Thursday, 5 June 2014

Westgate Village Green Registration Approved

Westgate Now has a Town/Village Green

At a packed public meeting of the Kent County Council Commons Registration Committee at the Swan Hotel Westgate on 3rd June 2014 the result of the Public Enquiry recommending registration of land adjacent to Ursuline Drive Westgate  as a Village/Town Green was discussed.

Representations were made on behalf of the landowners (King Ethelbert's School) and the applicant.

The decision of the Committee was that the Inspector's recommendation be accepted and the land should be formally registered as a Town Green. This means that this field is protected and ensures the continued use by local residents as an area for leisure and recreation.

See also reports on this blog dated 27/11/2013 and 27/3/14.


  1. so pleased! many thanks to everyone who worked so hard on it. Hoping it will be left wild'ish rather get pressured for formal recreation - there are no such wild places and woodland to explore (and hope it will mean new rules for dog owners - its new status will means more children will use it - no excuses "its in the wild" not to pick up after dogs)

  2. Thank you for your thanks I will pass them on to those concerned. I understand that they are asking for input on how to proceed e.g. like starting a committee etc. The Westgate Village Green Preservation Society comes to mind or maybe that was a song.