Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Is the Writing on the Wall?

Climate Change is it really Happening?


If you have the time take a look at the above youtube video. I am no scientist but I, like many, have children and grandchildren. Prince Charles, due to be a grandfather, is concerned about what legacy we leave for future generations.

This year we have seen many extremes of weather and not just in the UK. You may say that these are one off incidents and weather patterns follow cycles. Can we however afford to hide our heads in the sand when evidence suggests that we are now reaching a tipping point. The above video predicts that in the Summer months by 2020 there will be clear passageway across the Arctic. If this is so then we are literally in the 'Do Do' as the traditional permafrost regions melt and masses of methane are released into the atmosphere. We have also seen large glaciers breaking off changing the saline balance in the seas.

We may take delight in a warmer climate but this is not necessarily so. If the gulf stream shuts off our climate could shift to one similar to Alaska. We could experience more intense storms.

The video discusses solutions for local schemes which if adopted world wide could make a difference. Could Thanet be totally self sufficient in energy? The answer has to be yes. We have sunshine, we have wind and tidal power. Take tidal power we have a massive shift of water around our coast twice a day.
We get most of the UK sunshine on average. I  am not suggesting that we cover every field with solar panels as that is a waste of agricultural land. Much of Thanet has been built on and more is planned. Planning for new housing and other buildings should incorporate solar roof panels. Car parks on the Isle could have solar panels erected above them. Westwood Cross has a massive area and it would provide shade for parked cars.

KCC is planning for 2150 on what seems to be a warming scenario and plans to engage with communities on the expected changes, advantages and disadvantages. I believe we need more practical action on playing our part in attempts to avert the coming changes.

Unfortunately politicians do not appear to have the political will to do what is necessary whilst fighting a global economic meltdown. Well if that's all you got to worry about you have seen nothing yet if predictions are true.

I am unlikely to be around when or if these predictions come true but I fear for the coming generations and their future in the world.

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