Friday, 4 December 2015

Monster Jellyfish Washed up on Thanet Coast

These Barrel Jellyfish have over the last week been washing up on our shores around the Thanet Coast. These were photographed in Westbrook Bay, Margate but have even penetrated past Westgate.

These specimens were up to a foot in diameter however they are often the size of a dustbin lid.

They pose no threat to humans as their sting is too mild to cause us any harm.

Normally these large jellyfish are mainly seen on Britain's south west coast and it is thought that they have been driven up the Channel by a run of west and south west winds to our shores.

Thanet has had a good year for jellyfish spotting as earlier in the summer we had an abundance of moon jellyfish.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015









Richard Charlton, (chair), twenty three members, Thanet District Cllr Bertie Braidwood, Westgate Town Cllrs Richard Charlton, Tom King, and Hannah Scott, and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.


The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.



Apologies had been received from TDC Cllrs Ash Ashbee and Carol Partington.



The chairman spoke of the urgent need for a regular rental for the Bake House, and the possibility of advertising for this.  Quotes from the local press were £30 + VAT per month (min 12 months) for their website business listing, or a one off advert in the paper for £86 + VAT.  Any member who receives enquiries is asked to forward these to the Bake House for the chairman's attention.

Magazine.  The next issue due out  soon is the last for the  year and the last by our editor Derek Smith who will  be stepping down.  The editor elect will be Mike Linder who will be co-opted to the committee.



The minutes of the last meeting, (12th October 2015), which had been circulated, were adopted on a prop. by Ray Taylor seconded by Pat Sawyer-Jones.



1)      Accounts.  James Brazier reminded the meeting that the accounts should be formerly approved.

2)      Family Fun Day at Community Centre.  Abigail Carden was pleased to report that over £300 had been raised in spite of the poor weather.

3)      Business Rates.  It was confirmed that the treasurer is in  contact with TDC and is awaiting a reply.

4)      Litter Bags in Birchington.  Chris Wyer reported that more bags had been tied to trees by the anti litter group.

5)      Town Council.  Richard confirmed that the official name is now Westgate-on-Sea Town council.

6)      Lights on Railway Footbridge.  All three on The Grove side and one on the other side were not working.  Cllr Braidwood agreed to chase this  up.





KCC  Warden Laura Bungard: Rubbish in the area had been reported and dealt with.  The highways had had drains, kerbs, and pothole issues which are being resolved.  The problem with the new charity shop using the pavement for it's wares had proved difficult as part of the area was found to be private land.  There have been burglaries in the area, some criminals have been caught, but residents were asked to keep an eye out and report anything suspicious on 101.  There has been a change round of PCSOs and for the time being the PCSO at Birchington is also covering Westgate.  There was an assault in Beach Rise on Saturday, and some local car break ins.  Laura's contact phone no is  07969 583922.


Cllr Bertie Braidwood:  Sunday's remembrance service had been well attended, the zebra crossing had been put in by KCC and resurfacing started on the pavements on the Royal Esplanade.  Tony Snow congratulated and thanked KCC and TDC councillors who had worked to bring this about, it had been may years since a crossing had first  been requested, and a news cutting of former Cllr Brian Goodwin in Westgate Bay Avenue in 2002 campaigning for the crossing was passed round.

Cllr Braidwood said that the three councillors would be checking planning very carefully especially in view of the conservation area, and were at present looking at applications for 17, Sea Road and Fodbury Court.

Cllr Braidwood informed the meeting that his surgery is held on the second Saturday of the month at the library from 10.00am to 11.00am.

In answer to questions Cllr Braidwood said road markings for the Roxburgh Road bus stop will now be painted in, and a consultation had been taking place concerning payment methods for the St Mildred's Bay car park and the conclusions available shortly.


