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Mick Tomlinson (chair) nineteen members, TDC Cllrs Ash Ashbee and Carol Partington.
The chairman welcomed all to the meeting. 

Apologies had been received from Bob Loxley, John Pye, Vivien Osborne, Pat Sawyer-Jones, Sylvia and Tony Sykes, Mavis Vaughan, WTC Cllr Matthew Scott, and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.

The minutes of the last meeting, (12/2/18), which had been circulated, were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by Ray Taylor sec. by Cllr Ash Ashbee, and adopted, and signed.

1)      People Homeless or Sleeping Outside.  A member had noticed a tent opposite Westonville Avenue.  Cllr Ash Ashbee informed the  meeting that it was the same man who  had been sleeping in the shelter in spite of having his own flat, and just likes to sleep outdoors.  There is camping again in Margate  by Primark.
2)      Speeding along Local Roads.  Chris Wyer had noticed that if vehicles are parked in the road it appears to slow the traffic.
3)      Planning.  The micro-pub at the Knot may not be going ahead.  The boundary wall of the site in Westgate Bay Avenue is not exactly as it was before.
4)      St Mildred's Bay Car Park.  The blue sign is fixed to a telegraph pole and not the hut.  It advertises motorcycle repairs.
5)      Margate Carnival.  This will not be processing through Westbrook this year, but will be under new management next year.  

REPORTS: Councillors-KCC, TDC, WTC.  PCSOs and Wardens.

TDC Cllr:Carol Partington
1)      TDC.  The leadership has changed and is now lead by the conservatives as a minority.  The priority is the local plan, this and development of the economy are urgent. Mick thought the DCO by River Oak seems likely to go through.

TDC Cllr Ash Ashbee:
1)      Homeless in Westbrook Shelter.  A request to have the tent removed is being made.  The shelters are being repaired and repainted, and it is hoped to obtain some roofing felt. Cllr Carol Partington informed the meeting that the homeless man outside the Co-op has been offered accommodation but has not taken it up, and should not be offered handouts.
2)      Bumble Bee Project.  The shrubs were planted and mulched, by volunteers, special thanks are due to Chris Wyer and TDC. Lawrence Sampson from the Bumble Bee Trust has sent his thanks.  This is one of only three areas designated in the country.
3)      Barnes Car Park.  It is hoped to get the mess left in the car park by contractors cleared up.  Mick agreed to contact the relevant people.
4)      Westbrook Roundabout (by Station).  This is now maintained by KCC.

KCC Warden Laura Bungard: (Sent in and read out at the meeting).
1)      Highways.  Many potholes caused by the bad weather now being repaired.  The obscured view of the crossing in Westgate Bay Avenue continues to be a problem and has been reported to KCC as a potential accident spot.
2)      Trading Standards Visits.  Residents are still sending money to lottery win letters etc which are scams
3)      Social Services Visits continue to be undertaken by Wardens, also visits to properties for residents coming out of hospital.
4)      TDC Reports.  Ongoing regarding rubbish, fly tips, road sweeping, bins. The homeless man outside the Co-op has been served with an order from Gordon Hunt TDC, if causing a nuisance report directly to Mr Hunt tel 01843 577743.
5)      PCSO.  Westgate now has a dedicated PCSO, her name is Susy.
6)      Laura's Contact.  Tel 07969 583922 and (email).

1)      Pancake Race.  This was organised by the Westgate-on-Sea Town Council and had been a good success.
2)      Extreme Weather/Safety.  The Bake House had been closed for a few days.
3)      TDC.  The bins are now up to date again. The streets near Margate station are in a mess, some residents have asked for cleaning  every day but there are insufficient resources for this.  Some lamp posts have been installed with cameras which photograph cars that have been parked on double yellow lines. Events, TDC charges seem rather high for use of their land.  The usual grant has been applied for this year's flowers for Westgate.

Comments/Questions:  Cllr Ash Ashbee pointed out that potholes and their location can be reported on the KCC website, and salt/grit bins can be requested. 

