Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Internet Cafe for Young People in Westgate?

During the Summer 2011 a survey of 45 young people in Westgate was carried out.

Of those questioned 13% were 11-12 years old and 87% were 13- 19.

66% were resident in Westgate the remainder from other Thanet areas.

Of all those questioned 72% did not attend any clubs or social activity.

When asked if they would use a youth cafe 82% said they would, 16% said no and 2% said sometimes.

12.5% of the population of Westgate are teenagers.

Westbrook and Westgate does not have any facilities for young people like an internet cafe or safe place to socialise.

You cannot say that the troubles in Westgate with young people reflect what young people are about but no doubt the lack of facilities does not help. Engaging with young people can only help.

Last night at a meeting with a senior youth worker and volunteers it was agreed to investigate doing something for the young people in this area.

There are considerable obstacles to overcome like premises and helpers but it was agreed to try and see if this idea could become a reality.

Basically there is a need for people interested in helping in any way to get in touch. There is money on offer for a youth worker but there is a need for this project to gain impetus.

They need help with administration, helpers in the cafe, and other related tasks so if you are able to spare a little time please get in touch. Please contact

Erin Bell

Senior Youth Work Practitioner - Thanet

KCC Artwise
St Lukes Ave
CT11 7HS

01843 584343 / 592014
07977 128798


Or contact e-mail address link at top of this page.

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