Monday, 27 June 2011

Save Our Shrubs

Volunteer Morning Sunday 3rd July 2011
10am to 1pm

If you are up for some light exercise why not join us for some gardening at the Westbrook Undercliffe Nature Park. The task involves some light weeding around shrubs planted last February.

Due to the spring drought we thought we had lost several of our plantings but recent rain seems to have revived them and side shoots have appeared. However so have the weeds so help is needed to clear these and give the shrubs a sporting chance.

If you can make it even for an hour or two that would be great.

Meet at the car park (Barnes) on Westbrook Promenade at 10am on Sunday 3rd July 2011.

Please bring with you gardening gloves and tools you need to use e.g. fork and small weeding trowel.

If it’s a nice day why not bring a picnic

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Sign of Things to Come

New sign very kindly arranged and funded by Mick Tomlinson Ward Councillor

Kent Wildlife Trust at Work recording plantlife on site.

New Sign recognises new Nature Park

Mick Tomlinson ward councillor and Ex-Mayor unveiled a sign for the Westbrook Undercliffe Nature Park On Wednesday 22 June which he kindly arranged and funded. The press attended and a report should appear in this week's Isle of Thanet Gazette. This recognises the start of a long term project which started with a volunteer day in February 2011 with the clearing and planting of shrubs and seeding of wildflowers. The site will be managed by local volunteers and Thanet District Council in partnership with Kent Wildlife Trust.
The shrubs have been difficult to establish this year due to the spring drought. Although some have survived it may be necessary to replant some more in the autumn. Generally the park will be left mainly in its natural state with some management to enhance biodiversity.
Kent Wildlife Trust surveyed the site and recorded plant, animal and bird life. Once this list is completed, it is hoped that a management plan can be drafted. The site was successfully registered as a Town Green in February 2011 giving it protection from any future development and conserving this natural green open space.
Future activities will include cutting and bailing the grass in the autumn to encourage more wildflowers for next year, replanting shrubs where necessary and introducing appropriate wildflower seeds. It has been gratifying that this year people have been pleased to see the experimental displays of poppies, cornflowers and other wildflowers introduced. The site has also a number of native species already thriving on the site and it is hope to encourage these with careful management.

It is also hoped that local schools may like to be involved with projects in the future.

This site has brought together councillors from all denominations with the aim of helping preserve green open spaces like this one.

The project is a partnership between Thanet District Council, Kent Wildlife Trust, Thanet Coast Project, Natural England and local volunteers. If you would like to help please email: . Telephone Kent Wildlife Trust on 01622 357860 or Thanet Coast Project on 01843 577672.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Walk in the Park

Courting Butterflies

Resident Kestrel

Latest Blooms

Westbrook Undercliffe Nature Park

Shame about the local Plonkers.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

What a Difference Half a Year Makes

Burnt out car leaves land polluted.

Wildflowers now.

This is the result of the hard work of volunteers that bagged and removed oil and burnt plastic and sowed wildflower seeds.

And there's more

This June there is going to be a nature walk to identify plants and species on site.

The Mayor Mick Tomlinson has arranged for a sign to be made for the site which is waiting to be installed.

In the Autumn there will be another volunteer day when the grass will be cut and bailed. This will encourage more wildflowers next spring.
We may also need to replant some of the shrubs lost due to the drought conditions.

A very big thank you to all those volunteers who have helped and supported this project. Thanks also to Kent Wildlife Trust and Thanet Coast Project for their help and knowledge essential to making this happen.

Details of events to follow later.