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Gina May (Ch), and twenty eight members, including WTC Cllrs Joanna Cornford and David Wallin.  Also present Adam Robson from the “News and Directory” publication.

Jo Dungey, Dave Morrish, and Sylvia and Tony Sykes.

During the summer months when people are on holiday, W&WRA items have appeared in the “News and Directory”.  Standing orders are encouraged for the  payment of subscriptions. Members will be attending the remembrance Sunday service at the memorial, all welcome.  The MacMillan coffee morning raised £175.

The minutes of the last meeting, (09/09/19), which had been circulated, were agreed as a correct record on a proposal by James Brazier sec. By Joanna Cornford, and signed.

1)      Wheelie Bin (AOB 8).  A replacement for the damaged one had been received from TDC after twenty seven weeks. 
2)      Proposed Travelers Site.  There had naturally been objections from the nearby hotel and residents to this.  Unless sites are provided there will be unauthorized occupation of areas by travelers, and the eviction of these will take  longer as at present.
3)      White VW Van. (Warden's Report 6).  This is still at 181 Westbrook Avenue on the corner with Wentworth Avenue, and causes dangerous loss of site line to drivers.  It is thought to belong to a bankrupt company, and has neither current road tax nor MOT.  The DVLA has clamped it but removal has not yet taken place.

ADAM ROBSON  The chair introduced Adam Robson from “News and Directory”. He told the meeting that he had been approached by WTC to work with them, and the next issue will be by his own company, Hof Media Publishing, and include W&WRA items again this time including membership application forms.  There will be 3,600 for Westgate, and 4,800 for Westbrook and Garlinge, it is hoped to cover all residents.  It was agreed that more copies can be left with WTC offices, the library, and the W&WRA in case any residents are missed out.  There had been problems in Ryders Avenue, Carlton Road, Sea Road, Victoria Avenue, and Adrian Square. It is also difficult to deliver to some flats and gated premises.

KCC Warden Laura Bungard: (Report sent in and read by the vice-chair):
1)      Drains. Laura has again been in contact with the KCC Highways officer about blocked drains.
2)      Cars/Vehicles.  Vandalism has taken place to windows and wing mirrors,  thought to be by youths on mopeds.  Please report on 101 if affected.
3)      Cleaners.  Anyone in need of this service by a pre-checked cleaner can go to Age UK, Zion Place tel01843 223881. A member from the floor said the KCC website can also be helpful in this respect.
4)      Neighbours. Laura asked members to look out for their neighbours especially regarding heating or any that require help to look after themselves
5)      Contact.  Laura may be contacted by email or by phone 07969 583922, and her details are held at the Town Council Offices.
6)      Weeds on Bridge Road.  These are to be cleared on a community pay back scheme.

1)      No new items available.


1)      Police by Email.  Telephone and computer scams still ongoing.  One is claiming to do with TV licences, another about tax rebate others ask for certain buttons  to be pressed .  Vigilance is needed, it was suggested that the answer phone and caller display be used when possible.  Another scam involves items advertised for sale, such as cars when more than one person comes to see it and some form of damage is done so that they try to obtain whatever is for sale much more cheaply. As well as reporting  incidents to the police they can be reported to:

Monthly Report.  Jacquie supplied copies of the report, stating that if any  members required more copies or a copy sent by email she would be happy to oblige.
Members subscriptions are still coming in.
Three meetings rent had been paid to the Bowls Club, and the treasurer thought it may be a good idea to ask for a block booking.
Invoices for use of the Bake House are due.
Storage of some items belonging to the W&WRA in the old air raid shelter, some of which could be of value, requires attention as it is extremely damp, and stored papers have already deteriorated, and other items are likely to be damaged.  Some furniture is being stored in the cinema but this is not in very good condition.  The W&WRA also owns a hostess trolley.  A proposal by James Brazier sec. By Don Eacott that excess furniture be disposed of or sold off was put on hold until an inventory has been carried out.  Joanna volunteered to carry out the inventory.
Jacquie told the meeting that for papers etc there is a filing cabinet for W&WRA use in the WTC offices.
There was then a heated discussion concerning membership and the amount of subscriptions paid which was difficult to resolve as both the offices of membership secretary, and secretary were vacant.   Don Eacott proposed that we accept the books now as they are and then we move forward as we need to work together.
At this point Mandy Rickett was asked by the vice-chair if she was willing to be co-opted to the committee to help, and this was agreed.
Gina told the meeting  that there had been a  great deal of hostility at each meeting, and that she had received from an anonymous source communications of an obscene and disgusting nature by text message, and consequently she and the treasurer would be resigning.
There would be an emergency (extra-ordinary) meeting on 30th October 7.00pm at the Bake House to elect new officers.

The vice-chair then adjourned the meeting at 8.40pm.

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