Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Who Said Life Was Fair?

Fannying Around

What is going wrong?  We have the bankers screwing us up and then nearly everyone has to pay. No doubt our chancellor is going to add to the 'Christmas Glee' with his budget today. Wow he says he is going to chase those multi national companies not paying UK tax, "please sir will you pay some tax".
 I read yesterday that there will be no naming and shaming of these tax immoral companies. Why not? At least if we know who they are then people power will stop using them and buying their services. Maybe less drinking of expensive coffee will be good for us all.

Oh dear we have reduced the number of tax collectors. Oh dear we had better get them back so we can collect more tax.

Then we have had the long press enquiry into standards which proves that the press have been behaving badly. So what action? Self regulation? Well that was a real success before. Regulation backed by law "Oh no we must have a free press" I hear. Perhaps if the press followed real stories and named and shamed those in power who are 'having a laugh' at our expense then we may have more sympathy.

So stop fannying around and lets get back to our tradition of fair play.

Buzz is getting grumpy.

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