Tuesday, 27 July 2010

"The times they are a changing" or are they?

Sorry but my sixties roots are coming out in titles these days.
This is part of a press release put out by TDC about Bob's first sixty days.

"It does not make for an easy time, but already Mr Bayford is making his mark on the leadership of the council.
He intends to conduct a review of all properties and sites for sale under the council's asset disposal programme. Failure to listen to public opinion over the sale of sites, including Montefiore tennis courts and Albion House, was a criticism levelled at the last administration.
Mr Bayford pledged all sites on the list agreed for sale but not actually sold would be reviewed, but he warned: "It is entirely possible that we will end up concluding that the sale will go ahead anyway, but we will review each site."
He added: "The lengths that people are prepared to go to to protect these sites may mean that we have misjudged public opinion."
The review will consider the value of each site in light of the current economic situation and whether another use can be found for them by working with local people."

At last it appears that TDC are starting to listen. So far so good and I hope that a line is now being drawn under the last regime. No doubt "the answer is blowing in the wind" and bending a few ears or could it be letters like this one.

"To whom it may concern.
We are writing to object to the disposal of land adjacent to Barnes Car Park (west) Westbrook Promenade. We have lived in Westgate for 21 years now, and in that time have enjoyed walking our dogs along this area, and now they have passed on I like to sit and read my book while my husband fishes from the prom. This area is known for our bird life and nesting. I also see visitors having picnics and young children playing in safety.
Please do not take this away by developing this land.
Yours sincerely

Name and address supplied."

Monday, 5 July 2010

You Don't Know What You've Got Until its Gone

A pleasant walk on a summer's day. Its almost like being in the countryside. I hope you enjoy these pictures taken today.

The site was alive with insects and birds today. Several bees and assorted butterflies. Tried to get some pictures of the many grasshoppers but every time I got close they hopped it.

Make the most of this if TDC get their way it will be turned over to a developer.
Support WASPS Village Green Application and save this site.