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Ray Taylor (chair), and twenty three members, KCC Cllr Emma Dawson, and TDC Cllrs Sam Bambridge and Carol Messenger. 

Apologies had been received from Sam Secomb and WTC Cllr Matthew Scott.

The minutes of the last meeting, (13/08/18), which had been circulated, were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by James Brazier sec. by Dee Hooper, and adopted, and signed.

1)      Speed Camera, Canterbury Road.  Chris Wyer reported that this is working well.
2)      Planning Applications.  A request by Chris Wyer concerning a large building said to be planned for removal to allow the building of flats, (Victoria House in Carlton Rise), resulted in the chairman agreeing to look into the matter.   
3)      Local Plan Protest March.  This had taken place on 1st September, and it was observed that two other groups had hijacked the march, one being the NNF group (no night flights), and these were asked to leave by a councillor.    

REPORTS: Councillors-KCC, TDC, WTC. PCSOs and Wardens.
KCC Cllr Emma Dawson:
1)      Westgate Bay Avenue Zebra Crossing Request.  There had been a survey in the area and the average traffic speed was 36mph, but there had not been many pedestrians waiting to cross the road, so resources would not at present be used for a crossing. A pedestrian refuge in St Mildred's Road between Dadds the Butchers and  the Carlton Cinema is to be considered.
2)      Signs.  A “Welcome to Margate” sign has been placed on the roundabout by the Nayland Rock, and community signs from TDC concerning litter.
3)      Sunken  Gardens.  Requests may be made for a community grant for flowers. (It was thought that this is being done by Peter Hasted and the volunteer group).

TDC Cllr Carol Messenger:
1)      Street Cleaning Complaints.  There is  to be a meeting with the Town Clerk and TDC and cleansing staff concerning improvements.
2)      Local Plan.  The consultation period is now live, and opinions are invited. There are two meetings this week, on Wednesday 12th September at the Community Centre with WTC, and on Thursday 13th September at the Swan with Sir Rger Gale MP and TDC councillors.  Both meetings at 7.00pm.
3)      Planning.  The application to demolish a large house at 129 Sea Road has been refused.
4)      The Homeless.  The man who was at the Co-op has been offered three properties but did not behave reasonably, and is now begging at Marks and Spencers.  Residents are advised not to give money or food as he is in receipt of benefit.  This Thursday Porchlight are carrying out a sweep of the area. There is a blue tent near the Westgate memorial, TDC and Porchlight are aware, the public are advised not to approach.
5)      Lymington Road Recreation Ground.  The application by Dr Dawn Crouch for a memorial plaque has now been approved.
6)      Local Plan.  There had been no time left for councillors to oppose this, but Manston had been removed to protect it.  It was hoped to reduce the number of proposed houses in Westgate by consultation.  

KCC WARDEN Laura Bungard: (Sent in and read out by the chairman).
1)      Graffiti.  This  has been reported, and TDC clean up any on council property.
2)      Overgrown Hedges.  Where these impede footpaths etc. they are reported to KCC Highways who require the owner to cut them back, or charge for it to be done.
3)      ASB.  This year has not been too bad, any incidents are reported to the police.
4)      Camper Vans and Vehicles Staying Overnight.  If they are taxed, insured, and have MOT they are legally allowed to be there as long as no criminal offences are committed.
5)      Laura may be contacted by phone 07969 583922 or by email .

Chris Wyer pointed out that cars are being sold on Canterbury Road.
The chairman said it had been some time since local PCSOs had attended a W&WRA meeting with their report, but could be contacted by Kent Police Website.

1)      Local Plan.  Ray informed the meeting that the Bake House will be open Saturdays 10.30am to 1.00pm to assist residents who wish to write to TDC about the local plan.  Pens paper and envelopes have kindly been supplied by WTC and there are helpful suggestions available.  The  letters may be  left in a box in the  Bake House and they will then be delivered. Refreshments donated by Joanna Cornford.
2)      Bake House Redecorations.  Having spoken with the landlady the condensation and mould  will be dealt with, (the wrong paint was used last time), the toilet fan will be repaired and windows at the back reopened.  Our signs and  notices will be updated to fit the frames.  The Bake House may have to be closed for a short period but should be open again before remembrance day.
3)      Green Wedge by Allen Avenue (end of Linksfield Road).  Though not part of the  local plan there is concern to keep this from development, in spite of reports in  the local press Ray has confirmed that there are no plans to build on this site.
4)      Remembrance Day – 100 years.  Ray suggested that the Bake House be appropriately decorated to commemorate those who had died.  Members may be able to make some more knitted poppies, black buttons had been requested by Betty for this purpose.
5)      TV Licensing authorities will be making a visit to check there is no receiving equipment in the  Bake House, the chairman had replied on the declaration they would be welcome and could purchase a cup of the excellent W&WRA tea or coffee.
6)      Amenity Tip.  KCC propose to charge for taking soil, rubble, hardcore and plasterboard etc. There is a consultation period for this to be considered.

A question from the floor about possible use  of toilets in shops to replace the public toilets when closed was raised.  TDC Cllr Carol Messenger said that following a review the public toilets will be open for longer.

1)      Police emails.  No new information, as last month warned of bogus callers in the area who try to trick their way into homes to steal valuables and money.   Thefts from cars have taken place, do not leave valuables inside.   

1)      28, Waverley Road.  Application for erection of 1 x two storey two bed dwelling.
2)      8, Cliff Field.  Application for erection of two storey and single storey side extensions with single storey rear extension.
3)      43 to 49, Marine Terrace, Margate.  Application for 124 bedroom hotel with restaurant/bar, gymnasium, meeting spaces, rooftop bar following demolition of existing buildings.

Bank balance stands at £5,229.  Advertising revenues of £1,260 are expected.  A few more advertisers would be welcome.  

Ray Taylor reported that the facebook page is doing very well, and the new magazine would be out soon.

Mavis reported that no cards had been required this month.

Christina reported that thirty three new members had joined this year and more were joining.

Westgate Heritage Centre:  Saturday 6th October at 10.30am at THE SWAN, illustrated talk by Sally Whitworth on the Rammell family, one-time owners of Streete Court and other land relating to Westgate.
Also the Heritage Open Day's programme on Saturday September 15th from 12.00noon to 4.00pm, in the Town Hall.

Civic Society: There are Heritage open days next Saturday and Sunday, and on the 4th October at the Walpole Bay Hotel at 7.30pm there will be a talk by Dr Andrew Brown BA, PhD, MCBA, planning director, SE Planning Group, historic England on “Thanet's Gift to the World”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Pat Castle confirmed the monthly meeting report had been sent in to the local press.

1)      Sunday Lunches.  The next one is to be held on 23rd September.
2)      MacMillan Coffee Morning. To be held at the Bake House on 28th September.  

1)      Westgate-on-Sea Town Council. James Brazier informed the meeting that co-options were due to be made to fill vacancies on the council, there were now four names put forward, (although the two candidates available earlier had not been considered).
2)      Tree at Meades.  Concern was expressed that the roots had been undermined, the work was alleged to be necessary for pest control. A second tree nearby is intact.                                              
3)      Westbrook Road.  Chris Wyer pointed out that the new block of flats only had  spaces for bicycle stands but the residents owned many cars which were causing congestion problems. 
4)      Flower Beds by War Memorial.  These are in need of weeding and a member asked if TDC was responsible for their upkeep.  Cllr Carol Messenger agreed to chase this up.
5)      Post Boxes.  It was reported some had been refurbished whilst most were not.

Monday 8th October at The Bake House.  

There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.40pm.

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