Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sun Tan in November on Planting Day?

Early morning before start.

Even the geese put in an appearance.


Gone for Tea and Cake

Young Environmentalist

Job Done

Wow weather like this was a bonus to a successful volunteer day.

Pictures above show early morning before the event and during the morning.
When you organise an event like this you do it several weeks in advance and then pray for reasonable weather. Well our prayers were well and truly answered for our volunteer planting day. Brilliant warm sunshine and clear blue skies.
Around 50 people turned out to help plant 105 saplings. The job was done by one o'clock about when the press turned up. Still we gathered us together for a photo.

It is really wonderful how events like this bring people of all ages together having lots of fun in the fresh air.

A massive thank you to Pat and John for pitching their caravan and giving us a brilliant service of tea ,coffee and cold drinks. Also for serving all those lovely cakes people had brought. Thank you all those that brought cake.

This tree pack was given to us by the Woodland Trust to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee next year. We even had a sapling grown from seed from the Royal Estates. It can't get much better than that. So the weather today must have been sent to us by Royal Proclamation.

Thank you Thanet District Council for cutting the grass in the week before our event to allow us to plant in grassy areas.

A massive thank you to all those volunteers that turned up to help with the planting.
Thank you also to Suzie Hooper and The Thanet Coast Project for supporting us with help and tools.

Its now over to nature and if these saplings grow we should have a very wildlife friendly nature park. If it is dry and you are going for a walk why not take some water and give our saplings a drink. Every little helps.

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