Thursday, 21 June 2012

Love is in the Air

Forget San Francisco come to Margate

What a brilliant BBC series of five stories showing how love conquers everything called "True Love".
Is Margate now to become the love capital of the world? Forget San Francisco come to Margate.
This series was a beautifully crafted drama with the wonderful backdrop of our coast, its sunsets and magic light so famous in Turners paintings.

If you missed it get it on BBC's iPlayer you will not be disappointed.

Many people take for granted our lovely coast with its sandy beaches, fresh air, wildlife, cliffs and seascapes until a series like this showcases them. Margate has something special even in the winter when this was filmed.

So I suppose we are now "Margate as Seen on TV".


  1. Great series and nice to see Margate on TV for something other than squabbling councilors

  2. Absolutely. Maybe the next council meeting will be a sixties style love in. Just think of the video on the Thanet District Council website. If only they could be nice to each other and work together for the best interest of Thanet that would be a start. I suppose that LA (Loving Awareness)promoted by Radio Caroline in those hippy days may be asking too much.