WTC Cllr Hannah Scott:   Details of a forthcoming survey to determine what Westgate residents would like to see the Town Council doing were given, and feedback should be returned as soon as possible.  £2,000 is available through bids to the clerk by community groups for community items.  The clerk is Jacqueline Williams tel 834252 (Mondays, Tuesdays, or leave a message), or email  A website is also being prepared.

Questions and comments:  Will the Town Cllrs be each designated with an area of Westgate?  This could be worth  considering and may be put on the agenda.

Members commented that it was good to see some of the Town Cllrs at the W&WRA meetings.



1)      8, Westleigh Road. Application for permission to erect a three storey building with six flats of various sizes with access following demolition of existing building. WTC Cllr Hannah Scott said this had been turned down as it would be oversized for the plot, and insufficient  play area for children.  However the larger building in Sea Road had been referred to as a precedent, and this could result in demolitions of other large buildings.  The Town Council has made representation and asked TDC Cllr Bertie Braidwood to call this in.







The next magazine issue will be ready soon.



Mavis reported that a card had been sent to Stephanie Sutton.



Christina reported that most subscriptions were now in only a very few were outstanding.  New members always welcome.



Civic Society. The next monthly meeting is to be held on Thursday 10th December when there will be a slides show of old Margate, and a social evening..


Westgate Heritage Centre.  Saturday 5th   December at St Saviour's Church 10.30am when there will be a talk about the Huckstep family.



Jane reported on events to take place during the winter:  Lunch at the Golf Club 22nd November, New year Lunch at St Augustines 10th January (booking/menu forms available at the Bake House).  Trip to Pole Hill Garden Centre, Sevenoaks (with Carol Peters) 7th December,  Quiz Night end of January.

Jane also explained to members that since the major loss of rental income some of the social events need to become self funding which would require a contribution from each person attending.  A Christmas party could be held during the afternoon for some members and extending into the evening for others so that more members could come than in previous years.  It was agreed that the Bake House should be used as much as possible and maintained as it is a very valuable centre for the people of Westgate.  It was suggested that the facebook page be updated, and a rise in subscription rates considered.

Other social events include the Christmas light switch on 29th November, and a nativity play at Minster Abbey on 8th December.



1)      Letter Boxes.  Tony Snow pointed out that two of these along the Royal Esplanade, near the junctions with Fitzmary and Cliffe Avenues are in poor condition. Chris Wyer said he would report this to the CAAG who will help.

2)      Kerb Stones.  Chris Wyer reported that KCC are not going to put in any more plastic kerbs. 

3)      Westgate Library.  There is great concern about the future of the library, the Gardening Club are not allowed to use the upstairs part of the building.  WTC Cllr Tom King suggested that the W&WRA should be in touch with KCC and KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor.

4)      Briary Close Hedge Row.  A cross over (drop kerb) had been put in against this hedge presumably for possible future development.  It was also noted that one had been placed at the Epple Bay bus stop in Birchington.     

5)      Westgate-on-Sea Town Council.  Cllr Hannah Scott said all residents are invited to attend the WTC meetings which are held on the first Monday of the month at 7.00pm, and the planning and environment meetings on the third Monday.  Residents wishing to raise any points should notify the clerk by the previous Friday.  Three minutes may be allotted for speaking.   





 Monday 14th December, at the Town Hall Buildings 7.00pm for 7.15pm.



There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.25pm.



Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Would you park here?

St Mildred's Bay Westgate-on-Sea

For some time now the question has been raised who parks here when for many people payment by this method is either impossible or too much bother. The question also needs to be asked is the Council getting any revenue for this car park and any others it has in its wisdom changed to this payment method. Some people have commented that some mobile networks  do not have a signal here.

Several times this summer I have walked by this car park and on most occasions it has been empty as in the picture below.

So where are people parking? The answer is in the surrounding streets taking up valuable street parking normally used by residents or they just go away. No doubt this has an affect on the local beach café.

There is no CCTV so how is the council fining parkers who do not pay? There does not appear to be anyone checking or is this a voluntary scheme?

