Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Creatures of the Deep

Shore search at Walpole Bay Tidal Pool.

Early this morning on a cold damp day I was at the Walpole Bay Tidal Pool for its bi-annual draining with the Thanet Coast Project team and cameras from BBC's One Show. When the pool is emptied it is an ideal opportunity to see marine life that is only seen if you are a diver. Today was no exception and here are some pictures.

Squat Lobster 

Sea Spider 

Flat Worm (Gattyana?) 

Hairy Crab 

Dahlia Anemone 

Hairy Crab with Velvet Swimming Crab 


Sea Sponge
Not sure when this programme will be televised but they got some good footage and interviews. The above photos are only a small representation of what was found. Lets hope the programme showcases what wonderful marine life we have on our coast.

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