Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Thanet Local Plan Storm Clouds are Gathering.

Resident's  Meeting

Last night's meeting of the Westgate and Westbrook Resident's Association was lively to say the least when the Thanet Local Plan was discussed. In particular the threat of building 12,000 new homes, 1000 of which to be located in Westgate on prime agricultural land was the major topic.

Proposed Agricultural Land for Development

Minster Road to Dent-de-Lion

Minster Road to Quex

Dent-de-Lion To Belmont Road and Canterbury Road

Dent-de-Lion to Minster Road


Plan Criticised

The plan was severely criticised for the assumptions it makes over the number of houses needed.

The proposed development is thought not to have any relation to social, economic or demographic needs and is not sustainable in terms of jobs, utilities or infrastructure.

If the planned development was allowed to go forward unchallenged it would change the nature of our towns and villages completely.

Action Group

A motion was passed that an action sub committee be formed to fight the plans.


It was reported that there is a petition and people in Westgate have been queuing up at the Bakehouse (HQ of the Association) to sign it. It is expected to reach several thousand signatures. The Majority of those present last night also signed.


Concern was expressed that because many people are not computer literate and that commenting on the Plan would be made difficult for them.

Public Meeting

Since Thanet Council refuses to hold its road-show in Westgate the association has called a Public Meeting for this Friday 16th January 2015 at the Westgate Pavilion at 7pm. Local Councillors, TDC officers, MP, Press and BBC TV SE News have been invited.  It is in everyone's interest to be there.

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