One of our Westgate councillors has asked the questions so it will be interesting to see what replies are forthcoming. I am certain there will be very little revenue so would it be better to make this car park free and encourage visitors to this bay?

Sunday, 20 September 2015









Richard Charlton, (chair), twenty one members, Thanet District Cllr Bertie Braidwood, Westgate Town Cllr Richard Charlton.


The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.



Apologies had been received from Sam Secombe, Chris and Derek Smith, Cllrs Ash Ashbee, Carol Partington, and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.




The chairman told the meeting that details of the balance and prevention of falls classes as outlined by Mr Peter Ellis at last month's meeting will be to hand shortly.  




The minutes of the last meeting, (10th August 2015), which had been circulated, were amended and adopted on a prop by Stephanie Sutton sec by Don Eacott, and signed.




1)      Westgate Town Council – Information from Meetings.  Richard told the meeting that he had arranged for the clerk to prepare a precis of the minutes so that he could read from this at W&WRA general meetings. The full minutes will also be shown from the space allotted in the window at the Town Hall  Building.

2)      Flowers/Railings Margate Sea Front.  KCC had wanted to remove railings and some had already gone.  These were there as safety barriers as people came up from the beach and to assist those who are blind.  TDC had not been involved but there had not been the proper procedures or consultation.

3)      Accounts.  Several members asked about last year's accounts as they had not had the opportunity to see them.  Richard is to arrange for copies to be available at the next meeting and on the Bake House noticeboard.  Usually they also appear in the magazine. 




Cllr Bertie Braidwood:

1)      Family Fun Day.  Cllr Braidwood congratulated Abigail on a very good day.

2)      St Mildred's Bay Car Park.  Cllr Braidwood had asked Mike Humber who is going to see the Civil Enforcement Manager to check the situation and payments received.

3)      Speedwatch.  The present scheme only covers the villages, and Westbrook/Westgate would need an advisor/coordinator, plus volunteers and £2,000 funding.  Iris Johnston said that there was TDC funding to help start up such schemes.


Cllr Carol Partington:(Report read out by Richard)

1)      Local Plan.  There is to be a planning meeting with Keith Holland very soon concerning the local plan, and Cllr Partington offered to take any specific questions or issues to this.  (It was thought that that some of the buildings already built are included in the total count, and Iris Johnston said that the Draft Options Local Plan shows no housing on Manston Airport, but there was a need to watch what was happening especially developments around Belmont Road).



KCC Community Warden Laura Bungard:  August report read out by Richard:

Items dealt with include police matters, pavement obstruction, highways (trees and potholes/drains), homeless, youths in care homes, bus stop repairs, vulnerable adults and children, waste/recycling and fly tips, parking, dog warden called, DVLA enquiries, vandalism, lost and found, scams, noise, housing, social services, speed watch, ASB, domestic, burglary, RTA, NEM, illegal campers and also other items.



None received.



1) 37, Sea Road, (Westcliff House).  Application for permission to erect a four storey building with flats and access, and a rear extension to Westcliff House.  Refused.



Sam had sent in her report:  Bank balance £7,040 and bills paid to date.  However income from the Bridge Club ceases from 17th September as they have had declining numbers, and their rental had been a considerable proportion of the W&WRA income.  Richard hoped to produce a press feature on the Bake House which now has available time slots for hire.  Charges are £11/hour, (trials available at special prices), and can hold up to thirty five people.



Most of the magazines have been delivered, but more road stewards are urgently required.



Ray and Christina Taylor have taken up the work of membership secretaries, and it was proposed by Don Eacott and seconded by Jane Welch that they be elected to the position.  This was agreed unanimously.



Civic Society.  James Brazier reported that there is an outing to the Imperial War Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum on Tuesday 22nd September.  Monthly meetings commence on Thursday 1st October when the AGM will be held followed by a talk on “Turner Contemporary's Waste Land Community Project”.


