Monday, 2 February 2015

Thanet Local Plan Beware what Slips Under the Radar.

The major issue on this plan is housing but there are many other smaller issues that could easily be lost in the mass of  paragraphs and pages.
This is one instance that nearly got past my observation and for Westbrook an important issue.

"Policy TP05 – Coach Parking
Land at Vere Road, Broadstairs and Palm Bay, Cliftonville, as identified on maps 24 and 25, will be retained for use as coach parking to serve the tourist trade. 195

Within Barnes Avenue Car Park Westbrook, as identified on map 26, land will be identified and safeguarded and retained for use as coach parking to serve the tourist trade.

The Council will consider the need to identify a site to accommodate demand for coach parking at Ramsgate."

Westbrook lower promenade.
Barnes car park

 Barnes car park

Westbrook Undercliffe Town Green Next to car park
Slope to car park

Car Park is Fully Used

This car park is fully used by local people and visitors. During the winter it is used by local people some of who are disabled who like to park and observe the sea and wildlife. Others park for short walks along the promenade or to access the Town Green. It is a point where horses can be brought for access to the beach. In the summer months this car park is packed. It is used for launching boats and jet skis. It is an ideal point for cyclists to park their cars and join the Viking Cycle Way. Others come to sea fish off the promenade or just to walk the coastal path.
The car park adjoins the Westbrook Undercliffe Nature Park one of the few natural open spaces in the area.
Under the Beach Management Plan it was suggested there could be some limited overnight parking for mobile homes to increase visitors stay in Thanet. The attraction was the view of the Turner Centre and coast.

It does seem ridiculous to designate this car park as a coach park when there are far better alternatives near to Margate seafront. For instance there is a large area on the All Saints Industrial site where Kandoo is situated. Admittedly there are a few potholes to fill but there is plenty of space. There is also a large area on the Arlington site of empty parking since Tesco got into trouble.

This is another instance, may I say, of a lack of local knowledge on behalf of the author of Thanet's Local Plan.

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