Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Thanet Bays Uncut

New YouTube video showing Thanet Bays starting at Minnis Bay and finishing at Pegwell Bay. Thanet has a variety fantastic bays. Some are wild and quiet and others typical of a seaside resort. With beautiful chalk cliffs and miles of sandy beaches the Thanet coast is unique for its geology and wildlife. This video was shot in the 'Summer' of 2012 but wintertime is equally interesting with its visiting wildlife.


  1. Dear Buzz

    Regarding the videao you deserve some plaudits for taking the initiative to make the video - but the accompanying description explains that it was shot during the "summer of 2012" - What a God forsken place Thanet is! Windy with, for the most part, empty beaches with little sunshine or brilliant sunsets as there was a few days ago. "Uncut" is a very apt title for your considerable effort but do we really need an uncut version for prospective visitors to base their opinions upon - I think not.

    I fear the season has passed us by for a retake this year but do hope, for I think the idea of the video as quite inspired, that such can become a major project for next year with, perhaps, your being given some professional assistance. You definitely need to take this forward for some financial help from the Council - well done!

    Philip Earwicker (philipearwicker@sky.com

  2. Thanks for the review. Yes I agree we need a pro video to promote Thanet. This meagre attempt was to record it as it was this summer.