Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bertie Biggles Fires on TDC

Westbrook WASPS appear to have caused a political storm not of their making. Counsellors are fighting like the seagulls feeding on the dead crabs in our bay. See report by Bertie Biggles on the Thanet Strife Blog link. or follow link on this blog
He certainly knows how to place his punches. Westbrook WASPS are not a political organisation we just want to preserve a lovely area of green on Westbrook Promenade for continued use by local people and keep developers from ruining this rather special place. All this political wrangling just goes to show what a sorry state local politics have become.
WASPS are very determined to fight to the end to stop development on this land.
Come on TDC you can either fight the application and waste more council tax money or do the decent thing and register it voluntarily as a Village Green yourselves. This way you will regain some credibility with your electorate. You may even get extra funding. Could this be a win win situation for all or has 'common' sense been lost forever.

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