Sunday, 28 July 2013

Rocky Shore Safaris Do not miss them.

This week if you want an activity that will fascinate the kids then get down for the Rocky Shore Safaris. They are taking place as follows:

  • Wed 31 July, 12:30pm - Botany Bay, Kingsgate, Broadstairs
  • (Sign in: Besides Beach Kiosk, at bottom of steps from Marine Drive CT10 3LG)
    • Thur 1 August, 1:30pm - Nayland Rock, Margate Main Sands
    (Sign in: Promenade, near Nayland Rock shelter CT9 1XN)
    As part of "Beach Blast Fun Day"*
    • Fri 2 August, 2:30pm - Stone Bay, Broadstairs
    (Sign in: Lower promenade, near bottom of steps with toilets accesssed from Eastern Esplanade: CT10 1DP)
    • Tues 13 August, 9:30am - Minnis Bay, Birchington
    (Sign in: Promenade by Tidal Padling Pool, CT7 9QP)
    • Wed 14 August, 10:30am - West Bay, Westgate
    (Sign in: Next to West Bay Cafe, CT8 8QG)
    • Sat 17 August, 2:30pm - Dumpton Gap, Broadstairs
    (Sign in: Lower promenade, at bottom of slope to the beach, CT10 1TJ)

    Boxes and sieves supplied  and guidance given on exploring our wonderful tidal reefs and rock pools. Experts on hand to identify creatures found.

    More details on Thanet Coast Project  website.

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