Tony Sykes had sent a message of thanks for everyone who had helped work on the undercliff site when one hundred shrubs were planted and the site was given a final rake and litter pick, this included Ray, Don, Tony and Pat Snow, Ash Ashby, Chris Whittingham, and for the expert guidance of Chris Wyer.  The following organisations took part: Thanet Coast Project, WASPS, W&WResidents' Association, Dane Valley Woods Group, and the Bumble Bee Trust.  Tony has put a full report on the blog on (where he also kindly displays the W&WRA minutes).

1)      Unit 1, 18-20A Station Road.  Application for change of use from storage and distribution to community use.
2)      Westcliff House 37A Sea Road.  Erection of 4 storey front/side and rear extension with balconies, 3rd floor front/side and rear extensions with terraces, 3 storey rear extension with balconies, to facilitate conversion into 27 x 2 bed apartments and 4 x 1 bed apartments with parking and pedestrian access. GRANTED.
3)      10 Royal Esplanade.  Installation of balcony at first floor level. GRANTED.
4)      Waterside Stables, Rowena Road.  Listed building consent for external alterations including replacement of damaged roof tiles and guttering. GRANTED.
5)      3 Royal Esplanade.  Change of use of second floor from hotel bedrooms to 1 x 4bedroom self contained flat for manager/owner accommodation with front extension and balcony.  GRANTED.
6)      21 Station Road.  Change of use of part of building from storage to dwelling house with erection of second floor extension to create 1 x 2 bedroom flat. REFUSED.
7)      17 Victoria Avenue.  Application for erection of 2 storey 2 bedroom dwelling.
8)      176 Westbrook Avenue.  Application for single storey side extensions with two storey rear extension with raised terrace and balustrade fencing following demolition of existing conservatory and extension.
9)      244 Canterbury Road Margate.  Application for erection of single storey rear extension.
10)  3 Lymington Road.  Application for change of use from micro-pub to restaurant.
11)  27 Station Road.  Application for erection of 1 x 2 storey 1 x bed dwelling following demolition of existing storage building.
12)  201A Westbrook Avenue.  Application for erection of single storey 2 x bed annexe to rear following demolition of existing outbuilding.                                                                                      

Sam is preparing the annual accounts for auditing before the AGM.  Nine months will be compared with the full twelve months due to alteration of the financial year end.  

Ray Taylor reported that the new magazines should be ready by the  end of March.
Christina made an urgent appeal for more road stewards.

Westgate Heritage Centre:  Saturday 7th April at 10.30am at St Saviour's Church, the AGM will be held, followed by a talk by Sally Whittaker Dr Dawn Crouch on part 2 of the “Storey of Three Wills relating to Westgate-on-Sea”.

Margate Civic Society: Thursday 5th April at 7.30pm at The Walpole Bay Hotel, a talk by Mike Bundock, Chairman of the Herne Bay Historical Records Society on “Public Timekeeping on the Isle of Thanet”.
The Civic Society Town Pride Awards had shortlisted two buildings in the area namely the Nurses Home at the Sea Bathing Hospital site, and the new house opposite Westgate-on-Sea war memorial.

Ray Taylor informed the meeting that the special event will take place on Saturday 23rd June at the Community Centre from 1.00pm to 5.00pm.  There will be a finger buffet with tea/coffee and seating inside and out.  No structures are to be put up on the green, which belongs to TDC. Entertainment is being arranged, from King Ethelbert School a drum band, group, and singing, also a ukulele group, and the Blend singers. Local artists and other groups may run displays. There will be a slide show of W&WRA activities and people over the years.  Tickets will be £2 adults and £1 for children.

Music Quiz Friday 2nd March this had been cancelled due to the extreme weather.

1)      Westgate-on-Sea Town Council will be holding a public assembly meeting on 11th April at the Community Centre.
2)      Road Car Sales.  This is taking place opposite St James Church. 
3)      Post Boxes.  These do not appear to have had any maintenance or paint which was promised,and Mick agreed to chase this up.
4)      Garlinge Post Office.  It was noted with regret that this had closed.
5)      The Walmer Castle.  This is now run as a Greek community centre, and is open to all on Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm for teas and coffees, and Friday evenings for a meze style meal.
6)      The AGM will be held on 14th May at the Bowls Club.

 Monday 9th April at The Bake House.

There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.55pm.

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