Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Beach Magement Plan

A far reaching new plan for Thanet's Coast seeks to upgrade our beaches and bays to attract more tourism to the area. The Plan is a result of surveys and consultation. Each bay has been audited for potential refurbishment and tackling problems of litter, dog fowling and anti social behaviour.  It seeks to make the area more appealing by providing more facilities like beach showers, accommodation, beach huts, cafes, an overnight motorhome park and in some cases demolishing some tired buildings and offering new concessions.

The plan seeks to overcome the problems of visitors not staying because of the lack of variety of accommodation and the lack of providers of accommodation due to lack of demand.

Some recommendations are based on the Bournemouth experience which involved all parts of the local community and could hopefully could be applied to Thanet. The Plan includes details of funding streams.
The document is 48 pages but breaks down recommendations into bays. You can read the full document by clicking on this link:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytn_kEV_nVXN21Sek9Pcl93ems/edit?usp=sharing

This plan is to be debated at November's Cabinet meeting so if you have any comments you may want to send them to your local councillors.

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