Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Obtained Under FOI Act

Barnes Car Park

"A sensitive site within an area identified as an internationally important coastal designation (Local Plan Policy NC2). English Nature must be consulted.

The majority of the site is covered by Policy SR10 (protected public open space), an area of land adjacent to the car park to the east is not included within this designation.

The coastal location will result in the need for a flood risk assessment, the Environment Agency will require consultation.

The site is within an area designated an intermediate beach where policy SR19 applies, this permits development of a limited range of basic facilities, eg beach huts and kiosks, subject to satisfactory design.

The proposed scheme proposes limited development on an equivalent area of land to that omitted from the public open space designation, locating beach huts or similar accommodation adjacent to the cliff and a franchise/ building for, eg Sea Scout use with adjacent open areas, probably on timber decks to reduce environmental impact.

Areas adjacent could be retained as open space, with the remainder of the site protected for nature conservation purposes, possibly including habitat creation.

The existing car cark would be retained and improved, with coach parking and realigned parking to serve the beach huts and the franchise building, with a bins tore provided in the south west corner."

It is a great pity that it took a Freedom of Information request to find out what TDC was planning. If they seriously wanted to consult local people why did they not openly publish their ideas. Please send your comments on plan.