Westgate Heritage Centre.  Next meeting is on Saturday 3rd October from 10.00am with the talk “October 1973 Water water everywhere”, by John Naden who was a local police constable at the time of the flooding.



Jane reported on last month's events. which included a visit  to Ramsgate Tunnels, some members joined a trip with Carol Peters to Rye, Quiz night last week (thank you to Richard), and some members enjoyed the Community Centre's family fun day at the weekend.  Some members failed to turn up for the Ramsgate outing , so that a deposit will be requested with bookings for future outings.

Future events/trips.  Sunday lunch at the Golf Club 20th Sept (pre-orders required as a good number are coming).  Isle of Sheppey music hall trip 29th Sept, “Silver Sunday” different things to try out and buffet at St Augustines 10.30am to 5.30pm 4th October, also a tea dance in the Winter Gardens, a shopping trip in November, and new year lunch on 10th January 2016.

Discounts have been arranged for members at the Golf Club and in some local businesses on Mondays on production of a membership card.

Abigail reported on the family fun day which was good but suffered poor weather and so was down on last year, but did not make a loss.  However the Centre has had

a new floor and kitchen and men's toilets.  More work is needed.  Other events to come will include Halloween and Easter.


1)      Work on Promenade between St Mildred's and West Bays.  This appeared to have been completed but one very large skip of rubble had been left behind.  Cllr Bertie Braidwood agreed to chase this up.

2)      Pavement and Drop Kerb Obstruction.  A new shop in Station Road called “Volunteers Trust”, apparently open on two days a week has caused the obstruction.  Cllr Bertie Braidwood and Warden Laura Bungard will be checking on this.

3)      Westbrook Road blocked by Abandoned Cars.  This was reported by a member, and Iris Johnston suggested contacting Phil Snook (TDC), or the police or highways.

4)      Canterbury Road near King Ethelbert School.  A member reported seeing bags tied to trees in the centre of the dual carriageway.  This was thought to be due to the work of the Birchington anti litter group, concern was expressed for the safety of those working in that location.     

5)      Walmer Castle Pub.  Richard pointed out that the CAMRA group had exercised the right to buy by community groups and the CAAG were concerned about the plans for a house or dwelling behind the existing building as it could involve reversing onto the main road.  The Westgate Town Council did not stop the sale, plans will now be considered by TDC

6)      Illegal Camping on the Sea Front.  Tony Sykes informed the meeting that this could be reported direct to Thanet Coast Project as an incident, and prompt action usually follows.  On the roads Iris Johnston said the correct protocol was to inform the KCC, if the jacks or legs of a caravan are down this becomes illegal.

7)      Westbrook Undercliff Green Annual Cut.  Tony Sykes said this would now take place in January following the advice of the RSPB, and it is hoped that the Bumble Bee Trust will be introducing and monitoring bees in addition to the miner bees already  present.  Members of the “WASPS” group keep the weeds down on the areas planted with shrubs and other plants suitable for  wild life.

8)      Talk “The Dornier Restoration” by Nina Hadaway (RAF Hendon) takes place in Birchington Village Centre on Wednesday 16th September at 7.30pm for 8.00pm.

9)      Beach Clean St Mildred's Bay.  This will take place on Saturday 19th September at 10.00am all welcome. 



 Monday 12th October, at the Westgate Town Hall Building 7.00pm for 7.15pm.


There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.30pm.



Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Westgate and Westbrook Residents' Association Minutes August 2015

I am pleased to say that I am impressed by the enthusiasm of our new councillors who attend the meetings. Problems discussed are often acted on and it is a really good forum for two way contact with residents. The next meeting will be in the Westbrook Bowls club on Monday 14th September.

