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Why do Some Local Councillors not support our local resident's association?

Its a shame that only a few of our local councillors attend The Westgate and Westbrook Resident's Association meetings. In my opinion it shows a lack of interest in the issues affecting voters in their wards.

Anyway for those that are interested here are the minutes of the last meeting.

NEXT MEETING  Monday 10th March, at Westbrook Bowls Club.








Tom King, councillor and chairman, thirty two members, and KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor.


The chairman welcomed all attending.



Apologies had been received from Derek Smith and John Vaughan.



1)       Dog Fouling.  This appears to have been increasing, and is very unpleasant for all residents as well as dangerous for children as blindness can be caused. Tom suggested that the W&WRA mount a campaign against it and invited comments from the floor.  Suggestions included education of the ignorant dog owners/fines possibly by contractors/more wardens/more dog bins/use of posters available from TDC/the need to target the very small minority of dog owners who fail to clear up.  The meeting was in favour of a local campaign and Tom agreed to follow this up.  Members noted that other debris also accumulated on pavements as there was no regular sweeping rota except in areas of high footfall.

2)      Pancake Races.  Invitations to four schools had been sent out.  The date is 4th March and profits will go to the “Caring for Connor” funds.

3)      Marc Lawrence Memorial.  Tom had received a phone call from TDC and has to go in to sort one final detail out after which the work should go ahead.

4)      Bake House Seating.  Seating is being considered for the right hand side wall so that it will be more comfortable and will match the other side.  A quote has been obtained from Tony Wiltshire, Carpenter’s Workshop, of £500.

5)      Railway Footbridge.  Network Rail has scheduled work which should start very soon.

6)      The “Why Not”.  TDC have had ten expressions of interest to take over the premises.

7)      Tesco Westgate.  The appeal has failed and planning permission is refused.



The minutes of the last meeting, (13th January 2014), which had been circulated, were adopted on a prop by Don Eacott sec by Mick Rooney, and signed.



1)       Post Box and Wall, Elm Grove.  Tom had spoken to Nick Dermott who confirmed that the post box will be reinstated with the wall.

2)      Quiz.  This is to take place on 28th February, (not 21st February).



KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor:


1)      Station Road Improvements.  The system of KCC members’ grants for local projects has been valued in recent years, where a small pot of money can be democratically used for local improvements.  Jeff suggested that one such project could be to repair and refurbish the unique row of shop canopies along Station Road.  Many of the members present had memories of the same suggestion some years ago, there had been a history of problems mainly due to the fact that the canopies are individually owned.  Additional grants to help with conservation had been made less likely by some shops having put in UPVC windows, and the new plastic planters.  It was agreed that projects should be looked at in greater detail next meeting.



1)      Westgate Heritage Centre.  A grant of £7,600 had been received from the Heritage Lottery Funding.

2)      Police Poster.  This will be displayed in the Bake House, as police wish to identify and interview the subject about possible involvement in a violent crime. 

3)      Police Email Messages.  A warning about two men cold callers wanting to repair roof tiles.  The charge was high but the quality of work poor, only a handwritten receipt was given with the name “AK Roofing”.  Both men late twenties came in a white van.  Police advise never commission work with cold callers.     



1)      21, Nelson Villas, Quex Road.  Application for permission to change timber windows to aluminium.

2)      8, Elm Grove.  Application for single storey rear extension.

3)      Royal Sea Bathing Hospital.  Application for electricity substation.

4)      120, St James Park Road.  Application for erection of single storey side and rear extension.

5)      83, Sea Road.  Application for conversion of home to six two bedroom flats, and three houses.  Permission granted.

6)      149, Sea Road.  Application for erection of detached two storey dwelling. Permission granted.



Sam Secomb told the meeting that in the last month expenditure had exceeded income, but only due to the fact that the bill for the new year lunch at St Augustines had been paid.  The balance of funds is £6,802 and all bills to date are paid.



Members were reminded that copy for the next issue is required by this Friday.



Margaret reported that three get well cards had been sent to members this month, including Eileen Cunnew who had been in hospital.



No report.



No report.



Richard Charlton confirmed he is sending reports to the local press.



1)      Police Panto.  Stephanie said a group of members will be going to this on Friday 21st February.

2)      Quiz 28th February.  A list for names is in the Bake House



1)      Victorian Letter Box, Elm Grove.  Chris Wyer had a petition for the members and the public to sign requesting the letter box to be put back in the wall as it is to be rebuilt soon following enforcement action. 

2)      Station Phone Boxes.  Following problems with misuse Tom had suggested to BT that they be removed, but these are part of a minimum quota that must be maintained in the area.

3)      Letter Boxes.  A member pointed out that some of these required refurbishing, one by Bridge Road had lost its lid, another had graffiti on it, and others were leaning.

4)      Adrian Square – Holm Oak.  A member pointed out that the entire tree had been taken away when it appeared that the removal of one branch should have been sufficient.  Tom agreed to enquire if a replacement tree would be supplied.



 Monday 10th March, at Westbrook Bowls Club.


There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.20pm.





Signed…………………………………..                               Date……………………..

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