Monday, 24 January 2011

Nash Lane

Driving along Nash Lane this weekend I noticed a sign announcing the land adjacent known as the ‘old line’ is to be auctioned by Clive Emson.

Some seven years ago I remember visiting the council information bus in Cecil Square and discussing with a gentleman on that bus why the council sold it in the first place as it would have made a brilliant cycleway to Westwood Cross from Margate. He held up his hands and said the council had made a big mistake in selling this land. This was no doubt an asset disposal too far.

Following the sale the land was bulldozed wrecking all the wildlife that had survived there for many years much to the disgust of local residents. All protests were in vain and the land was turned into an eye saw with rubble dumped on it.

There ensued several planning requests to build houses on the site no doubt on the assumption this would be a ‘brownfield site’ . I understand that these were turned down. The guide price in the online catalogue for the land is £30k to £35k and it is advertised as land for potential development. This could be an opportunity for the council to right a wrong but in these cash strapped days I think this is very doubtful. Link Lot 58.


  1. There was a development proposal a few years a go for some kind of sheltered housing development, linear fashion. Frankly I'm sick to death of the area being turned into an area where people come to die. The cycle path would be a great idea but as you say the council sold this off. Maybe just close of Nash Lane to cars and let cycles use it?

  2. I remember when they closed off Nash Lane for roadworks.Practically the whole area became gridlocked like Westwood Cross is most days.