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Ray Taylor (chair), twenty two members, TDC Cllr Ash Ashbee. and WTC Cllrs Joanna Cornford and Matthew Scott.

The chairman initiated a few moments of silence in memory of Simon Moores, who had died in an aeroplane accident the previous week, and members of the W&WRA who had died during the last year.  Simon  Moores had been a local TDC councillor and very helpful to the W&WRA. 

Apologies had been received from Pat Sawyer-Jones, and TDC Cllrs Sam Bambridge and Carol Messenger.

The minutes of the last meeting, (10/12/18), which had been circulated, were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by Mavis Vaughan sec. by Tony Snow, and adopted, and signed.

1)      There were no matters arising.

REPORTS: Councillors-KCC, TDC, WTC. PCSOs and Wardens.
TDC Cllr Sam Bambridge, (Report sent in and read by the chairman):
1)      Westgate Pavilion.  This now had a new owner who told Cllr Bambridge that the building was in a poor state and would need £200,000 to restore.  Work will start as soon as possible so that it will be available to local people.
2)      Manston Airport.  The preliminary hearing of the DCO by the inspectorate has taken place at the Winter Gardens
3)      Ramsgate Port/Seaborne Freight.   The move to open up the port again had been opposed by some (KCC) councillors.
4)      Local Plan.  This has been submitted for independent inspection, and any queries should be sent in  before the hearing in April/May to Annette Feeney, (programme officer).
5)      Planning – 14 Suffolk Avenue (Fairdales).  This has been called in by head of planning.  

TDC Cllr Ash Ashbee:
1)      Manston Airport.  Cllr Ashbee had spoken at the DCO examination as a resident, business person, and councillor.  Most present supported the airport, some from Ramsgate were against.  After three months the information goes to the secretary of state.
2)      Ramsgate Port.  This has lost money, as it has been kept in a state of readiness, and government backing could be good news.  TDC has to wait on the government decision.  If the port  is not required it will be “moth balled”.
3)      Dog Fouling.  This seems to have escalated resulting in many e-mails.  The enforcement officer has been patrolling, particularly round Westbrook Green, but the culprit has disappeared.
4)      St Mildred's Car Park Recycling Bins.  Some have been removed as the cleansing officer felt there were adequate domestic collections in the area, and some commercial waste was being deposited there.

WTC Cllr Matthew Scott:
1)      Defibrillator Placement.  The Town Clerk has been pushing to find the best location for this with maximum availability.  The likely place will be Edwards.  There is to be training for councillors this week and later on also for residents.
2)      Criminal Activity.  There has been a recent increase, and the local PCSO can be contacted through 101.  WTC is very keen to help, and the Town Clerk may be contacted.
3)      Speedwatch.  There is to be a session this Saturday, and further training for more local people will be provided.
4)      Planning Application 14 Suffolk Avenue (Fairdales).  This has been fully discussed by WTC, (and may be seen on the video of the meeting).  The application is under review. 
5)      WTC Surgeries.  These are held on the third Saturday of the month, at the library, the next one being the 19th January.
6)      Westgate Library.  The consultation ends soon.  WTC  supports the library and needs local residents also to show support.
7)      South and South East in Bloom.  There is to be a meeting on 30th January at 7.00pm.
8)      Westgate Day.  To be held on 18th July.  A meeting is to be held on 7th February.
9)      Knitted Poppies.  Cllr Robert Micallef is organising the knitting of poppies for the next remembrance day commemorations.
10)  Pancake Race.  This will take place as usual this year.

Cllr Scott said that the WTC wishes to work with the W&WRA to benefit the area.

1)      From the Police by E-mail.  Residents are advised to make properties and cars as secure as possible as there have been some burglaries.  A TV licence e-mail scam is being received, stating there is a direct debit problem, and asks the recipient to enter personal details.   Also a telephone scam to say the internet will be cut off by BT unless you press certain keys as the voice directs.  Both scams appear very convincing but do not engage with them.
2)      The Sunken Garden Group are meeting on 26th January 10.00am to 1.00pm for snow drop planting, all welcome. 

