Monday, 18 January 2016

WESTGATE G A R D E N I N G C L U B has moved.

G A R D E N I N G   C L U B   

( is moving !)     
 Are you …..

              Green fingered  ?

              A keen gardener ?

              An allotment owner ?     

              Interested in plants ?

              Wanting to grow your own ?

              New to gardening and would like to

           learn  more  ?


The Gardening Club is relocating from

Westgate library to the the Westbrook & Westgate Residents Association (W.W.R.A.) at the Bakehouse in the passage at the side of the Carlton Cinema.

Everybody is welcome ! Come along and

Swap tips and ideas, cuttings and seeds etc.

Refreshments are available….

“Make gardens and friendships grow !”

The initial meeting is on Monday 25th January 2016 …10.15..for 10.30 am.

There will also be monthly talks on a variety of subjects (as well as gardening).

Please simply “turn up” and contact either Heather or Pam if you are interested.                   

Saturday, 16 January 2016









Richard Charlton, (chair), twenty one members, Thanet District Cllr Ash Ashbee (arrived towards end of meeting due to TDC duties), Westgate Town Cllrs Ash Ashbee, and Richard Charlton.


The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.



Apologies had been received from TDC Cllrs Carol Partington and Ash Ashbee (who expected to arrive late), also from KCC Warden Laura Bungard, and Joan Austin.



1)      “Volunteers” Organisation. The cheque had been returned to them. No reply had been received to  date.

2)      Railway Footbridge Lights.  An email had been sent to the PA of the Chief Executive as the lights are the responsibility of the TDC.  Dog mess on the bridge is not cleared as the TDC sweepers do not cover Rail Track property.

3)      Dog Bone Markings near Bowls Club.  These are now only put in specially, and a letter from a community group such as the W&WRA is required so that a local councillor can follow this up.  Ash Ashbee had offered to follow this up once the letter was available.

4)      Bin by Library.  This had been removed, nobody present knew where it had gone.  



The minutes of the last meeting, (14th December 2015), which had been circulated, were adopted on a prop. by Ray Taylor seconded by Tony Sykes.



1)      Post Boxes.  Tony Snow suggested a letter be sent to Royal Mail from the W&WRA.  Chris Wyer said articles in the press may help put pressure on them.  Richard reported that the Victorian letter box by the old Lockwoods site will be built into the wall of one of the new houses. 

2)      Road Safety.  Jane reported that Cllr Ash Ashbee and Warden Laura Bungard are monitoring accidents in Westgate Bay Avenue.  There had been an accident in St Mildred's Road during the week.

3)      Refuse/Recycling.  Members felt in general somewhat confused by the arrangements over Christmas which had caused a few problems.






WTC Cllr Richard Charlton:

1)      Westgate-on-Sea Town Council.  Various items have been discussed and there is to be a special meeting in January regarding budgets.  It is  hoped to provide an additional road sweeper for the areas the TDC sweepers do not do.  Details from the meeting will be brought to the next W&WRA general meeting in February.






1)      36, Westgate Bay Avenue.  Application for permission to build several dwellings. Chris Wyer said that Westgate CAAG thought this was a better design than the first application except there was no provision for (off road) parking.  Richard said he would check the planning requirements for parking.



The previous year's accounts had not as yet been formally adopted, and the question arose as to whether the financial year end was too close to the AGM to allow time for the accounts to be completed and audited.  Richard then proposed, seconded by Don Eacott that the accounts be adopted subject to the two queries from James and Sylvia being answered in due course.  The majority were in favour, none against and there were four abstentions.  Richard said he would inform the meeting next month of the  auditor's details. 



Derek will be preparing the next magazine, after which he is stepping down, and Mike Linder will then be taking over.



Those present were not aware of any member(s) who were poorly at present.



Christina reported that to date there were 458 single members and 420 double memberships.  Unpaid memberships were 34 and 8 respectively.  New members joining and paying the subscription now would receive membership for the coming year.



Margate Civic Society. Next meeting at the Walpole Bay Hotel is on Thursday 4th February 7.30pm when there will be a talk on the history of fans and parasols by Lee Ault.


Westgate Heritage Centre.  Saturday 6th  February at St Saviour's Church 10.30am when there will be an illustrated talk by James Brazier about the Faversham Munitions Explosion which took place one hundred years ago.



Jane reported:

1)      Christmas Fish and Chip Parties.  These had been held at lunch time and in the evening, altogether thirty eight members had attended, and the  money spent had been raised in the raffle.

2)      New Year Lunch.  Eighty six members had enjoyed this, the food was excellent.  The raffle had made £247, and Jane thanked Ray and Christina for their work with the raffle, and also the tea ladies for selling some of the tickets.

3)      Romantic Themed Quiz.  Friday 12th February, venue Bake House or Bowls club.

4)      Wingham Wildlife Trip.  Friday 19th February with Carol Peters £7.50.

5)      Sunday Lunch at The Swan.  21st February.

6)      Secret Garden, Sandwich.  Trip and tea with Carol Peters £23.

