Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Turnstone Story

You may have spotted these guys as you walk along Westbrook Promenade. Often I am asked what are these cute little birds scurrying to and fro. They are Turnstones and are quite remarkable. Generally they are a winter visitor although some of the juveniles hang around throughout the summer.
During the winter they feed up on our shores storing body fat ready for migration in the spring. This is when they fly all the way to Northern Canada to breed in the summer, only to return to the Kent Coast, mainly Thanet, in the autumn.
Counts of Turnstones that roost on the Promenade at Westbrook are usually around 72 although they can be found around most of Thanet's coastline. It would appear that this number is fairly consistent year on year. It is pretty certain that most of them that return are the same birds that leave each year.
If you want to do your bit to help these guys please keep dogs under control and do do not cause roosting birds to flight. They need to rest at high tide.


  1. I think these guys are going to like the new sea defences when they are finished judging by the design.

  2. I think you are absolutely right. All those steps will make an ideal roosting place. I hope the construction will not disturb them too much. Maybe we will see more of them in Westbrook.