Thursday, 18 April 2013

Margate Mayhem and Murder

Bodies on the Pavement

Yes you guessed it it's another film crew filming in Margate with bodies strewn across the pavement. I am told it was the filming of the TV drama "The Tunnel" and not "Arlington versus Tesco".

What turned out to be a simple ramble into Margate turned out to be an action packed walk. What with a Vicar posing for photos for the press and masses of geography students surveying passers by on what they thought of Margate I could hardly contain my excitement. Along with a gale and sandstorm it made for an interesting walk but that's Margate you never know what you may find.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Big Beach Clean

Big Beach Clean - Margate &  Westbrook

Help on this national beach clean event run in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, Marks & Spencer and Thanet Coast Project. Beach litter will be recorded on the main sands, and you can join the clean along Westbrook beach. Gloves, sticks and bags provided.

  • Sat 27 April, 10am (2hrs) - Margate Main Sands & Westbrook
Meet: Thanet Coast Coastal Community Beach Hut (opposite Arlington House CT9 1XN)

Why we do it.

Thanet beaches are beautiful  and we want them kept that way for all to enjoy them. However what accumulates has further implications for marine conservation. Plastic and other rubbish has a devastating effect on marine wildlife and mammals.  There is a deep concern about plastic which eventually breaks down to small particles which are predicted to enter the marine food change. If this happens this could be a threat to humans. It maybe true that what goes around comes around. That is not all disregarded nets and fishing line are a peril to fish and crabs. All collected rubbish will be analysed, surveyed and recorded.