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Gina May (chair), twenty seven members, including WTC Cllrs Joanna Cornford,   and David Wallin.

There were no apologies.

The minutes of the last meeting, (10/06/19), which had been circulated, were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by Joanna Cornford, sec by David Wallin and adopted, and signed.

Gina reported to the meeting that vice-chair Bob Micallef has resigned due to receiving verbal and physical threats.  There is now therefore a need to co-opt a member to this position.  There were no offers from the floor.

KCC Warden Laura Bungard: (Report sent in and read by the chair):
1)      Drains. Laura has been checking these especially after the recent heavy showers. Some are blocked with earth and leaves, and have been reported.
2)      Potholes.  Also monitored and these are filled in a relatively short space of time.
3)      Vulnerable Residents.  Laura continues to visit those who have little family, friends, or support.  There are some good agencies available who can arrange fire alarms checks, occupational health, walkers annd frames, doctors visits, a friend to have coffee with, and light bulb replacement (chargeable).  These services are busy at times, and it would be good if all neighbours kept an eye on any help that could be given.
4)      Contact.  Laura may be contacted by email or by phone 07969 583922, and her details are held at the Town Council Offices.

There were no local planning applications in the W&WRA area.

1)      Westgate Day, 21st July.  £15 had been paid for the W&WRA pitch in Adrian Square where there will be a stall with tables, and Lorraine Hambidge kindly offered to lend a gazebo.  Volunteers were requested to assist manning this.  It was hoped the banner could be found or a new one made for the event.
2)      Wednesday Coffee Mornings.  The takings from 27th February to 26th June were £161 which was not enough to pay the two hours rental for each of the eighteen days, total £271, so this has so far been subsidised.  The treasurer asked members if they were happy for this to continue.  Many thought this was a vital link and had not been sufficiently promoted.  The prices of tea and coffee 80p and 90p compared well with other outlets.  Following a discussion during which it was agreed to advertise the mornings in the magazine, which now will be delivered with “News and Directory” to all in Westgate and Westbrook, a proposal to review the situation in four months was made by Don Eacott sec by Laura Shawyer and carried with none against.
3)      Cash Figures.  Monies in – subscriptions £1883, Refreshments £161, Easter Egg hunt £7,  the latter was not designed as a fund raiser but had given everyone of all ages a great time and resulted in some new members.               Monies outgoing – petty cash £709, “News and Directory” £350, Westgate Day £15, postal address £144 (A business address at St Augustines for security as we no longer have a full time base).

Joanna Cornford reported that four cards had been sent out to members this  month, and would be happy to receive phone calls concerning members in need.  (Gina [chair] had phoned GDPR and checked that is OK to use the address of a member to wish them well).

Social organiser Linda Kiddell told the meeting she was going to resign.  She had taken early retirement from school work, and was hoping to do voluntary work in the community in addition to her work with the Global Church. Linda said she had received moans and complaints, possibly by small groups spoiling things, and she did not wish to be part of this or give time to moaners. She intended to seek other voluntary work in the community. At this point Linda left the meeting.

Gina informed the meeting that several committee members had received nasty and threatening communications which was totally unacceptable.
James Brazier and Don Eacott agreed and hoped there would be more positivity in the future.
There were now several vacancies on the committee to be filled. Gina introduced Julian Dungey recently co-opted to the committee.
Comments and suggestions were invited, there were no further offers to serve on the committee forthcoming, some members expressed the hope that more younger people would serve on the committee.
James Brazier queried the necessity and expense of employing an auditor for checking the last five years, and several members agreed and thought we should start afresh.  Sylvia Sykes recommended that we should appoint a fully qualified auditor for the this year.  All agreed that balances for the year end carried forward should be shown on accounts.
Don Eacott suggested that plans for events be made for twelve months ahead so that all members can be kept informed in good time.  Gina replied that this was in fact now being done, a date in mind being the VE day anniversary on 8th May 2020.
Gina asked for support and help for the committee in order to continue, and this was agreed unanimously on a prop by Tony Sykes sec by Lorraine Hambidge.
Gina pointed out that the constitution needs to be updated by adding provision for codes of conduct, child protection safeguarding etc, and suggestions for these would be brought to a future general meeting.

1)      Westgate in Bloom.  Chris Wyer said that with all the effort being made it seemed such a shame that many roadside trees had been cut down and left as ugly stumps.  This is apparently the responsibility of KCC.
2)      Tree Planting. Many of the new trees have been lost either to vandalism or when contractors cut the grass.
3)      Canterbury Road Surfacing.  Chris Wyer said that the 3.2million£ project to resurface this road was to have included the part of it by the BP garage.  WTC Cllr David Wallin thought this is to be completed a little later.
4)      St Peters R C Church Site Development.  Chris Wyer said there is a great deal of traffic caused by those working on the site, and the design is brutal.  Both the WTC and Westgate CAAG have sent in objections.
5)      Litter Collection on Dual Carriageway.  Concern was expressed for the safety of the volunteer collecting from the central reservation.
6)      The Grove.  Overhanging shrubs were obstructing the footpath.  KCC would be the enforcing authority, but due to nesting birds there is a reluctance to cut hedges/shrubs at this time of year.
7)      Gypsy Caravans.  A few had arrived with several horses on the Westbrook cliff top by the sunken gardens, which will be reported to TDC.  


Monday 12th August, at the Bake House 7.00pm for 7.15pm.  

The meeting concluded at 9.15pm.

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