 1.7 metre boundary treatment to front and side elevations following demolition of existing wall together with insertion of UPVC windows and doors to front elevation.
4)      Land West of hundred's Farm House, Canterbury Road.  Application for outline permission for erection of three storey building containing 12 2-bed self contained flats with parking, access etc, following demolition of existing building.
5)      14, Westgate Bay Avenue.  Formation of vehicular access. GRANTED.
6)      Premier Inn Margate, Station Approach.  Replacement of existing timber and aluminium windows with aluminium windows. GRANTED.
7)      89, Canterbury Road.  Retrospective application for a change of use from A2 offices to A3 restaurant.
8)      Royal Sea Bathing Hospital.  Variation of planning permission to alter design of approved car park.
9)      10, Buenos Ayres.  Application for erection of balcony and replacement of existing window with doors to first floor rear.
10)  33, Norman Road.  Application for erection of two storey side extension.  GRANTED.
11)  64, Westgate Bay Avenue.  Erection of 1.8M high timber fence to front boundary.  WITHDRAWN.
12)  27, Elm Grove.  Change of use from 1 dwelling to 2 3-bed dwellings with dormers to front and rear, raising roof, and installations of first floor window to side with associated parking.  GRANTED.
13)  Gate Lodge, Hundred's Farm.  Erection of single storey side extension with dormer windows to front and rear.  GRANTED.
14)  16, Warren Drive.  Application for erection of conservatory to rear elevation.
15)  138A, Minster Road.  Application for formation of vehicular access together with erection of 2M high fencing following demolition of part of boundary wall.
16)  Flat 3, 1, Beach Rise.  Application for replacement of existing sash windows to doors with Juliet balconies to rear elevation.

The bank balance reported near the end of October stood at £6,906. 

Ray reported that the new magazines are ready to go out.  Copy for the next issue will  be very welcome.

Mavis had sent two cards out this month.
Christina reminded members that booking and menu choice forms are available from the Bake House for the  New Year lunch at St Augustines on 14th January 2018.

Westgate Heritage Centre:  Saturday 2nd December at 10.30am at St Saviour's Church, “Celebrating the Seasons”, an illustrated talk by Sally Whitworth. 

Margate Civic Society: Thursday 14th December at 7.30pm at The Walpole Bay Hotel, social evening films Christmas raffle, quiz, and refreshments. 


1)      Road Sweeping.  Chris  Wyer  reported observations where small items of litter were collected but the leaves left behind.  Other members had seen  leaves collected up in bags, presumably for composting/recycling. 
2)      Remembrance Sunday.  Ray Taylor thanked all those who had worked very hard to make the day a success.
3)      Parking.  Chris Wyer informed the meeting of a proposal to allow residents to phone TDC where parking causes problems.
4)      Vice-Chairman.  Since this position still remains vacant, the chairman will discuss with the committee the possible co-option that may be made to fill the position.
5)      Remembrance Services.  James Brazier commented on the wording on the wreath that had been prepared for the W&WRA by the British Legion.  It was also noted that no wreath had been presented at the Margate ceremony by the W&WRA even though the Association also covered Westbrook.  This had apparently not been considered before.  It was further considered that the ceremony at Westgate took place at 12.00noon  (after the church services) and not at 11.00am as in most places.  These items would be considered for future years.

 Monday 11th December, at the Bake House.

There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.45pm. 

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Council Contractors Devastate Nature Park

 Sadness as Trees and Shrubs Destroyed

A recent cut to the Westbrook Undercliff has resulted in trees and shrubs being destroyed.

These trees and shrubs were planted in 2011 by volunteers lead by Kent Wildlife Trust and other organisations with support from the Mayor of Margate, who at that time was Mick Tomlinson. The land had just been registered as a Town Green. Of the 100 that were planted about 50% survived in this hostile environment. These included hawthorn, hazel, tamarisk, sea buck-thorn and others. It took 5 years to establish and growth had just started to accelerate and blossom had appeared this year. It is really sad to see these trees and shrubs destroyed by indiscriminate cutting.

Normally cuts are arranged by Thanet District Council in liaison with Thanet Coast Project and the WASPS group so areas of planting would be avoided. We do not know what has happened but no one was advised of the cut. We do not know whether it is out of ignorance or incompetence due to the high turnover of officers at TDC but all we do know is we have lost these trees and shrubs to the detriment of wildlife.

The Open Spaces Department are supposed to work with communities and with projects like "Buzz on the Coast" by the Bumble Bee Trust which due to start and we must ensure that lines of communication are solid.

Foreness Point

We have also heard that a similar incident has occurred at Foreness Point where habitats for migrating birds have been destroyed.

October 2017 Cut

History February 2011
Mayor Plants Sapling

Sea Buckthorn

Beds cleared for planting

Wednesday, 18 October 2017




Mick Tomlinson (Chair)  thirty five members, and TDC Cllr Ash Ashbee, and WTC Cllrs Joanna Cornford and Tom King.
The chairman welcomed all to the meeting. 

Apologies had been received from Bob Loxley, Sam Secomb, Christina and Ray Taylor and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.  

