Sunday, 28 August 2011

BLINK- Blinking Marvellous Margate

Wow what a brilliant spectacular event. Well done to all those involved. This showcased Margate at its best in art, sound, dance, light, fire and fireworks to many thousands of spectators. Events like this will "Turneround" our town. Keep it up.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Check these Out


Looking at the Website for the above event this weekend this looks to be spectacular.
Check out the website:
Lets keep our fingers crossed that the weather holds.


Have you visited the dump lately and seen what people throw away only to be crushed and to join the endless amount of landfill. One of the best ways to recycle is to re-use. Check out:

This is a brilliant site where you can advertise any unwanted items for free. You can even post wanted adds. I have used it a number of times and it works very well. Furniture, washing machines, old TVs or monitors someone seems to have a need for them. By using the site you are also saving landfill and its obvious costs in terms of money or the environment .

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Going, Going!


A couple of weeks ago one of the most popular seats in Thanet was found to have collapsed.

This was reported to Thanet District Council and was discussed at the last resident's association meeting in Westbrook. Our local politicians agreed to try to get this replaced. The understanding was that there were seats surplus that had been removed from other sites. Simple!!

No!! The response from TDC was:

"Just to let you know I deal with the seating on the Foreshore areas - yes the bench was removed as it was reported as broken thank you for passing the information to us - however, the empty space will only be used for a memorial seats for which the Foreshore section is responsible. We receive many requests for them and as soon as I get a someone showing an interest in that area it will be replaced with a Gloster Evenlode Seat which is the standard bench that we use on our beach fronts areas."

Responses from residents:

"We need a seat now and none of us are planning to die so that one can be put up in memory! Again we should say there are some in the shed!!!"

"A stroll along the top of the Cliffs between Westbrook and Westgate bays reveals several seat locations where seats have simply been nicked! Not surprising really when the Gloster Evenlode is such an attractive bench.

Perhaps the Council should consider using a more functional bench – there are several on offer at

And for that matter at substantially lower cost than the Gloster."

Well there you go the saga continues. The matter is now in much higher hands. Does someone really have to die to get our seat replaced?