Sunday, 18 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from WUNPy WASPies

And from the Westbrook Turnstones


At this time of the year all the media decide to remind us of all the news from the year that is a passing. Not much cheer there then.

However local news looked a bit more promising for Margate with the opening of Turner, a visit from the Queen and Duke and a revival of the old town. Not bad with a backdrop of doom and gloom.

I am not going to mention the local elections in May as they just reflected those of national government and now its all change again.

One thing for sure its been a fabulous year for WASPS and the Westbrook Undercliffe Nature Park.

In February the site became a Town Green (a bit like a Village Green but in a Town). This meant that the site is now protected for future generations and cannot be handed over to developers.

Also in February WASPS became Westbrook Undercliffe Nature Park with the launch and volunteer day when trees, shrubs and wild flower seeds were planted.

In June we got our sign which was unveiled by Mick Tomlinson and established it as a nature park. As a matter of interest is Mick still around I haven't seen him for a long time?

During the summer the wild flowers did well giving a lovely display of poppies, cornflowers and others which I cannot remember the names. The dry weather however meant that the shrubs struggled in their first year.

Not to worry though as we held another planting day on 20th November and another 105 saplings were planted.

Future plans being discussed are an extension of wild flower seeding and we are hoping that TDC will replace the bench that was broken this year.

All this would not have happened without the dedicated work of volunteers with the support of TDC, Local People, Kent Wildlife Trust, Thanet Coast Project and the Westgate and Westbrook Residents Association. Many thanks to everyone involved.

However the year closes on a sad note as Stan the Van passed away on 13th December. He was a lovely chap and supported us with his van serving teas and coffees to all our volunteers on our launch day. He will be sadly missed.


  1. Congratulations to you all, keep up the good work and I hope WUNPy goes from strength to strength