The minutes of the last meeting, (11/09/17), which had been circulated were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by Chris Wyer sec. by Pat Sawyer-Jones, and adopted, and signed.

1)      TV Interference.  Information is still awaited.
2)      Barnes Car Park.  The current notice still reads the same as before.
3)      Road Speed Limits.  Some 20mph maximum speed areas have been introduced outside schools and at other spots.
4)      Defibrillator.  This has been obtained by the Town Council, and the location   for it is to be announced shortly.  Tony Sykes pointed out that there is information on the TDC website regarding the location of defibrillators in Thanet.    

REPORTS: Councillors-KCC, TDC, WTC.  PCSOs and Wardens.

TDC Cllr Ash Ashbee:
1)      Manston.  The DCO will be submitted in November, when there will be twenty eight days for the government to take it forward.
2)      Draft Local Plan.  This goes to scrutiny next  month, and there will be four workshop meetings.  The final plan will go to full council in January 2018.
3)      Local Issues.  Councillors are aware of parking issues.  Advice from the consultant (formerly the asset manager) regarding Westbrook shelters is for local councillors to “adopt” them, for which there is a process.  It would now be an appropriate time for the KCC to reconsider installation of a zebra crossing in Westgate Bay Avenue.  Netting repairs are needed for part of the St Mildred's Bay tennis courts.   

It was noted that further accidents had taken place in Westbrook Avenue where speed was often a factor.  A question from the floor enquired if meters were to be introduced in Westbrook, this would be up to KCC.  There are twelve parking enforcement officers in Thanet.

WTC Cllr Tom King:
1)      Town Clerk.  Tom reported with regret the resignation of the  Town Clerk, and said that it may prove difficult to obtain a replacement.
2)      Local Items achieved and ongoing include entertainment on the green for bank holiday, litter equipment and insurance obtained for Westgate against litter group, funding of Westgate youth project, planting tubs and flowers, responsibility for the allotment gardens, contribution and support for Christmas lighting, restoration of shelter at West Bay, provision of defibrillator, responsibility and maintenance of Lymington Road recreation ground and changing facilities.
3)      Future work would include the neighbourhood plan, provision of a beacon, St Mildred's Bay children's playground if grants available, “Westgate in Bloom”, and the remembrance day parade.
4)      Civic Society.  A complaint had been made by Cllr King to the chair of the society that the newsletter had been used as a political platform, as the charities commission require a non political basis. 

Questions arising included some knot holes in the shelter wood, litter in roads and the dual carriageway.  The litter problem was being tackled by Westgate TC supplementing the cleaning of roads already covered by TDC.  The question of dog walkers on the St Mildred's green was raised should a playground be installed.  Cllr King pointed out that there were no children's recreation facilities north of the Canterbury Road.

KCC Warden Laura Bungard:
Laura had sent in a report which was read out.  Issues dealt with included highways, potholes, lines for repainting, blocked drains, untaxed vehicles, flytipping, elderly vulnerable residents, and parking.    Laura is available by phone or message on 07969583922.  This number is also available at the Bake House. 

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT TDC Cllr Mick Tomlinson:
1)      Scam Phone Calls.  A particular one to avoid engaging with shows the first three numerals 011.  Residents are advised not to answer as the call time proves extremely expensive.
2)      W&WRA MacMillan Coffee Morning.  This had raised £330, and all the helpers were warmly thanked.
3)      The Foreshore.  Residents are asked to report anything strange, particularly if people are coming ashore in the dark hours.  The police number is 101.
4)      Barnes Car Park.  Issues and comments from local residents re motor caravans have been noted, the signs are back up and the situation is being monitored. Officers (not councillors) have to deal with this.
5)      Bridge Road.  This is in a disgraceful state, KCC and Railtrack are supposed to be responsible for upkeep.  This is being followed up.
6)      Remembrance Day Parades.  New regulations make organising these events very difficult.
7)      Children's Play Area St Mildred's.  Previous applications for this have been refused.  The nearby road was thought dangerous for children.
8)      Margate Charter Trustees.  In dividing the finances/assets owned by the Charter Trustees between Margate and Westgate Thanet Finance Dept advice had been that £22,000 was to be paid to Westgate plus a further £30,000, and two trophies.  Following a complaint by a member of the public, an investigation by a clerk and others had been made at some length, and a meeting was held to come to an agreement as to the correct figures to be agreed between Margate and Westgate.  The Charter Trustees produced a “public interest report” (available on the website), which was given consideration and agreed and a letter sent to Westgate-on-Sea Town Council requesting return of the overpayment of £18,382. 

Questions/Comments:  Cllr King said that with the division of assets £50,000 had been offered, accepted and banked, and had understood that the Charter Trustees meeting had decided to draw a line under the matter.  Cllr King also alleged that the newsletter of the Civic Society had been political in nature.  Member James Brazier said the newsletter had only reported the facts.  Cllr Ashbee told the meeting that no solitor's or auditor's letter had been produced which lead to the decision change.  Cllr Tomlinson said this was as advised by TDC officers.
At this point Cllr King left the meeting.

