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Mick Tomlinson (chair), twenty four members, Thanet District Cllrs Ash Ashbee  Bertie Braidwood, and Mick Tomlinson, Westgate Town Cllr Ash Ashbee and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.


The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.



Apologies had been received from Dee Hooper, Mike Linder, and Pam O'Toole.



1)      Committee.  Mick thanked members of the committee for making him welcome and for the updating of information.

2)      Items Owned by the W&WRA.  Following discussions at the committee Mick has produced agreement forms both for hiring out the Bake House, and for lending equipment. Such items will be required to be kept safe and in good order.

3)      Issues with Keys.  A number of keys are out, and members views were requested.  Pat Sawyer-Jones pointed out these were required by members staffing the morning refreshments, and by regular hirers such as the AA.  A list of names of key holders is required.

4)      Funds for Westgate Flowers.  Mick confirmed that the TDC cheque for £1,500 is about to be sent out, this in line with most council expenditure has had to be cut, and is not sufficient to pay in full for the usual displays.  Cllr Ash Ashbee suggested an application for funding should be made to the Westgate-on-Sea Town Council to make up the difference, and this was agreed.

5)      First Honorary Freeman to be Conferred by the Westgate-on-Sea Town Council.  On behalf of the meeting Mick congratulated Dr Dawn Crouch who is due to receive this honour.



The minutes of the last meeting, (16th May 2016), which had been circulated, were  adopted on a prop. by Pat Sawyer-Jones seconded by Jane Welch.



1)      Westgate Bay Avenue House Perimeter Fence.  Following inspection by a council officer this matter will not be pursued.

2)      Royal Seabathing Hospital Roof.  Chris Wyer also reported that the new storey on the roof will cover the unsightly lift shaft.

3)      A vehicle had been encountered travelling in the wrong direction on the dual carriageway when coming from Hengist Road, and Chris Wyer wondered if the signs were sufficiently clear.  Cllr Ash Ashbee said she would take the matter to the next Joint Transport meeting.

4)      House Conversion to Flats in Westbrook Road.  This house had been closed as an HMO, and the new application, though called in had gone through.  Developments would be carefully watched. 



TDC Cllr Ash Ashbee:

1)      Street Cleaning.  Cllr Ashbee had met with those in charge of street cleaning, the early shift that starts at 6.30am had been put back to 9.30am due to covering beach cleaning, but it was now agreed that Station Road and St Mildred's road were priority for the early clean.  

2)      Barns car Park.  The new larger bin requested has finally arrived.

3)      Graffiti.  This is appearing again and was discussed at the recent NEM.  There is a TDC app for recording and posting this and rubbish tipping.

4)      Bridge Road.  Ash has met with KCC, and the community pay back group may be able to refurbish the rails on the bridge.


James Brazier commentated that as yet the W&WRA meetings had not had a report from the Westgate-on-Sea Town Council in the fifteen months it had been in existence.  Cllr Ash Ashbee agreed to find out where the minutes may be accessed.


KCC Warden Laura Bungard:

1)      Volunteer Charity Shop.  Elain Mount has visited this and it is now registered with the charity commission.  The stone slabs near to the building belong to them and goods may be displayed there.

2)      Wardens have been working with social services to help during the cuts.

3)      Miscellaneous.  101 calls are taking longer due to the cuts, prevention of terrorism training has been carried out.  Cards have been placed in the Bake House concerning smoke alarms.  Graffiti being monitored (TDC do not remove this from private property).  DVLA tax checks carried out.  Stolen cycles, the police do not take these now, they are placed at the library hopefully awaiting return to their owners.


TDC Cllr Bertie Braidwood:

1)      Bin Collections.  Some have been missed due to lack of access, but TDC will be using a smaller vehicle.

2)      Parking Issues.  In St Jeans and other roads the double yellow lines are not being observed.

3)      Westgate Community Centre.  Abigail had reported vandalism, and the new security cente in Westgate has very kindly supplied and installed a new security system.







TDC Cllr Mick Tomlinson:

1)      Old Nayland Rock Cafe Site.  This has been purchased by Mr Connington of the Sands Hotel, and now has a cafe, ice creams, bar, and tidy fencing.  It is hoped to further improve this site.

2)      Westbrook Cafe.  The toilets have been refurbished to a good standard.

3)      Round-a-bout just into Westbrook.  With forthcoming road changes this has not been looked after.

4)       Old Toilets by “Strokes”.  This was sold off by TDC but subsequently found to require support to hold up the road.




1)      51, George V Avenue.  Application for erection of a single  storey side extension.

2)      37, Sea Road, (Royal School for Deaf Children).  Application for erection of four storey building comprising seven 2 bed flats, plus erection of first and second floor rear extension, and vehicular access to Sea Road.

3)      9, Orchard Road, Margate.  Retrospective application for erection of single storey rear extension. 




Sam Secomb gave out copies of the audited accounts, and thanked Dennis Jarvis for auditing  them.

The subscriptions have been collected by the road stewards so the bank balance stands at a healthy £5,809.  The insurance premium has been renewed (£594).

Sam has located a computer firm which helps communities and charities, and we are on their waiting list for help for the data base.  This should then  enable better reconciliation of the subscriptions.


Questions arising:

1)      Flowers.  £3,000 shown received but £2,228 spent.  These funds are also to cover the Christmas tree, and any over to carry forward.

2)      Rates.  Are any rates still paid?  Answer No. 



Members suggested that the new editor be asked to contact Derek concerning magazine advertisement fees.



Mavis reported six cards were sent out this month.



Christina warmly thanked all the road stewards for their work in delivering the magazines and collecting the year's subscriptions.



Westgate Heritage Centre:  Next meeting is Saturday 2nd July 10.30am in St Saviour's Church, when Dr Dawn crouch will give a talk on “The Mitfords in Westgate”.

Mick Tomlinson informed the meeting the top prize in the Civic Society awards went to the  scenic railway.  Also entry to Dreamland becomes free from Saturday, payment being made for rides individually.                     



Muriel reported:

1)      Sunday Lunch at the Swan had been much enjoyed by all.

2)      Trips being arranged to Southend/Romford.

3)      Visit Planned to the Cherry Festival at Brogdale.

4)      New Year Lunch.  This will take place at St Augustines on 15th January 2017.



1)      Cutting of Grass Verges.  These had been  allowed to grow tall and members were concerned that the grass seeds presented a danger to dogs.  Mick explained that there was a severe lack of money and it was difficult to get these jobs done as the council was in debt.  Cllr Ashbee did not think the contractors did a very good job, and Chris Wyer noticed that the dual carriageway had flooded due to long grass blocking the drains.  However the weed killing had improved this year.

2)      Council Officers.  In answer to a question Cllr Ashbee said that the councillors do not appoint the officers.  A select panel does, (this may contain one or two councillors).

3)      General Meeting Venue.  It was suggested that the Westgate Community Centre would make an alternative venue if needed.

4)      Monthly General Meetings.  It was agreed to hold these through the  summer as in previous years.

5)      Committee.  To complete this year's committee a vice-chairman and a press officer are required.  Present members of the committee were warmly thanked for their continued work.




 Monday 11th July, at the Westbrook Bowls Club, 7.00pm for 7.15pm.



There being no other business the meeting concluded at 9.01pm.


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