1)      14, Suffolk Avenue, (Fairdales).  Application for change of use from light industrial to residential including conversion of barrel vault building into 8x2 bed dwellings together with erection of 12x2bed and 3x1bed dwellings following demolition of existing office building, showroom and workshop.   This application has been called in.
2)      52, Station Road.  Application for change of use of basement to 1x1bed self contained flat.
3)      19, St Crispins Road.  Application for single storey side extension and front porch with formation of vehicular access and parking area.  GRANTED

No Report.

Ray Taylor reminded the meeting that the next magazine would be going out at the end of March, when the subscriptions for the coming year would be collected.

Mavis reported that one card had been sent this month to a  member who had been unwell.

Christina reported there was no new information.

Westgate Heritage Centre:  Saturday 2nd February at 10.30am at St Saviour's Church, a talk by Heritage Centre Member Jean Cook of “Memories of Westgate over the years”.

Civic Society: Thursday 7th February at the Walpole Bay Hotel at 7.30pm, a talk about the Black Death and its aftermath by Imogen Corrigan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

1)      New Year Lunch.  This went well, and those making the arrangements were congratulated and thanked.  St Augustines would be informed that many of those who had  the steak found it tough and dry.
2)      Next social lunch at The Swan will be February, date TBA.

The Bake House:  It had been agreed that the W&WRA would vacate the Bake House to allow for repairs and decoration.  The return date for the W&WRA had been given as 5th November which would have given time to reinstate the furniture and erect the poppy tribute.  Subsequently the chairman was informed that further works were necessary, and on 2nd January received a text stating that the Bake House would be available to us from 21st January.  Ray had then asked if committee members could move in on 18th January to reinstate the furniture and tidy up prior to opening the doors.  A reply asked for a meeting to discuss this further, at which he was told that there would no longer be a monthly agreement, but the W&WRA would be charged on an hourly basis, (and would not have sole use of the Bake House).  On this basis the cost of the hire for each coffee morning would considerably exceed the average takings and we would lose the income from sub-letting the Bake House to other groups.  The reason given for this change was that the Bake House was under utilised and unfriendly.
Subsequently the chairman informed the committee and it was agreed to put our thoughts to the membership and ask for their ideas.  Possible ideas from the committee were:
1)      Remain in the Bake House and seek community funding.
2)      Create a rotating coffee morning schedule around Westgate and Westbrook.
3)      The W&WRA has been offered use of the Ice House for £50 per week (there would be restrictions in the summer).
4)      Create a social programme instead of coffee mornings, which could include functions trips and tours. 

Joanna Cornford replied that the Bake House could have been available for 5th November except for final adjustments, but the work people were called away for an emergency.  She thought that the better option for the W&WRA would be by hourly rental, and the Bake House would be open to all organisations.  It would be acceptable for the W&WRA to leave their furniture and items in the Bake House, and the Bake House now has WiFi and  a reconditioned PC that residents may use for training and learning  The previous rent was £260 per month plus utilities and insurance, which would all be covered by the new hourly payments.

Following discussion it was agreed that a cost comparison and breakdown of potential out goings should be made (by the treasurer if possible) to see if it would be viable for the W&WRA.

1)      Refuse Collections.  Chris Wyer reported that the refuse lorry was sent back to his road to collect rubbish left behind, but no equipment was available to those  giving this service.  Cllr Ash Ashbee agreed to take this up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
2)      Tree Problem, Street Court Private.  A large tree was causing damage to buildings and a boundary wall.  Advice from the floor was to contact the Thanet Planning website, then move to the Site Protection Officer, then forms will be available to fill in for TPO Officers for the job to be done.   The clerk of Westgate Town Council could also be contacted for advice.                                        

Monday 11th February at The Bake House (Hopefully?).  

There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.40pm.

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