Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Thanet is a Radon Gas Affected Area should we be Worried?

Radon Risk

Discovered this information on Thanet District Council's website by accident.

Evidently most of Thanet is in a radon affected area as defined by the Health Protection Agency. It is possible that most properties are estimated to have a risk of 1-3% of being above the Action Level. The above flow chart suggests that properties are tested if they are classified as being in a radon Affected Area.

Report for your property
 You can obtain a report on your property from the cost is £3.60 inc. VAT

If you want to test your property kits are available for around £40.

Protection from radon where levels are considered above safe varies depending on construction of property. The main solution appears to be adequate ventilation.

The Thanet District Council website just informs but gives no guidance or further information apart from links to other sites. Have Building Control incorporated an action plan to ensure all new builds have adequate ground protection?

Should all properties be tested in Thanet or is a risk of 1-3% acceptable? The above flow chart supplied with a property report suggests that they should. Radon can increase the risk of  lung cancer especially to those that smoke or have smoked.

Should I be worried? I am not sure.

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