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Seventeen members, and WTC Cllr Joanna Cornford.
Members were welcomed to the meeting especially on such a wet evening, and unanimously agreed to Ray Taylor taking the chair in the absence of Mick Tomlinson. 

Apologies had been received from Don and Maureen Eacott, Vivien Osborne, Tony and Sylvia Sykes, Mick Tomlinson, and KCC Warden Laura Bungard. .  

The minutes of the last meeting, (14/08/17), which had been circulated were agreed as a correct record on a prop. by Tony Snow sec. by Mavis Vaughan, and adopted, and signed.

1)      Barnes Car Park.  Tony Snow clarified the position regarding notices.  The original notice stated “no parking for camper vans” has now been changed to  “no parking or camping overnight”.  A local resident had been seen clearing up rubbish.     

REPORTS: Councillors-KCC, TDC, WTC.  PCSOs and Wardens.

WTC Cllr Joanna Cornford:
1)      Amendments to Street Markings.  Cllr Cornford drew the meeting's attention to various roads Dunstan Avenue, St Benet's Road, and other adjacent roads where there is to be a change of  single /double yellow lines.  Full details may be seen on the TDC website.
2)      Westgate Pavilion.  This is now declared an asset of community value.
3)      Recent Town Council Meeting.  There had been a good attendance at the recent meeting in the new venue, (Christ Church Hall).  The Town Clerk has resigned, and the post has been advertised.
4)      Westgate Flowers.  It was hoped to include hanging baskets next year provided volunteers can be found to water them.  If W&WRA members can do this the appropriate baskets will be labelled “maintained by the W&WRA”.  Chris Wyer thought that use of water retention gel would help. It might be possible to use hydrants if permission is agreed.  The hanging baskets had not been very good this year, this was due to funding confusion which caused late planting.   

KCC Warden Laura Bungard:
Laura had sent in a short report as she is on holiday.  There has been considerable involvement with the removal of untaxed vehicles.  Laura is available by phone or message on 07969583922.  This number is also available at the Bake House. 

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT TDC Cllr Mick Tomlinson: (read by Ray Taylor):
1)      Mick had expressed his apologies about missing the W&WRA monthly meeting but had been called to attend an emergency extraordinary meeting of the Margate Charter Trustees.  This was to discuss monies that had been paid from Margate to the then new Westgate-on-Sea Town Council, about which a complaint had been received.  The basis on which the sum was worked out was not very clear.  Mick will give full details  at the next meeting.

1)      Westgate Community Centre Quiz.  Saturday 23rd September 7.00pm £3.00 per person.  Bring your own food and drink.
2)      Bumblebee Conservation Trust.  Funding has been secured for  this project which will commence in the Autumn.  Any additional volunteers will be welcome to join the Westbrook Group.  Full details will be given presently.
3)      Police Email Messages.  A reminder that police will never request your bank details or send somebody round to transfer money or collect your cash book/pin no/or cheque book.  Any calls of this nature are scam.     

1)      Tower House, 125, Canterbury Road.  Application for new external fire escape spiral staircase torear of building and erection of outbuilding.
2)      11, Westonville Avenue.  Application for part single, part two storey rear extension.
3)      Westcliff House, 37A, Sea Road.  Application for four storey front/side and rear extension with balconies, with alterations to fenestration to facilitate conversion into twenty seven 2-bed apartments, andfour 1-bed apartments with  parking and new pedestrian access.
4)      Land Adjacent to 36, Westgate Bay Avenue.  Application for variation of condition 2 of planning permission F/TH/15/1202 for erection of three terraced dwellings to allow for reposition and enlargement of two dormer windows to the front and three to the rear elevation.
5)      11, Cliff Avenue.  Change of use from residential annexe and rear garden to school (temporary).  GRANTED.
6)      97, Sea Road.  Two storey front side and rear extensions, and balconies to front and rear.  GRANTED.
7)      Land to rear of 15, Victoria Avenue.  Erection of two storey detached dwelling.  GRANTED.
8)      38, St Mildred's Road.  Installation of two condenser units to the rear.  GRANTED.
9)      10, Mutrix Gardens.  Erection of single storey rear extension.  GRANTED.
10)  Gate Lodge, Hundreds Farm Stables, Canterbury Road.  Application for two storey side extension.
11)  33, Minster Road.  Application for erection of single storey rear and side extension following demolition of existing.
12)  31, Rancorn Road.  Variations of conditions 2 and 4 of consent F/TH/16/1502, change of use from sheltered housing to five self contained flats with single storey rear extensions following demolition of rear conservatories. GRANTED.
13)  12, Westcliff Road.  Erection of first floor rear extension, and dormer to side elevation.  GRANTED.
14)  Vodafone, 44, Station Road.  Erection of 14.4 metre monopole with three antennas to replace existing monopole. GRANTED

