Monday, 17 February 2014

What has the The Thanet Coast Project done for Thanet?

Thanet Coast Project Under Threat
In answer to the question:

Its brought tourists to the area with its activities like Sea Shore Safaris, Beach events and by protecting our coast and wildlife. When events are run by its team of volunteers beach cafes and franchises benefit.

Wardens regularly survey our bays reporting incidents and ensuring they are acted upon.

The project has engaged with young people on issues like water safety, marine and wildlife so that they respect our coast.

Wardens get involved with beach cleans ensuring that our bays remain pristine reporting and identifying litter, plastic and its sources.

The Thanet Coast Project has also be strongly involved with Climate Change and planning for the future of our Coastal Communities to the year 2150. Recent weather patterns have highlighted the need to plan for climate change.

Wardens are seeing the effects of climate change on our beaches with changing marine life and the appearance and survival of non native species. There are changes in the bird populations that winter on our coast and regular counts are made to determine causes and effects.

There is some wonderful wildlife on our coast and wardens are best placed share this with local people and tourists coming to the area.

Coastal Art.

We have the Turner Centre bringing people to our area but do they stay in Thanet. What else could they do. Maybe Dreamland when it is up and running but what about our amazing coast. That could be an all year activity if we promoted it.

To Quote TCP web site:
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The Thanet coast is amongst the best wildlife sites in Europe...

You can find out more about this internationally important area for birds and marine life around our chalk coastline on this website.  This covers information relating to the management of the North East Kent European marine sites (NEKEMS) and about the Thanet Coast Project, working with local people to help safeguard the wildlife and the coastlines' unique features.

It also includes the proposed action plan for the North East Kent Marine Protected Area (NEKMPA) - to incorporate the existing management framework of the NEKEMS and the new Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ).

To continue: our coast faces many challenges for the future and when I see the way Thanet District Council wastes our money on Waffle and Bureaucracy it sickens me to think that the small amount of funding required to keep this project running is drying up. Its about time that councillors woke up to what is an important resource right on our doorstep.
Look after the Thanet Coast and it will look after Thanet.

 You don't know what you have lost until its gone.

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