Here are the minutes of the meeting:




Richard Charlton, (chair), thirty two members, KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor, District Cllrs Ash Ashbee, Bertie Braidwood, and Carol Partington,  Westgate-on-Sea Town Cllrs Ash Ashbee,  Richard Charlton, Tom King, and Ron Rolfe, and Peter Ellis from Kent Community Health Trust.


The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.



Apologies had been received from Cllr Sam Bambridge and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.




The chairman then introduced Peter Ellis, Senior Postural Stability Instructor who spoke about his work and the twelve week exercise classes he organises, in order to reduce the risk of falls. Numbers required to form classes are minimum 10 – 12 maximum 15 – 18.  Leaflets were given out and there will be a notice put up in the Bake House.

Richard had arranged to receive planning application information by email although the system is changing and Cllr Carol Partington offered to make sure copies are forwarded to Richard.

St Saviour's Church invited members of the W&WRA to the service to be held on Sunday 16th August to commemorate the ending of WW2.

Members' Monday.  Jane Welch had been able to arrange 10% discount for W&WRA members in five local businesses on Mondays on production of their membership card. 




The minutes of the last meeting, (13th July 2015), which had been circulated, were adopted on a prop by Don Eacott sec by Janet Smith, and signed.




1)      Emptying of Bins at the Seafront.  Some of the problems were reported as being caused by beach hut users not leaving sufficient room for the refuse trucks to access the required areas.




Cllr Ash Ashbee:

1)      Seaweed Problems.  One lorry load had been removed from St  Mildred's Bay. On enquiry flat bottomed barges could be used for removal from most of the beaches but would be somewhat costly.

2)      Royal Esplanade Drop Kerb.  A “dog bone” white line marking is required to prevent parking across this, and a written request or an application form, available to download from the KCC website could be used to request a grant towards this.  KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor could then set the wheels in motion.

3)      Coastal Car Parks.  Barnes car park needed a sign, there was still a car that had been left there, and a member pointed out that St Mildred's car park was little used as this required payment of parking fees by mobile phone and credit card.  As a result people at the beach parked in the roads instead.

4)      Westbrook Toilets.  These had been out of action, ward Cllr Mick Tomlinson was aware.


Cllr Bertie Braidwood:

1)      Royal Esplanade Pavements.  There had been complaints about these and the whole length will now be resurfaced.

2)      Speeding Motorists.  Local support and a crash history help to get things done.  There is a scheme (Rural Speedwatch), which can be used following training and the log of results sent into Maidstone.  From information received the offending driver may receive a letter or visit. Members were asked which roads were the most urgent for this attention.  Westgate Bay Avenue, Royal Esplanade, Lymington Road, and Sea Road were suggested.

3)      Seaweed.  This was at present only removed when it was sufficient to fill a tipper  lorry.

4)      Barnes Crescent/Westgate Bay Avenue.  The  hedge had now been cutback for a safe siteline.


Cllr Carol Partington:

1)      Seaweed.  In the past there seems to have been lack of connection between beach officers and TDC, hopefully this will now improve.

2)      Refuse Collections.  Some of the  lorries have not always been able to gain access to streets.  There is now a strategy looking at the possible use of smaller trucks to overcome this problem.

3)      Dog Excrement.  There is a new and more robust vehicle coming into service to deal with this problem, as well as educational information for dog owners.

4)      Keep Britain Tidy and TDC at Margate High Street.  Charity wrapped bins indicating increase in use of these will result in in money going to charity are to be deployed.


KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor:

1)      Margate Area Improvements.  Some of the grey railings have been removed and flowers put in.

2)      Westgate Bay Avenue Crossing.  This has taken some time and was held up due to the elections, the next stage is for power to be put in at the  site, and hopefully the crossing will go in during November.

Questions from members: Should there be yellow lines at the bus stop in Roxburgh Road? Cars park here which prevents the use of the bus drop platform to the pavement. Jeff said the contact for this is Robin Chantril-Smith, and Richard agreed to contact him.

Canterbury Road resurfacing had been promised near the BP garage but no further news to date?


