Monday, 21 February 2011

What a Perfect Day BRRRRRR!!

Crew Fed and Watered Thanks to Doug, Louise and Stan

Mick Tee Plants a Tree

Job Done

With A Lota Help from our Friends

We arrived on site at 10.30a.m. with the North East wind coming off the sea and waves crashing against the prom and wondered if this was going to happen. We put up the marquee and got set up. At noon people turned up in droves despite the cold and after a short introduction by Kent Wildlife Trust's Paul Pearce and address by Mick Tomlinson (mayor and ward councillor) we got to work whilst Stan in the 'Van' got the kettle on.

Wow what a turn out. Well over 60 people turned up to help and braved the cold. Soon we got to work on jobs like digging beds, clearing rubbish, raking grass and helping planting. Other people turned up with cake and other lovely food to keep the crew's energy levels up.

So much was achieved with something like a hundred shrubs planted and lots of wildflower seeds. About twenty sacks filled with rubbish were cleared from the site for collection today.

At the Village Green Hearing on 8th Feb 2011 the Chairman said "Now you have been granted your Town Green it comes with responsibility". Local people have shown that they take their open spaces seriously. I think it is wonderful how green projects like this bring communities together (even local politicians) and can make Thanet a better place. Well done everyone for making this a great success. Can't wait for spring.

Keep you ears to the ground as Kent Wildlife Trust will running other events around Thanet under the Thanet Wildlife Project of which our Town Green is part. So there will be an opportunity for other communities and people to get involved. Follow the link from this blog. We hope to run another event here in the summer when hopefully it will be warmer.

If you want to help with the Westbrook site please contact us on our email address.

Please leave comments as to what you would like to see on the site.

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