Saturday, 7 July 2012



Yesterday someone drew my attention to what looks like a very old wreck on the chalk reef to the West of St Mildred's Bay. I cannot say that I have ever noticed this on my rambles on the beach and across these rocks. It may be the fact that you cannot see it at beach level unless you locate the gulley in which it sits. However it is visible from the cliff tops. The photographs below were taken last evening. It may be that it had been covered up with sand which has now shifted.

Close up it is a wooden structure which appears to be a large keel of probably some 30 feet crossed by thick wooden beams.

It may be the wreck of an old wooden sailing barge but it would be interesting to know if that is the case. The truth is out there somewhere. Does anyone have any information?


  1. There could be two theories around this one. First it could be something from the storm of November 1877 perhaps the "Pallas" lost ashore west of Margate in that storm or the "Ondine" lost ashore in the area 27/12/1886. It would be easier if the type of wood could be indentified.
    The "Ondine" was American built so wood samples could help indentify if is the "Ondine".

  2. Thanks Tony. The wood is very deteriorated with several bore holes. At a guess it looks like oak but it would be good if an expert had a look at it. I am surprised it has not been spotted before as it must have laid there sometime.

  3. Buzz, there is another similar shore wreck at Minnis Bay. It is located opposite where the promenade ends and the sea defence system begins. It is about 150 meters out. The wreck is of the Valkyr lost in April 1919. It is in similar condition. Using an axe I took a wood sample and was amazed how clean the wood is I could even smell resin in the wood. I suggest you do the same as you will be amazed how good the timber still is.

  4. Thanks Tony. I know the Minnis wreck and would think this one is very similar. I am hoping to have a friend have a look at the wood to try to identify it. So then maybe the mystery will be solved.