KCC Community Warden Laura Bungard:  July report read out by Richard:

Items dealt with include Flytips/rubbish, social service, drug dealing, ASB, parking,  burglary, and vulnerable children.

The next neighbourhood engagement meeting is on this Wednesday at 6.30 pm at Birchington.  




None received.



See below under CAAG report.



The accounts have now been audited.



Road stewards are requested to collect and distribute their magazines.



Richard reported that Rosalind had resigned from this position, and it will be necessary to find a replacement.



Civic Society.  James Brazier reported that the new programme for 2015/2016 will start in October.  There is an outing to the Imperial War Museum on Tuesday 22nd September.

Westgate Heritage Centre.  Next meeting is on Saturday 5th September from 10.00am with the talk “End of an Era”, about Sir William Ingram  at 10.30am.

CAAG Report, Chris Wyer said there had been some planning issues concerning bungalows for which application had been made on the boundary  of flats in Egbert Road in there conservation area.  Also at Westcliff House applications to build flats in order to raise funds to refurbish and bring Westcliff House back to use have been made.  The CAAG would also like to see the new owner proceed with work on the PEJ House, the roof has now been made weather proof.

Re Westcliff House information from Cllrs was that there is to be a site meeting with the John Townsend Trust who want to build the apartments on land which is near to a listed building behind, the planning committee will then meet for consideration.




Jane reported on recent events much enjoyed by all, Visit to Minster Abbey, Westbrook Bowls Club, Westgate Golf Club, and a Sunday lunch at the Swan Hotel.

Future events/trips.  Ramsgate Tunnels 19th August, Quiz 11th September, Sunday lunch at the Golf Club 20th Sept (list in the Bake House).  Also later on shopping trips, lunch at the Swan, and a provisional date for the new year lunch is 10th January 2016.



1)      Westgate Art and Craft Group.  Exhibition at St Saviour's Church this week and next.

2)      Town Green near Barnes Car Park.  Tony Sykes was concerned about the annual grass cut which helps to encourage wild flowers, this used to be arranged with Paul Verrall who has now retired.  Cllr Carol Partington said she would be happy to take this  up.

3)      Fly Posting.  Many posters were left in the area after events had finished. TDC staff are assisting  with their removal.

4)      Defibrillator.  There does not appear  to be one in the town, and Jane Welch informed the meeting that if £600 could be raised, a further £600 grant would be made.

5)      Vehicles for sale in Canterbury Road.  This is not permitted and requires enforcement notices from the PCSOs.  Richard thought that notices should be up to make the prohibition quite clear.

6)      Children's Playground in Linksfield.  Bottles and papers and rubbish appeared here, Cllr Carol Partington agreed to deal with the problem.

7)      Seagull Proof Bins.  These are required in Westgate.

8)      Town Council Issues.  Residents may attend  but not speak at TC meetings.  Anyone requiring an issue discussed should speak to one of the councillors in good time. 



 Monday 14th September, at the Westbrook Bowls Club..


There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.40pm.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Here comes SummerThanet Coast 2015

 Flyer of events this Summer.
If the Kids/Grandkids are bored why not try a Seashore Safari with a trained team of experts to show how to rock pool and find out about the creatures that inhabit Thanet’s Wonderful chalk reefs/rocks.
If you missed it last year back by popular demand is the Free exhibition of Coastal Change : Climate Change at Droit House Margate Harbour. It runs from 11 August to 7 September. Lots of other events.


Saturday, 13 June 2015

WESTGATE AND WESTBROOK Residents' Association minutes June 2015






Richard Charlton, (chair), twenty eight members, District Cllrs Ash Ashbee, Samantha Bambridge, Bertie Braidwood, and Carol Partington, Westgate-on-Sea Town Cllrs Ash Ashbee, Richard Charlton, Joanna Cornford, and Tom King  and KCC Community Warden Laura Bungard.


