Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Euroferries Ramsgate to Boulogne Ferry Will it Won't it Happen.


"Euroferries wants to build a new coach station at the Port of Ramsgate"

Read more: http://www.thanetgazette.co.uk/Euroferries-plan-new-coach-terminal-Port-Ramsgate/story-24422446-detail/story.html#ixzz3NNFOfBI2

On 7th November 2014 The Isle of Thanet Gazette reported the above. On checking this blog today I discover several recent hits on my last year's article on this subject. At that time the proposed ferry vessel Austral Hull 270 was down under in Australia. Checking today it appears to be in Poole Harbour. Check out this link.

Is this a coincidence following rumors alleging that TDC were having confidential talks about the port?

So putting 2 and 2 together and making 5 I looked forward rather in hope than anticipation that maybe at last Euroferries could pull this off and Ramsgate gets its ferry to Boulogne.

Then hope is dashed when I find according to Shipping TV:

"Austal’s high speed ropax ferry hull number 270 has been bought by Condor Ferries, who will be operating her between the UK, the Channel Island and Europe. She’ll be sailing from the UK port of Poole starting March 2015".

So that looks like a non starter or maybe there is more news round the corner.

Has anyone else any further information?

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