Monday, 16 April 2012

Junk Food Junk

Lov'n It

I think not. The result of an allegedly 'Happy' meal dumped at the lookout point at St Mildred's Bay. How can so much rubbish be created from a takeaway meal. This is a sight that is appearing all over Thanet. Its not just the Big 'M' but others too.

If these companies can brainwash people into eating their 'food', then why can they not brainwash these people to dispose of their waste responsibly. This is pollution on a grand scale.

Not only is this a social cost it also has an economic cost to the community. Thanet District Council do a brilliant job clearing up this mess but that has to be at a cost to all of us. I would agree that we appear to have a lack of bins in some areas so maybe some of these fast food companies should sponsor the supply of more bins.

If the litter droppers were caught and fined they may refrain from being so thoughtless. Maybe Thanet Council could offer for tender jobs catching offenders and imposing fines on a commission only basis. Or even clamping them with release fees charged. I am sure however these would be illegal under European Law somewhere.

This is an increasing problem and needs a tough policy to combat it. Poor Super Hero, Thanet Girl must be exhausted.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Just Hanging About Until The Tide Goes Out

Easter at Westbrook

Sanderlings between Westbrook and St Mildred's bay.

No doubt they are having a break before travelling up to 10,000 kilometres to the High Arctic for the summer to breed.

We wish them a good trip and hope to see them trotting around later this year on Thanet's beaches.