Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Who will be Queen of the Channel?

Choice on the Channel

I remember my first trip across the channel on the "Queen of the Channel" many years ago from Margate Jetty. It was the only time I was ever sea sick after several hours at sea.
Things are different now with large super ferries. So what are the choices now from Kent with the demise of Seafrance. Well P&O Dover to Calais is a pretty good service. There is DFDS Seaways Dover to Dunkirk (old Sally port) , and there is Transeuropa Ramsgate to Ostend.

We did have Dover to Boulogne courtesy of Speedferries who ran a no frills fast cat. Unfortunately fuel costs scuppered them although we must thank them for the lower fares we have today. They were followed by LD lines who said that the service to Boulogne was not sustainable. Unfortunately their crossing times were not the most convenient.

For those travellers to France who want to head south towards the Dordogne or the west coast but not through Paris the best option is Calais whereas Boulogne would be more ideal. The best part about Boulogne is that the port is right in the Town. It is not so congested as Calais and has some lovely restaurants. It is a short drive on a good road direct to the Auto-route. This road also passes a large supermarket where you can fill up with fuel. For many people Boulogne would be a convenient port.

I do hope that a company will fill the void left by Seafrance to keep competition on the channel and that someone considers Boulogne as the port of choice. Maybe we could bring back a service from Folkestone to Boulogne although at present that looks doubtful.

There does not seem to be much news a present about what will happen to Seafrance boats. Whether a buy out by Eurotunnel is in the best interest of travellers is debatable. DFDS does appear to be a strong contender but lets hope whatever is happening behind closed doors will be good for travellers.

For those of you who going to France check out links to below "Gite in Unspoilt France."

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