Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Secret Residents Meeting. Where have all the councillors gone?

Westgate and Westbrook Residents Association

You have to keep your ear to the ground if you want to attend the WWRA meetings as they could be in Westgate or Westbrook. For those of you that are interested the next one will be the second Monday in November (11th) and will be at the Bowls club in Westbrook (allegedly).

The previous mix ups have been due to double booking and a number of other problems.

Where have all the Councillors Gone?

Apart from  Tom King (chairman) and our UKIP KCC councillor there has lately been a lack of presence from councillors. Have they lost interest or are they less able to find out where meetings are held than the rest of us.

There is a particular lack of Westbrook councillors. Kiss me quick and off I go seems to be the order of the day. No doubt they will reappear at election time.

My worry is that the Captain Mannering brigade will take over our local political scene if apathy reigns.

I do not like politics and feel that councils run by political parties are detrimental to our towns. Will we ever get councils who get on with the job instead of petty political squabbles.


  1. Bring on the Parish Council - for Westgate, at least!

  2. There is a WWRA Facebook page at
    There are about 33 members so far and news of meetings and changes appear on there. The old WWRA website no longer exists but minutes of meetings can now be found on the Thanet Record website under 'groups'.

  3. Will set up a link. Thanks.