Monday, 18 January 2010

"Under Utilised"?

'Barnes car park, a completely under utilised piece of land, suitable for a "Holiday village" development of a few luxury Chalets was identified, and what happened then, your Group immediately opposed the sale of this piece of land and by applying for Village Green status effectively blocked the very proposal you are so firmly in favour of.' (Thanet Strife)
The above attack on counsillors supporting our application just shows how poorly informed those making decisions are. There are 115 forms lodged at KCC showing that this land is very well used by local people and has been for a very long time. If the councillor concerned had taken the time to visit the site first thing in the morning he would no doubt have received comments on his scheme by the many dog walkers or perhaps on a sunny day when people picnic, fly kites and admire the wildlife. He may also meet the people who walk the site most days and pick up all the rubbish. If he was not able to visit the site he could view it on his computer on google maps satellite view (follow link on right for Google Map) which shows clearly well trodden paths across this land.
If a 'few' chalets (12) were placed on this site it would deny all access to those using it now and ruin it forever.
One of our contributors sent me this information "The sale of land West of Barnes car park has been on the council agenda before. It was rejected.
If I remember rightly the issues raised at the time were , the natural habitat, rising sea levels and exposure to storms". So what has changed?

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