Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Biodiversity French Style

It never ceases to amaze me how French local politicians take seriously their environment and issues relating to nature and conservation. Many small communities have projects to increase biodiversity and appreciate that these actions have tremendous benefits not just to the well being of its citizens but also in terms of economic benefits to food production with spin offs in tourism.

Visit a French tourist information centre and there will be a wide range of leaflets on nature and Eco tourism many in English. Is it time we woke up to the potential?

Last year a French friend visited Thanet and my request for information about Thanet in French was met with blank looks at the Tourist Information Centre. It appears that information was not produced in European languages. I hope do this has changed.

We need to do more on the conservation front and also to attract more foreign visitors. However our French vistor was impressed that the Cafe on Westbrook Promenade had owners that spoke French.

Warning this posting may have been affected by copious amounts of wine and French cheese.

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