1)      Neighbourhood Engagement Meeting (NEM).  Next meeting to be held on 1st November at 6.30pm at Garlinge Junior School.
2)      Police Email Messages.  Beware of bogus phone calls, at present the caller pretends to be from the government and must test the durability of double glazing for which a charge will be made.  Do not engage with caller or give personal details.  Also door sellers with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers of dubious quality, beware.

1)      4, Tyson Avenue.  Erection of two storey pitched roof side and rear extension with balcony at first floor rear elevation. GRANTED.
2)      8, Royal Esplanade.  Variation of condition 2 attached to planning permission for erection of dormer window with french doors and installation of balcony to front elevation to allow for the design of the dormer window to be changed.  GRANTED.
3)      161, Westbrook Avenue.  Erection of single storey side and rear extension. GRANTED.
4)      33, Norman Road.  Erection of two storey side extension.  GRANTED.
5)      20, Wesdtcliff Gardens.  Erection of ground first and second floor rear extensions with balconies at first and second floor levels, additional side windows, and insertion of full length dormer window to to front. GRANTED
6)      21, Westcliff Gardens.  Erection of ground, first, and second floor rear extensions with balconies at first and second floor levels, additional windows, and insertion of full length dormer window.  GRANTED.
7)      10, Carlton Road West.  Erection of porch to front elevation.  GRANTED.
8)      160, Canterbury Road.  Alterations to roof to rear from hip to gable, erection of two dormer windows GRANTED.
9)      29, Domneva road.  Variation of condition 2 attached to planning permission for erection of single storey side and rear extensions and installation of balcony to first floor front elevation following demolition of existing garage to allow alteration to fenestration within the ground floor rear elevation. GRANTED.
10)  1, Sussex Mansions.  Retrospective application for the installation of wooden stairs and decking platform to rear extension.
11)  Jurrasic Jungle, 174, Canterbury Road, Margate.  Application for erection of attached two storey dwelling together with installation of replacement shop front.
12)  14, Domneva Road.  Application to replace existing timber sliding sash windows with white UPVC sliding sash windows and replace existing facia, sofit, gutter and downpipes to UPVC.
13)  Royal Seabathing Hosp. West Wing.  Application for variation of condition 36 of planning permission, change of use and conversion of hospital to residential units together with extensions and the erection of a five storey wing, to enable alterations to the design of the approved car park to serve the west wing to provide an 86 space ground level car park with pantechnicon turning  area.
14)  4 and 5 Beach Houses, Royal Crescent.  Application for change of use of No 4 from single dwelling house to 2 self contained flats including conversion of roof space of No 5 together with alterations to roof, installation of balcony to first floor front elevation of No 5 and to ground floor front elevation of Nos 4 and 5, and installation of external staircase to rear garden of No 4.
15)  Land North West of Former Seabathing Hosp.  Erection of ten 2 bed dwellings with associated parking, landscaping and access.  REFUSED.
16)  32, Bowes Avenue.  Erection of two storey rear extension, single storey side extension, porch to front elevation and first floor front extensions together with alterations to front bay window.  GRANTED.
17)  11, Westonville Avenue.  Erection of part single, part two storey rear extension and single storey side extension to existing garage.  GRANTED.
18)  Land Adjacent to 36, Westgate Bay Avenue.  Variation of condition 2 of planning permission for the erection of of three terraced dwellings to allow for the reposition and enlargement of two dormer windows to front elevation, and three dormer windows to the rear elevation, and alterations to internal layout to increase the number of bedrooms. GRANTED.

Mick reminded members that details may be seen on line using the “Thanet Planning” search box.

Sam's report was read out by the minute secretary:
The bank balance at 30th August stood at £6,723.  As at end of August nine of the twenty four advertisers in The Record had paid their invoices for the year,
A request for the buildings insurance premium to cover the period to 28th September 2017 has been received and is for £230.54.
All bills are paid up to date.

No report. 

No report.
No report.

Westgate Heritage Centre:  Saturday 4th November at 10.30am at St Saviour's Church, “Westgate Bay”, an illustrated talk by Dr Dawn Crouch. 

Margate Civic Society: Thursday 2nd November at 7.30pm at The Walpole Bay Hotel, “The Vikings are Coming” a talk by Imogen Corrigan. 

Pat Castle reported that she had sent details of W&WRA meetings and the MacMillan coffee morning to the local press.

Due to the length of this meeting and the time, it was agreed to hold over discussion  of details until the next general meeting.

1)      Quizes.  Mick offered to run another quiz either one afternoon or evening in October/November.
2)      Sunday Lunches.  A good number of members enjoyed the lunch on Sunday.  The next one to be held is on 5th November at The Swan, list for names will be in the Bake House.

1)      New Cable Laying.  Members had noted that maintenance hatch covers over junction boxes were bright yellow and therefore not always in keeping with the local area.  Also some of the trenches were sinking and could become a trip hazard.  It is understood that in these instances further surface material will be added to keep the ground level.
2)      Alleyway by Margate Station.  Chris  Wyer  reported this to be very dirty. 
3)      Bottle Banks in St Mildred's Car Park.  Members reported that two of these have been removed.

 Monday 13th November, at the Bowls Club.