Thursday, 7 April 2011

Green Shoots and Politics

It may be too early to herald the success of our work in February by volunteers but evidence is appearing showing growth of shrubs planted and wildflower seeds sown.





With the elections coming up it will be good to ask prospective candidates whether they are up to the challenge. I see that in Westbrook the choice is from four candidates for two seats. Its either Labour or Conservative or both. The above photos contrast what local people can achieve and disasters from development and toilets for sale that are holding up the road above. Walk on a bit further and you come to the Nayland where another eyesore that has been allowed to be created by the demolition of some seafront shops. Dog poo, broken bottles, fly tipping and litter also degrade our environment. We desperately need councillors who will serve Westbrook and engage with local people to sort problems out like these. It was people power that achieved Town Green Status and prevented another development disaster. We need councillors that will listen and work with local people. I can't wait to receive election leaflets so I can make this very difficult choice or maybe I am just a floating voter who is sinking fast in a sea of apathy.


  1. Pity you didn't get the added choice of an Independent in this election.

  2. And a LibDem if they still exist. I don't care what their politics are as long as they are good councillors and don't disappear after the election