Tuesday, 9 December 2014

1,000 New Homes for Westgate

Residents' Meeting 8th December 2014

A bombshell was dropped at the Westgate and Westbrook Residents meeting last night. Chairman Tom King reported that the Thanet Local Plan policy on housing was to build 10,000 homes in Thanet of which 1,000 will be build at the south end of Westgate and Garlinge on green agricultural land.

The proposed development would stretch west of Minster Road to Quex and to the east to Garlinge and Dent de Lion.  Houses on the East side of Belmont Road which at present back on to farmland will back on to a large housing estate.
A plan of the proposed development can be found on this link at page 26 and details page 59 of attached document. http://democracy.thanet.gov.uk/documents/g3938/Public%20reports%20pack%2027th-Nov-2014%2019.00%20Overview%20and%20Scrutiny%20Panel.pdf?T=10

This document is 256 pages long and contains many other controversial plans. Opinions expressed last night at the meeting were that a public consultation of 6 weeks in the New Year is not enough. Looking at the plan to read it all would probably take longer than reading "War and Peace." Having skimmed through the many pages there does not appear to be any reference, correct me if I am wrong, to where we are going to get the water to supply all these dwellings and where is all the sewage going. Southern Water cannot cope with current demands I hate to think what the building of 10,000 home will do.

Another area concerns Westbrook and the suggestion to use 'Barnes' Westbrook promenade car park as a coach park. This is ridiculous when we are trying to develop tourism. Coaches should be able to drop off and then coach parking should be provide away from the coast. This would leave our tourist sites more accessible. This car park is used all the year round and is often full in the summertime. Fill it with coaches and tourists will then be parking in the surrounding streets. The Beach Management Plan has suggested this site be used for motorhomes so there is a conflict there.

I would suggest that you read this plan and participate in the consultation. The future of our towns and villages depends on it.

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