Sam's report was read out by Ray:
The bank balance stood at £7,378.  Bills for Young's Nursery and the magazine printing had been paid.  £1,289 had been deposited on 21st August which consisted of subscriptions, sales of the chairs, and quiz and tea takings.
Some advertisers had queried receiving invoices when they believed that they had already paid.  Christina Taylor thought this could be due to the fact that the invoices for last year had been sent  out late, and this year's had just gone out, and she would be checking this with Sam.

Ray Taylor reported that articles for the next issue were coming in, any more would be welcome.
The facebook page was going well. 

Mavis reported that just one get well card had been sent this month, which was for our treasurer Sam who had been injured in a fall from a horse.
Christina reported that subscriptions had mostly been paid, and there were thirty eight new members this year so far.
Members expressed their thanks for the excellent tea party and music provided to thank the  road stewards and tea/coffee staff for their hard work.

Westgate Heritage Centre:  Saturday 7th October at 10.30am at St Saviour's Church, “Roxburgh Road”, an illustrated talk by Dr Dawn Crouch. 

Margate Civic Society: Thursday 5th October at 7.30pm at The Walpole Bay Hotel, AGM followed by a talk on “the Secret Gardens of Sandwich” by Steve Edney, (Head Gardener at The Salutation). 

Pat Castle reported that she had sent notice of  meetings and a photograph to the Gazette.

It was agreed that a sub-committee should be formed from the membership.  The actual date of inauguration was nor known at present, but it would seem  sensible to hold the celebrations in the summer.  Possibly the Community Centre or the new centre at the Walmer Castle may be suitable venues.  Ray invited everyone to send in their ideas.

1)      Party 2nd October.
2)      A MacMillan coffee morning will be held at the Bake House on 29th September.
3)      Sunday Lunches.  The next one to be held is on 8th October at The Swan, list for names is in the Bake House.

1)      Repaired Shelter.  Wood knots had come out of the side giving a tatty appearance.  Cllr Cornford said that the Financial and General Purpose committee would be dealing with this.
2)      Punch and Judy Show.  This had been much enjoyed by all.  Chris Wyer was concerned in case an ancient covenant had been contravened. 
3)      Dual Carriageway A28.  It was noted that gutters and drains near the central reservation were blocked.  This should be KCC responsibility, but if no action is taken the subject could be brought up with WTC who will press the matter with KCC.  Members' suggestions included parking bays where the kerb is wide, and speed restrictions of 20mph.
4)      Parking and Residents.  Due to the charges in TDC car parks, notably St Mildred's Bay car park, cars are parked in nearby roads, (Beach Road, Sussex Gardens etc) to the inconvenience of residents whilst the car park remains almost empty. (It was noted that the multi storey car parks in Ramsgate and Margate are free on Saturdays).
5)      Defibrillator.  A member asked where in Westgate this is kept.  Cllr Cornford agreed to find out.
6)      Westgate-on-Sea Town Council. The new office is now up and running.  The W&WRA had requested a donation towards the fund raising MacMillan's coffee morning.  It was noted that there was no mention of the W&WRA in the WTC website, this being due to a contact allegedly saying that it was not required, but it has not been possible to identify the contact concerned.


 Monday 9th October, at the Bake House.

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