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Westgate and Westbrook Residents' Association Minutes April 2014








Tom King, chairman and councillor, twenty seven members, and KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor.


The chairman welcomed all attending.



Apologies had been received from Abigail Carden, Sam Secomb, Chris Smith, Tony and Pat Snow, Tony and Sylvia Sykes, and John and Mavis Vaughan



1)      Village Green Enquiry Report.  Tom introduced Graham Rickett who explained that this piece of land has been used a great deal by local residents since the war.  It now belongs to King Ethelbert School but they have not made use of it.  Seventy one local residents had given account of various uses of this land, there had been a hearing in 2012 and as a result the KCC scheduled a public enquiry for November 2013 with an independent inspector. Students from Kent Law Clinic had helped, and were up against a barrister, but the resultant judgement was that the area should be a village green, (or town green as Westgate is a town).  KCC still have to register this as a green but this is usually a formality.  Publicity is to be used as the school are against it, and plans for the area and looking after it need to be drawn up.  Don Eacott thought it would be a good idea to have some plans in place before the KCC summer meeting.  The final presentation event will need support.    

2)      Community Governance Review by TDC.  Tom spoke of concern that very few residents were aware that this was taking place, the meeting at TDC Offices was poorly attended.  There is a possibility of Westgate having a parish council and there were fors and againsts for this. Tom thought that a public meeting should be held.  James Brazier also attended the meeting and was one of only nine members of the public there.  There is a questionnaire on line or in printed form available from the Gateway, and those completed should be returned by 2nd June.  It would not be an easy choice as various permutations could result, TDC hopes to come up with the wishes of the public.  A rise in council tax could result.  Tom felt that the whole subject required a higher profile so that residents could understand the options and make their wishes known.  After further discussion a proposal by Don Eacott seconded by Richard Charlton that a meeting be held to explain and discuss parish councils was carried unanimously.





The minutes of the last meeting, (10th March 2014), which had been circulated, were adopted on a prop by Don Eacott sec by Sandra Heald, and signed.



There were no matters arising.



KCC Cllr Jeff Elenor:

1)      KCC Community Grant.  This had been cut by half by KCC, however the £400 towards a portable PA system has already been made available, and the chairman thanked Jeff for his help in obtaining this grant.

2)      Highways/Zebra Crossings.  Various issues had arisen in recent years, a request for a crossing in Westgate Bay Avenue had been refused some time ago, and Tom reported that residents in Palm Court had asked if a crossing  could  be considered for Sea Road. Jeff agreed to contact Pat Bailey, a W&WRA member and resident of Palm Court.



1)      Correction to local press report re new buildings consideration.  Richard Charlton reported that a correction had been made to the earlier report and that the correct number of suggested building units was twelve hundred, some of which could be in the Garlinge area.

2)      MS Society Letter.  Tom reported that a letter of thanks had been sent for the £17.28 received from the collection box in the Bake House.

3)      Road Crossings.  A letter had been received from Optima Care, who run a mental care home, requesting consideration of a zebra crossing over Westgate Bay Avenue nearer to the Sea Road junction.  Jeff  has a copy of the letter and will follow this up and ask KCC Highways to look at it  again.



1)      45 – 51 Sea Road.  Work had been stalled and complaints made by residents.  Tom had spoken to the developer, Mr Richardson, who claimed to have been misled by TDC, but now the architect and TDC have met and a new application will be submitted, and the drawings available for W&WRA members to see.

2)      New Benches.  The bench by the Bridge Hotel has been moved down and is now adjacent to the church grounds.

3)      30 – 35 St Mildred’s Road.  Retrospective application for erection of display of signs.

4)      69 Sea Road.  Application for change of use from care home to eight flats and insertion of UPVC windows.

5)      149 Sea Road.  Application for a two storey detached dwelling.




Sam Secomb had sent a brief report with her apologies for absence.  The balance sheets/statements had now been received and work is in progress to produce the annual accounts for the AGM.  Any questions from members would be welcome by telephone.



Derek requested articles and copy for the next issue by the first week in June.



No report



No report.



1)       The Civic Society Town Pride Awards are to be held on Thursday 8th May at the Walpole Bay Hotel, and include two properties in Westgate and one in the Royal Esplanade, Westbrook.

2)      Westgate Heritage Centre.  A talk “Westgate in the Summer of 1914” will take place on Saturday 3rd May at 10.30am at St Saviour’s Church.



1)      St George’s Day Party.  To be held at the Bake House on Wednesday 23rd April at 7.00pm. Numbers are limited for safety reasons, those wishing to come should add their names to the list in the Bake House.

2)      Quiz.  The next quiz will be held in May, details to follow.

3)      Outing to East Northdown Farm.  It is hoped to arrange this for the coming season.



1)      Westgate Sign.  Darren Ellis said he has some graffiti remover and kindly offered to clean the sign.

2)      Holm Oak Trees.  On enquiry it had been established that permission had been obtained for a severe pruning of these trees.  They should however grow  well again.

3)      1950 Shelter by Palm Court.  This had not as yet been replaced.

4)      Graffiti etc in the Area.  The pavilion near the allotments and the phone boxes by the station had all suffered.  Tom agreed to speak to one of the community teams.

5)      Dog Mess.  Posters from TDC are still to come.

6)      Litter Bins for Victoria Avenue and Green.  A member pointed out the lack of bins in the area, and Tom agreed to ask about this.



 Monday 12th May, at the Town Hall Buildings, which will be the AGM and short general meeting.


There being no other business the meeting concluded at 9.00pm.


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