The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.



Apologies had been received from Abigail Carden, Rosalind Morton, Ron Rolfe, Derek and Christine Smith, and PCSO Sean Ritchie.



No special items to report.



The minutes of the last meeting, (11th May 2015), which had been circulated, were amended then adopted on a prop by Don Eacott sec by Stephanie Sutton, and signed.



There were no matters arising.



The chairman asked councillors to introduce themselves and give any relevant reports or information.

Cllr Carol Partington: Improvements were being planned for the  waste/recycling collections, and poop scoop and street cleaning machines.

Cllr Bertie Braidwood: He is Vice-Chair of the licensing committee, and on the standards committee and looking forward to serving the community in Westgate.

Cllr Ash Ashbee (Westbrook):  [Read out for her due to losing voice] Surgeries will be set up to meet and talk to residents.  A large bin has been requested for Barnes Car Park, litter, and green algae on slipways will be given attention.

Laura Bungard KCC Community Warden, also giving information from PCSO Sean Ritchie:

1)      Sea Road speed checks.  434 checks were carried out  of which 12 were speeding, including one taxi driver.

2)      Youths at Westbrook last Friday.  An emergency dispersal order was obtained and thirty five youths dealt with.

3)      Other items  that have required attention:  One neighbourhood dispute, drugs in a field near the Ursuline College, fly tipping, waste/recycling problems, vulnerable adults, and break ins at Station Road and St Mildred's Road. 




None received.



            None received



Sam gave the report: The accounts for 2014-2015 are with the auditor, and will be ready for the  next general meeting.

There will be a revenue of £830 to come in for the coming year's advertising in the magazine.

The bank balance stands at £3,884, and signatories for the bank are being brought up to date.



Copy for the next issue is required by 20th June.

New road stewards are urgently required.



No report.



Richard told the meeting that at present the W&WRA still had no press officer.



Jane Welch said that following approval at the next committee meeting events would be organised which would include some local events and trips and possibly some longer trips with Carol Peters coaches.  Other options could include two hour sessions with lessons at the local Golf and Bowls Clubs.  In winter movie evenings/afternoons maybe with a meal could be considered.



1)      Westgate Bay Avenue Crossing.  Cllr Bertie Braidwood offered to contact KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor regarding progress/problems with this.

2)      Westgate-on-Sea Town Council.  James Brazier asked if there  was a report from meetings.  Richard Charlton said as yet there was not much to report, as finances and administration are being sorted  out before actions  can be taken.  The dates of meetings will be displayed outside Fredericks, the next one being on the 6th July.  Arrangements would have to be made for copies of planning applications to be supplied to the Town Council from the TDC.

3)      Thanet Local Plan.  The question was raised if any developments are taking place, the next step is to collate all the letters received into the most common responses before the plan is looked at again.

4)      Westgate Town Green.  Graham  Rickett is setting up a committee to run this, they now have a treasurer, and litterpicks will  be organised.  Being a town green people have a right to use it.

5)      Litter Bins.  Chris Wyer pointed out problems with cigarettes stubbed out in areas indicated on litter bins, but with the cigarette ends being blown about creating more litter.  The litter bin by the bridge had disappeared.  Warden Laura had phoned about this and hopefully it would be back soon.  Some dog bins had also vanished.  Cllr Ash Ashbee said there are new bins being produced with bag dispensers.

6)      Car Parking.  Members had observed parking on pavements and double yellow lines.  Warden Laura said that  parking on the double yellow lines is a TDC matter, whilst that on the pavements is a police matter.

7)      Alcoholics Anonymous Open Meeting.  To  be held at the Bake House on Sunday 28th June from 10.00am.

8)      Neighbourhood Engagement Meeting (NEM).  Next meeting to be held at Birchington Village Centre on Wednesday 12th August at 6.30pm.  




 Monday 13th July, at the Westbrook Bowls Club.


There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.04pm.