Friday, 25 July 2014

July 2014 Westgate and Westbrook Residents' Meeting Minutes





Tom King, chairman and councillor, twenty six members, KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor, and guest speakers from Minster Parish Council, Cllr Bob Grove and Parish Clerk Kyla Lamb.
The chairman welcomed all attending.
Apologies had been received from Don and Maureen Eacott and Chris and Derek Smith.
Tom introduced the speakers who gave the meeting an outline of the workings of their Parish council.  Cllr Bob Grove is the chairman and described Minster PC as a body of hard working people who gave their services free of charge.  Some PCs work as a whole council and some (including Minster) have committees for various functions such as street cleaning, toilets, finance, planning, flood, and highways.  Decisions from these committees have to be ratified by a full Parish Council meeting. Each committee group consists  of members interested in the particular subject.  The Clerk is the line manager.
There are various assets of the PC such as ownership of the toilets for which an agency payment is received from the TDC, the cemetery, and the recreation ground from which there is an income from sports clubs' payments.
Eight staff (some part time) are employed for maintenance cleaning and dog bins.
Questions were then invited.
Funding.   The source of funding comes from the precept which is levied with the rates bill, this is shown on the TDC website, also agency cash which is reducing and a small amount from KCC Highways.
Council Meeting Frequency.  Once a month.
Population of Minster.   3569.
Precept.  The total is approximately £50,000, this could result in around £40 in a band D tax bill.  There is a council tax support grant which is £8,000 at present but may not continue.
Planning Committee Powers.  The PC Planning Committee deals with small applications and its views are noted by TDC with applications called in if necessary.
Terms of Service.  Councillors are elected for four years, in the case of vacancies arising in between may be co-opted after interviewing candidates which  saves the considerable costs of elections.
Fors and Againsts.  There is more control of your own area, and policies are not sent from an office block, the Parish Councillors look after their own community.

Tom said today's question is would Westgate be better with a Parish Council?  He then thanked the guest speakers for their presentation. Tom also said that there would be a press report from tonight's meeting and a larger meeting could be called if the interest is there.


Tom then continued with the chairman's report:

1)      Village Green.  Although this status had been granted by the KCC, King Ethelbert School were going to appeal.   Graham Rickett is forming a village green committee and offers of help in this respect should be made to Graham on 07870563918.

2)      Manston Airport.  There was overwhelming support for Manston, and there is  to be an emergency TDC cabinet meeting on Tuesday to look into legal aspects for a CPO, a “back to back” agreement with an investor would require setting up.

3)      Silting up of the  pool in the bay.  No reply received to date.

4)      West Bay, request for shower.  Negative reply various reasons given.

5)      Refuse/Recycling Collections.  There had been problems with some flats, even when a caretaker had done his best to help.



The minutes of the last meeting, (9th June 2014), which had been circulated, were adopted on a prop by Stephanie Sutton sec by Richard Charlton, and signed.



1)      Dog Bins.  Tom had requested more, one had already been placed and hopefully there will be other new ones.

2)      Village Green.  Funding re the school's appeal case would be met by the KCC.




KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor:  Questions were invited.

1)      Roads.  It was pointed out that in spite of a weed spraying team having been observed in the area, the weeds in some roads especially Bridge Road were considerable.  Also observed were potholes in Station Road, and Westgate Bay Avenue.  Jeff told the meeting that Station Road was scheduled for complete resurfacing in the Autumn, and the markings round other potholes indicates they have been reported.

2)      Westgate Bay Avenue Crossing.  Members pointed out that this road was still without a crossing whilst there were several in Birchington.  Jeff said that members' grants are not sufficient to cover all the items asked for.

3)      Westbrook Avenue/Rancorn Road.  Once again the wall of this property had been knocked down.  Tom hoped that KCC Highways and the joint transport committee may  be able to come up with improved warning road markings.

4)      New Trees.   Chris Wyer reported that some of the new trees required maintenance and watering.


1)      Waste and Street Cleaning.  Harold Avenue and Westbury Road are to have double yellow lines at the corners so that the necessary vehicles can have access.

2)      Railway Footbridge Refurbishment.   This is mostly complete but on 26th September trains will be suspended so that the painting can be finished.

3)      Waste and Recycling.  There will be new dog bins in Victoria Avenue and Minster Road, but the posters re dog fouling are still awaited.

4)      Beach Management Plan.   Tony Sykes had been in contact with Acorn Tourism Consulting Ltd which has been working for KCC and Canterbury Council and produced the plan.  Accommodation (hotels and guest houses) have been considered as people do not stay in Thanet due to lack of variety of accommodation.  One idea is for overnight beach huts, with availability the advantages of the Turner Centre etc Thanet should be made the place to stay. Issues of litter and dog fouling and vandalism need to be dealt with so that the plan can move forward.  Suggested spots for the huts were on the promenade by the Sea Bathing Hospital sight, near the Nayland Rock, and the Barnes car park as a motorhome stop.  Green tourism ie guided walks and seashore safaries could take place both summer and winter.  Local history and the work of Thanet Coast project should also be incorporated in the plan, and also important are the views of local residents.

5)      Marc Lawrence Memorial.  Tom reported this  is now in place and is in keeping with the rest of the memorial.  A letter has been received for the W&WRA from Mr and Mrs Lawrence expressing their gratitude for this fitting memorial in Westgate where Marc had grown up which does bring them some comfort.  There will be a service of dedication, date to be announced. 



1)      22, Carlton Road West.  Application for permission to erect single storey front and side extension and dormer roof.

2)      12, Domneva Road.  Application for erection of first floor rear extension.

3)      6, Ascot Gardens.  Application for erection of two storey side extension.

4)      West Bay Apartments.  Retrospective application for summer house.

5)      2/25 Westgate Bay Avenue.  Application for door and alteration to rear elevation.


The next magazine issue is now going to press.


More road stewards are urgently required.


Richard said he will send a report of the meeting which hopefully will appear on Friday week.


1)      Outings.  The outing to Wingham Wildlife Park has been postponed.

2)      East Northdown Park Nursery.  An outing to see this and tea is to be arranged.

3)      Quiz.  The next quiz will be on Friday 29th August at the Bake House, participants to bring their own food.


1)      Trees near the library on Canterbury Road on the verge have grown considerably and require KCC attention.

2)      Westbrook Bay Promenade Beach Huts.  Eight original 1920s style beach huts were due for removal by TDC in September.  Tom agreed to make enquiries and see if there had been a report on them.

3)      Gully Sucking Work.  Chris Wyer queried the necessity of the stop and go signs and operatives during the operation

4)      Dual Carriageway-Plastic Flowers.  Comments were made about these and also the weeds underneath.



 Monday 11th August at the Westbrook Bowls Club 7 pm.


There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.50pm.