Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Would you park here?

St Mildred's Bay Westgate-on-Sea

For some time now the question has been raised who parks here when for many people payment by this method is either impossible or too much bother. The question also needs to be asked is the Council getting any revenue for this car park and any others it has in its wisdom changed to this payment method. Some people have commented that some mobile networks  do not have a signal here.

Several times this summer I have walked by this car park and on most occasions it has been empty as in the picture below.

So where are people parking? The answer is in the surrounding streets taking up valuable street parking normally used by residents or they just go away. No doubt this has an affect on the local beach café.

There is no CCTV so how is the council fining parkers who do not pay? There does not appear to be anyone checking or is this a voluntary scheme?

One of our Westgate councillors has asked the questions so it will be interesting to see what replies are forthcoming. I am certain there will be very little revenue so would it be better to make this car park free and encourage visitors to this bay?

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