7)      April/May.  Local trips with the minibus.


Jane invited further ideas and suggestions, and was warmly thanked  by those present for her hard work.   




1)      Coast.  Tony Sykes reported on a) Fly-tipping.  Four settees had been  dumped but very promptly removed by TDC.  b)Winter seasonal bird visitors, the Turnstones and Red Shanks, their numbers had reduced by 50% and they needed minimum disturbance whilst they fed on the beaches before returning to the north to breed.  c)  Westbrook undercliff town green, the bumble bee conservation trust will be working here, more details to follow.

2)      Red Zebra Community Solutions.  Richard reported that there was to be a funding event in Ramsgate on 26th January, and asked if anyone could attend and report back. 

3)      Community Safety Partnership.  The W&WRA had received a questionnaire seeking local views during January.  Details will be in the Bake House.

4)      The Queen's forthcoming 90th birthday.  A letter from the High Sheriff had been sent encouraging communities in celebrations such as tea parties, and the beacons will probably be lit.

5)      Beam by Westbrook Cafe.  Don Eacott pointed out that this had become dangerous, and Ash agreed to follow this up.

6)      Spare Clothes for People in Need.  Bob Loxley asked where clothes could  go so that they went directly to the needy.  The best place was thought  to be St Pauls, Cliftonville.

7)      Westgate Community Centre.  Easter Event 26th March,  Volunteers urgently required for teas and coffees, crafts tombola and games.  Family Day 11th September hopefully will go ahead but TDC have not made their inspection regarding health and safety of the area.

8)      Proposed Retail Units on Land by Railway.  Ash offered to investigate this.  It was thought that during clearance the station platform had become unstable.

9)      Birchington Ukulele Band.  Ray thanked the band and all who contributed to the Help the Heroes collection which came to around £50.

10)  Westgate Against Rubbish.  This group is meeting outside the station at 10.00am  on Saturday, helpers welcome.

11)  Pancake Races.  It is hoped these will go ahead again this year, but TDC has had problems with the Health and Safety Executive and are now very fussy about voluntary events and risk assessments.

12)  8, St Mildred's Road.  It was pointed out that the wall here appeared to be dangerous, the CAAG had written to TDC who were aware.





 Monday 8th February, at the Town Hall Buildings, Westgate, 7.00pm for 7.15pm.




There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.52pm.



Monday, 4 January 2016









Richard Charlton, (chair), twenty five members, Thanet District Cllrs Ash Ashbee and Carol Partington, Westgate Town Cllrs Ash Ashbee, Richard Charlton, and Tom King, and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.


The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.



Apologies had been received from KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor and TDC Cllrs Sam Bambridge and Bertie Braidwood.



1)      Richard told the meeting that the editor, Derek, would be stepping down after the spring issue of the magazine, and that the committee had co-opted Mike Linder as editor elect.

2)      Volunteers Shop.  A cheque for £100 with a letter had been received, Richard read the letter out, and it was somewhat difficult to  understand exactly why it had been  sent as throughout every third or fourth word was “volunteer”.  This volunteers trust did not appear to be registered with the Charity Commission, so a decision  was taken to return the cheque with a polite letter.

3)      Planning Reports.  These were not now being sent by TDC, but Cllr Carol Partington agreed to forward copies to Richard for the W&WRA.



The minutes of the last meeting, (9th November 2015), which had been circulated, were adopted on a prop. by Tony Snow seconded by Mavis Vaughan.



1)      Business Rates Refund Application.  The TDC had now been informed that the W&WRA had been hiring the room, and the landlady had supplied proof of this so that the refund should be forthcoming in the not too distant future. 

2)      Railway Footbridge Lights.  Richard agreed to contact Cllr Bertie Braidwood to see if the repairs were in hand.

3)      Litter Bags in Birchington.  Chris Wyer had contacted the group and been advised that they would be tidied up.

4)      Post Boxes.  It was pointed out that most of these were in need of repainting.

5)      Westgate Library.  Enquiries had been made as to the poor state of the building, but Property Services Dept said there were quotes out to rectify this.

6)      Briary Close Hedge.  An entrance had been made through this for agricultural purposes.  The old entrance was at no 11 but due to developments was no longer usable.

Comments and questions: The post boxes and library should be looked after by the Westgate-on-Sea TC.  Laura Bungard has her office in the library and there have been repairs quoted for the roof and a new boiler fitted.  Chris Wyer said it would be good to have a lift at the library when finances allowed.



WTC Cllr Richard Charlton:

1)      8, Westleigh Road.  There is a problem with this planning application.

2)      War Memorial.  There is no formal memorial to indicate that the Lymington Road playing fields themselves were given as a memorial to those who lost their lives in WW1.  Abigail Carden pointed out that the allotments are also part of this memorial.

3)      Lighting Issue Survey.  Full night street lighting was voted for and KCC are rolling out the new lights.

4)      PCSO.  At present there is no PCSO for Westgate.

5)      Westgate TC.  Any resident who wishes to address the TC may do so providing a request has been made to the clerk.  The meetings are held on the first Monday of the month.

