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WESTGATE AND WESTBROOK Residents' Association meeting March 2016







Abigail Carden, (vice-chair), thirtysix members, Thanet District Cllrs Bertie Braidwood and Carol Partington, Westgate Town Cllrs Tom King, and Ron Rolfe.


Abigail welcomed all to the meeting.



Apologies had been received from KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor, TDC Cllrs  Ash Ashby, and Sam Bambridge, and KCC Warden Laura Bungard.



1)      W&WRA Officers.  Abigail reminded the meeting that following the resignation of Richard Charlton the committee had co-opted her to act as vice-chairman, and Pat Sawyer-Jones as secretary.  Abigail then introduced Cllr Carol Partington who had kindly agreed to chair tonight's meeting.

2)      Post Boxes.  Abigail reported that she had been able to contact the Royal Mail Property Dept and was informed that the boxes in CT8 and CT9 are due to be painted between April 2016 and March 2017.

3)      The Queen's Birthday Event.  Sunday 12th June a party event (self funding) is proposed and a subcommittee is required to arrange this.

4)      Westgate-on-Sea Town Council.  Abigail has written to the WTC requesting reports for the W&WRA meetings.  It is understood that the WTC will take responsibility for the pancake race next year.

5)      Funds for Westgate Flowers.  The funding supplied is for the hanging baskets only, it was not known as yet who will be responsible for the planters.

6)      Westgate Post Office Refurbishment.  It had not been thought that there was sufficient demand for a bus service to the Birchington post office during the refurbishment.

7)      Committee Nominations.  The sheet will be going up in the Bake House at the end of March, in preparation for the AGM in May.

8)      General Meetings 11th April and 9th May.  Due to availability/refurbishment both the Town Hall and Westbrook Bowls Club may not be free, and the Bake house may be used again for the meeting on 11th April.

9)      Proposed Alterations to the Constitution.  The committee had proposed two alterations, one concerning the frequency of issues of “The Record” which has been three per year for some time, and a change of dates of the Association year to 1st February to 31st January to allow time for the accounts to be completed and audited for the AGM.  Notice was given that these would be put to the AGM in May.



The minutes of the last meeting, (8th February 2016), which had been circulated, were  adopted on a prop. by Don Eacott seconded by Jane Welch.




1)      Post Boxes.  Chris Wyer offered to contact the Post Office about those boxes  in a poor state of repair, and concerning the Victorian post box. 

2)      Council Tax.  James Brazier had raised the matter of the precept on the bills of Westgate residents at the last meeting, but discussion had not been permitted, and the chair said that such questions should be put to the WTC, and any reply would be reported. 

3)      27, Westbrook Road.  An order had been made to remove people from  this address, but this had not yet been completed.



TDC Cllr Bertie Braidwood:

1)      Rubbish/Litter-Pick.  Cllr Braidwood congratulated the group on their work.  There is another litter-pick on Saturday at 10.00am at the station.

2)      Graffiti on Railway Footbridge.  This will be removed shortly.

3)      Lymington and Minster Road Bins.  There are not enough of these.

4)      Redhill Road Parking Issues.  KCC Highways may put in bollards.  Abigail suggested creation of parking bays may help.

5)      Double Yellow Lines.  Generally these do not appear to be enforced.

6)      St Mildred's Bay Rubbish Bins.  These are often overflowing, and will be checked for business use which is not allowed

WTC Cllr Tom King:

1)      Westgate-on-Sea Town Council is working for value for money and has met with  TDC re ideas for services such as enhanced road sweeping and removing graffiti and fly tipping.  A vehicle has been offered for £1, which will give a good opportunity together with the sweeper barrows, and dog fouling machine to keep Westgate tidier.  Cllr Tom King expressed a wish that the WTC and W&WRA will work well together for  the benefit of Westgate.



KCC Warden Laura Bungard:

Laura's Report was read out by the Chair:

Laura has been involved with parking issues / neighbourhood disputes / theft from a van in St Mildred's Road / antisocial behaviour / garage in Ivanhoe Road / KCC Highways issues / trading standards and scams / NEM meetings / and stairs by West Bay Cafe.



1)      Westgate Gardening Club.  Meeting Monday 21st March at 10.30am at the Bake House, speaker Charlotte Tagart.

2)       Police Messages (by email).  Police had warnings of telephone scams. 



1)      30, Briary Close.  Application to erect a two storey extension at the side and a rear extension.

2)      84, Westfield Road.  Application for gable roof extension and dormer.

3)      19, College Gardens.  Application to erect a single storey rear extension.

4)      9, Station Road.  Application to erect an external illuminated panel.

5)      27, Westbrook Road.  Application to erect a single storey rear extension.

6)      45-51, Sea Road.  Application for change of use to nine one bedroom flats, seven two bedroom flats, and erection of buildings and basement parking.  This has been called in.  An observation from a member was that TDC were trying to reduce the number of one bedroom flats in Thanet.




Abigail gave this report:  Bank balance stood at £6,561.  The bill for St Augustines had been paid.  The business rate refund had been received. 




Christina reported that the next magazine should be ready early April.  The W&WRA is very short of road stewards, and new volunteers are urgently required.



Margate Civic Society. Next meeting at the Walpole Bay Hotel is on Thursday 7th April 7.30pm when there will be a talk on the art work of Christopher Alexander.


Westgate Heritage Centre.  Saturday 2nd April at St Saviour's Church 10.30am when there is a talk on the gated estate town of Westgate,                                                       



Jane reported:

1)      Quiz Night.  Friday 12th February enjoyed by all and a profit was made.

2)      Sunday Lunch at the Swan.  21st February.  Well attended and enjoyed.

3)      Trip to the Secret Gardens and Afternoon Tea.  21st March £23 with Carol Peters. (Still a few places left).

4)      Bake House Closing.  This will be on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

5)      Trip to Sheppey Music Hall 7th April.

6)      Lunch at the Golf Club 10th April.  Menu will be pre-ordered.

7)      St George's Day Party Saturday 23rd April at the Bake House, Tea sandwiches etc. £3.

8)      Westgate Community Centre Easter Extravaganza.  Saturday 26th March.



1)      Westbrook Residents' Council Tax.  James Brazier drew attention to the increases in the Charter Trustees precept.

2)      Royal Esplanade Bins.  The existing ones overflow and more are required.

3)      Fayre in May.  This had been difficult to arrange due to all the red tape.

4)      Phone Box on Westbrook Green.  This is in very poor condition and has been reported.

5)      Charter Trustees Precept.  Chris Wyer drew attention to the 80% increase. Cllr Carol Partington explained that the precept had not been revised for a few years and the reserves had now been used up, together with the change of border with Westgate.

6)      Fencing at Westgate  Bay Avenue.  Chris Wyer reported that Westgate CAAG had written about this.

7)      Dumped Fridges.  Chris Wyer reported that when this happened it was extremely dangerous as children could become trapped inside.  When  notified TDC had promptly cleared them.

8)      Pavements have become blocked with bins and bags on collection days.

9)      Westgate Community Centre Easter Extravaganza.  11.00am to 3.00pm Saturday 26th March, £1 per child.  Egg hunt, crafts, fun and games, food.  Brings the community together.  Volunteer helpers required.



 Monday 11th April, at the Bake House, 7.00pm for 7.15pm.

(The Bowls Club and Town Hall Suite being unavailable).


There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.06pm.


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