6)      Division of Assets.  There had been no agreement yet regarding the division of assets between the Charter trustees and Westgate Town Council.


Cllr Ash Ashbee:

1)      Road safety.  The recent tragic death of a school child was much in the  minds of all, and Cllr Ashbee was trying to sort out issues as to whether a further zebra crossing on the Westbrook side of Boundary Road might help and would be subject to consultation with TDC.  The issue of speeding traffic in Westbrook Avenue and possible use of speed signs and dummy cameras has arisen.  There had been yet another accident on Saturday at the Margate end with injuries resulting, and a car had crashed into the hedge by the tennis courts.  Residents had also been aware of speeding cars colliding with stationary vehicles during the night.  It was thought that the drivers were avoiding the number plate recognition cameras in Canterbury Road. A request had been made for 10mph signs and a car park arrow for the Barnes Car Park. Richard said that letters to the press, debates and meetings were needed.

2)      Westbrook Bowls Club.  The club is congratulated on obtaining a grant for improvements.  Membership is open to all the annual fee being £10.


Cllr Carol Partington:

1)      Road Safety.  Following the recent fatal accident Cllr Partington had been in touch with TDC safer neighbourhood dept, and following a certain number of reported accidents certain measures can be taken so that the whole picture is looked at and measures put into practice such as safety training for children.  The new zebra crossing is good but there is some concern that the nearby legal parking obstructs the road view of those crossing.

2)      Refuse and Recycling.  Requests for more bins in St Mildred's Bay Car Park have been made as the contents have been spilling over.  Dispensers for dog excrement bags will be sited.  Waste collection strategy is being looked at again, some smaller trucks will be used and plastic inserts for wheelie bins will be tried.

3)      8, Westleigh Road.  The developer's application for six flats would cover a large area on a not so large plot, this went to appeal and was refused.  It was resubmitted with a doorstep play area and modifications and subsequently accepted.  There had been concern to check that correct procedures and planning law had been followed. WTC Cllr Tom King suggested that the overview and scrutiny committee should be asked to look at this, and WTC Cllr Ash Ashby felt this was very important as the site was on Sea Road at the front.


KCC  Warden Laura Bungard:

Laura reported working with the elderly with regard to heating and living alone, and had reported to Age UK.  There had been break-ins in Canterbury Road, The Aqua Club, and Westbrook Cafe.  Vehicle problems, if no MOT then the insurance is void and the vehicle can be moved.  Anyone can “check a vehicle” on the internet, the details flash up and when necessary can be reported.


CORRESPONDENCE  Volunteers letter and cheque—see chairman's report page 1.


PLANNING  8 Westleigh Road—see top of this page (item 3).



Bank Balance stands at£6,441.

Bake House Rental due to rise from £235 to £260 per month.

Accounts:  Two items were queried from the floor, after verification of which the accounts should be formerly adopted at the next general meeting.



The new magazine issue delivery is almost complete.



Mavis reported that four cards have been sent out to members this month.



Christina thanked all road stewards for their work..



Civic Society. No meeting in January.


Westgate Heritage Centre.  Saturday 9th  January at St Saviour's Church 10.30am when there will be a talk about the Huckstep family. (Second Saturday of Month).



Jane reported:

1)      Recent Events.  Lunch at the Golf Club, forty five members had enjoyed this, Jane thought that a smaller choice of menu would reduce the delay in service to the tables. The outing to Pole Hill Garden Centre with Carol Peters had been a good success, and members had enjoyed the nativity play at Minster Abbey.  The Christmas lights switch on had seventy stalls present and a good crowd, but had been windy. Thanks are due to Birchington volunteers who helped keep the streets clean.

2)      Christmas Social in the Bake House Tuesday 15th December.  This will be with a fish and chip order (collected together but each member pays for their own), with mulled wine, tea/coffee, and crackers supplied.  Also members welcome to bring their own drinks.  To accommodate a larger number of members two sessions will be held, one lunch time and one evening, at present the bookings are ten for lunch time and twenty two for the evening.

3)      New Year Lunch at St Augustines 10th January.  There are eighty bookings to date.

4)      Items planned:  Quiz in February, Outings start in March.


Comments from the floor:  The discount on Mondays scheme is not shown in the magazine,  Westgate may need more Christmas lights.



1)      Westgate Against Rubbish.  Ray reported fourteen bags of rubbish were collected.

2)      Bake House Tea/Coffee Prices.  In view of rising costs the committee had recommended moderate increases of 20p to 30p.  Following a short discussion this was proposed by Stephanie Sutton seconded by Dee Hooper and agreed unanimously. 

3)      The Nott Pub.  Chris Wyer informed the meeting that there is to be a planning application for town houses in the car park and a micropub in part of the old pub.

4)      Westgate Community Centre Association.  Abigail Carden reported that £350 had been raised during the Christmas lights party towards repairs.  There will be an Easter event for children for which volunteers will be needed.     



 Monday 11th January, at the Westbrook Bowls Club 7.00pm for 7.15pm.



There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.50pm.